Riviera Reve Dubai

Dubai is a stunning place to live in. It is considered one of the main tourist attractions all around the globe. From an attractive climate range to various job opportunities, it is known as one of the most bankable regions for investment in the real estate sector.
Riviera Reve is one such stunning project that was launched in July 2020. It is in development by the Azizi Developers and will soon be available for bookings. This is the fourth project of the Azizi Developers and is a French-Mediterranean inspired community. Furthermore, it will also have a chic and expensive exterior that is highlighted by a humble yet classy interior.
Let us dive deep into the perks and details of this one:

Riviera Reve Dubai

Location of Azizi Riviera Reve

Location is hands down one of the most important factors for the prosperity and success of any real estate venture. Many realtors consider it as the defining factor for any project and its success rate.

Location of Riviera Reve Dubai

Riviera Reve - A Project of Azizi Developers

Azizi Developers are a well-reputed and recognized name in the global real estate market, especially in Dubai. The main goal of this widely-known developing company is to provide premium lifestyle facilities in a tourist attraction such as Dubai. They are thriving to encapsulate all the modern factors of real estate in the development of well-structured and optimized residential structures. Moreover, they are also highlighting some other innovative projects as well.
This cements their excellence, dedication to the craft, and real estate knowledge. Azizi Developers are a name that is synced with high-quality and affordable real estate ventures. Their clientele involves some of the most known and globally recognized customers. Serving the real estate niche since 2007, this private corporation is proactive in its approach, always exceeding the expectations of customers all around the world.

A Look at the Previous Achievements of Azizi Developers

Being one of the leading developers in Dubai, Azizi Developments are a trademark of bespoke services coupled with accessible locations and supreme projects. Given below are some of the projects that are a symbol of vigor and real estate excellence.

Achievements of Azizi Developers

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Covered Area in Riviera Reve Dubai

Riviera Reva is a prestigious structure that is going to market the benefits of prosperous real estate in Dubai. Dubai is a luxurious city that is known for being a tourist attraction. Here is what they are offering in Riviera Dubai:

Rivera Reve Apartments

Riviera Dubai Azizi promises supreme and world-class apartments for real estate enthusiasts. The apartments offer scenic views, a panoramic landscape, and a Crystal Lagoon. Crystal lagoon is a recently incorporated luxurious facility that will add up to the whole vibe of the place.
The property is a stunning eye-treat for all the spectators. There is a 7-foot cascading waterfall that boosts the overall vibe of the place, making it all the more serene and appealing. Moreover, the outdoors are also well designed. This overall look of the place is designed in a manner that suits the lavish landscape of a city like Dubai.
In addition to all this, the structure also boosts a lobby that has stunning details. It has floor-to-floor ceiling windows, a lucrative chandelier, and Italian flooring. All of this culminates in leaving a lasting impression that is hard to miss.
The developers are also ensuring ceiling covers that promise cross-lightning across all the residential accommodations in the area. Furthermore, the 2.3-meter veneered doors are also an unmissable detail added in the whole scheme of things. The structure is also making way for the embedding of floor-to-ceiling balcony windows.
This enhances the ambiance of the place and also leads to a better mood at the end of the day.
Last but not least, the apartment bedrooms are a marvel of Azizi Developers. Each bedroom is designed to bring comfort and luxury to the lives of those who are residing in them. Every single bedroom is laced with a floor-to-ceiling glass wall.
The other details such as lighting fixtures, velvet headbands, and gold finishing are just the icing on the tip berg.

Available Amenities at Riviera Reve Dubai

In addition to location and good area coverage, there are some other aspects that guarantee the success of a real estate venture. People often ask queries about the available amenities and facilities before making an investment. This is because there has been an understanding among the masses about the amenities. Let us have a look at some of the available amenities in this area:

Available Amenities at Riviera Reve Dubai

Crystal Lagoon

The residents can also benefit from the perks of a Crystal Lagoon. The Crystal Lagoon offers a space for a 2.7 km long swimming pool. A swim in this space offers calorie exhaustion and time to themselves away from all the hustle. This massive waterfall will cover a whopping area of 130,026 sq. m. This length will stretch from one location to the entirety of the Riviera development.
Crystal Lagoon boosts a stunning blue floor. Moreover, this one also comes with 51.5 m gallons of crystal clear water that is desalinated as well. All of this will lead to a supreme experience of beech coupled with sunbathing.



Azizi developers have ensured the incorporation of a world-class gymnasium. They are hoping to provide two fully equipped gyms alongside two state-of-the-art swimming pools. Not only is it a perfect place for relaxation but also offers a visually pleasing aesthetic. The cozy cabanas on the wooden deck offer the perfect place to click pictures and are a sight to behold.

Steam Rooms and Saunas

A steam room is an enclosed space that offers steam generators and spas for relaxation. These saunas ensure 160 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows for reduced congestion and has several other health benefits as well. Thus, guests, residents, and tourists can have access to such facilities. Moreover, this is also a way to ease sore muscles.

5-Star Laundry Service

Riviera Rave Dubai also promises a 5-star laundry service. This leads to better and enhanced comfort for the people. Residents of the area can also get benefitted from the services of carwash and other sorts of cleaning facilities.

Premium Lounge

In addition to all this, Riviera Rave Dubai will be surrounded by multiple boutiques as well as green spaces. It will also have a premium lounge. People can sit together and build a strong sense of community together.

Outdoor Theater

People can benefit from the many perks of an outdoor theater. An outdoor theater is a perfect place to enjoy the live screening of all sorts of sports as well as blockbuster movies. With a perfect sound bass and a spectacular screen, this outdoor theater is a sure-shot guarantee of fun.


Libraries are considered the best places to connect with words. They are easily the areas that offer calmness and infuse peace in people’s minds. A world-class library is in cards for all the residents, visitors, and tourists in this one. With this one, people can spend quality time in Azizi Riviera Reve.

Play Area

Riviera Reva will also boost a dedicated play area for all the onlookers. This area will promise security and safety so that the children are able to enjoy the best recreational services.

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Eco-Friendly Infrastructure

As this one is a project of Azizi Developers, there is no shadow of a doubt regarding the fact that it is going to be spectacular. They are thriving to build a vertical structure that will offer world-class amenities. First things first, they are incorporating solar panels in the buildings. This ensures the maximum and optimized usage of resources.
Moreover, the structure will also entail some of the perks of vertical greenery. This ensures a sustainable lifestyle at its finest.

Why Invest in Riviera Reve?

First things first this is a project of Azizi Developers. They are a well-known, highly reputed, and bankable real estate firm operating in Dubai. They are known for their ultra-clean finishings, well-developed structures, and maximum resource utilization. All of this has increased their market appeal and made them the most sought-after name in the real estate market.
Moreover, the location of this venture is highly accessible. This is located in close premises to some of the most lucrative trademarks in the area such as Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311), Sheikh Zayed Road (E11), and Al Khail Road.

In addition to all this, the area also has access to world-class institutes such as Hartland International School and North London Collegiate School. 

Azizi Riviera Reve Dubai - Invest Today

A prestigious project, topped with world-class amenities and backed by reputable developers, this is a futuristic project. Not only does it promise a good return on investment but also leads to a lucrative space to enjoy the perks of innovative living.
For all the latest updates and apartment bookings, get in touch with The Masters Real Estate & Builders. Themrl.com has recently shaken hands with Azizi Developers.

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