It’s a fact that the possession of land, the stalwart structure of walls builds around it, and a reliable roof to cover our heads will establish a house and our dreamland to spend our whole life.

The protocol of The Masters Real Estate in constructing the building has enlightened with the strength of quality construction, foundation of experience, and innovative solutions for colors of life. The distinguishing feature of our developmental process has comprehended that assurance of transparency and lights of summit quality work will touch your feelings.

The penetration of these roots will transform the barren piece of land into your dream home that will affect the status of your life. In this era of technology, globalization has made the world came very close to each other. Due to the invention of these organic vibes, it has necessary for every sector of the construction industry to teach powers of efficiency, quality, innovative, and cost-effective solutions to cater to the revolutionizing demand of customers and to meet international standards.

The Masters Real Estate stands distinct when it comes to delivering above the expectation of their privileged clients. We have an innovative approach to put the real essence of satisfactory constructional work for our customer’s desired outcome. Our strategies to approach the dream project embellishes with all the requisites of top-quality construction material, labour, and punctuality in our work.

Descriptive construction:

The Masters Real Estate proceeded towards the uplifting of buildings after finalizing the construction drawings and site possession. As the importance of architectural aspects can’t get neglected in the approval of blueprints of the building. The procedure of construction has sub-divided into two categories:

   A) Grey Structure Work

   B) Finishing Work

Grey structure work

As the name indicates, it is the basic construction terminating at the cemetery building. It holds the core skeleton of the building and the penetration of bricks and cement.


The structure sitting below the superstructure that will serve the design with stalwart support and play its role in finishing the foundation is called substructure.

The following mentioned steps will follow in accomplishing the sub-structure construction:

Site Clearance

The perspective of site clearance is to ensure that the site has no malicious content. Moreover, it is also necessary to clean the place from debris, weeds to initiate the construction work from a fine and clean canvas. 

Building Layout

The fundamental involvement in the layout of building and surveying work is the assurance of grid lines as per drawing. It is the procedure in which marking location for proposed structures and interpretation of construction plans highlight.

Excavation Of Land

It is a significant step in the establishment of substructures of any building. It involves excavation of 36 inches wide trenches up to demanded depth. The requirement of depth relies on the “Soil Investigation Report” to assess the load-bearing capacity.

Land Compaction

The compaction of land will enhance the quality of soil and land. For instance, if the soil strata are loose, condensation of excavated ground is compulsory to ensure the load-bearing capacity of the land. This task requires a soil compaction machine or plate compactor.

Termite & Damp Control

Land quality varies according to various factors, including salinity, insect count, and many other aspects. To control the termite, the builders of The Masters Real Estate use termite control spray to protect the wooden works of the building.

Furthermore, the use of polythene sheets to protect damp and termite achieve remarkable assistance in construction. It involves incorporating a 3″ thick sand bed on a plastic sheet. The next step is to place a 4″ thick Bajjer (6 scooter) compacted with a plate compactor machine. The final task is to place 4″ wide plain cement concrete/P.C.C. with a ratio of 1:4:8 by using a concrete mixer machine.

Foundation Work Details

The foundation work is the critical one concerning its importance. The deposition of mortar with 1:5 in brick masonry will smooth out the foundation. After this, two layers of 27″, 22.5”, 18” thick masonry will consecutively do. The placement of these six layers will complete the foundation work up to some extent.

Division of Remaining Height

The remaining height of land categorizes into the first and second parts. 13.5″ and 9″ thick masonry will get deposited in the foundation in the first and second. Uplifting of plinth level from road occurs at 2.5 feet, and the porch is 1.5 feet high. In a way, the main building will remain 1 foot tall from the porch.


An elevated extension of ground-level or baseline work to construct the purposeful portion of the building will achieve in the superstructure. It comprises the development of roof, floor, beams, and other structures that stand outside the vicinity of land and represent the architectural expertise of the building. The usual time to construct the superstructures has scheduled to initiate in early July as the weather is preferable.

The prerequisites in uplifting the superstructures that will build the complete building include the following crucial steps:

Ground Floor Masonry

It consists of the task of openings or door frames, sun sheds, and lintels.

First-Floor Construction

It initiates with a 5″ thick concrete slab and 6″ wide for depressed Slab (wet area). It includes formwork, Rebar, electro-mechanical pipes, and pouring of concrete. After curing, the task of first-floor masonry includes door frames, R.C.C. lintels, and sun sheds.

Roof Floor Construction

It also inhibits 5″ thick concrete Slab and 6″ wide for depressed Slab or wet areas.

Roughing Work

It encompasses installing electrical pipes, cold and hot water supply, boxes, HVAC pipes like drains and refrigerants.


It divides into internal and external plastering, including steel mesh placement, etc.

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