Royal Orchard Multan

The Royal Orchard Multan opens the doors to happiness by providing luxurious amenities at a low cost to the people of Multan on 4,000 kanals with a highly secured security system. Societys design and infrastructure should be in accordance with international living standards. Multan is the city of Love and Saints and a rapidly growing urban economy in Pakistan that has attracted the attention of potential buyers from all over the country.


Royal Orchard Multan

Royal Orchard Multan Location:

The Royal Orchard Multan has a distinct identity due to its location. It is located at the intersection of three major highways in Multan: the Shakh-e-Madina Road (near the northern bypass), the Multan Public School Road, and the Mattital Road Multan. 

The Womens University Multan, Gymkhana, and Sports Complex Multan are located on the opposite side of the Royal Orchard Multan location. The land of the Royal Orchard Multan is rich in fertility and subsoil water, making it the best location in Multan. The developers purposefully chose this location because of its accessibility and peaceful and reputable environment.


The Royal Orchard Multan can be reached from several locations in Multan, including:

• 1-minute drive from Multan Public School Road.

• 1-minute drive from Womens University Multan.

• 1-minute Gymkhana and Sports Complex.

• 2-minute drive from the Northern Bypass.

• 2-minute drive from Bosan Road.

• 9-minute drive from Multan International Airport.


Royal Orchard Multan Several Location

There are a few nearby landmarks worth mentioning!

There are numerous well-known landmarks within a short distance of Royal Orchard Multan, including: 

• Multan International Airport
• Railway Station Multan
Multan Cantt
Buch Villas
Bosan Road
Nishter Hospital
Cantt Villas
Clock Tower
Lahore Road
Dream Garden

Royal Orchard Multan Nearby Landmarks

Royal Orchard Multan NOC:

The Royal Orchard Multan is officially approved by the Multan Development Authority (MDA). The society has already received the No Objection Certificate (NOC), making it ideal for investment. Because the developers are well-known for their expertise and previous experience, the MDA approved the NOC without delay. 

Read More: DHA Multan


royal orchard multan noc

Royal Orchard Multan Owners and Developers:

Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Limited, along with their subsidiary developers Royal Developers & Builders (Pvt) Limited and Infratech Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited, has formed a joint venture to develop Royal Orchard Multan. The developers are well-known in the real estate industry for their extensive experience and expertise. For the advancement of this society, skilled teams of architects and engineers are employed. All of the stakeholders mentioned above contributed to a more progressive future by collaborating to build high-quality infrastructure.

Royal Orchard Multan Developers

Royal Orchard, Multan Master Plan:

The Royal Orchard Multan Master Plan has a total area of 4,000 kanals. The area is divided into alphabetical blocks, such as A Block, B Block, C Block, D Block, E Block, F Block, and G Block. Plots for sale in Royal Orchard Multan are available for residential and commercial investors.

The project will be a massive addition to the Multan area, complete with all the modern amenities one can imagine. The commercial areas will be located in prime locations in the vicinity, allowing entrepreneurs to start their businesses without difficulty. This magnificent project also includes a massive shopping mall, international schools, hospitals, and mosques.


royal orchard multan master plan

The Royal Orchard Multan offers the following plot sizes:

Residential plots of 5 marlas, 10 marlas, 12 marlas, 1 kanal, and 2 kanals are now available for purchase by the general public. Individuals who are interested in running a business within the community can also purchase some commercial properties.

Royal Orchard, Multan Residential Plots:

By allowing investors to choose the required plot size, Royal Orchard Multan provides more options for residential customers. Investors can choose their preferred plot size, such as: 

• 5 Marla plot

• 10 Marla plot

• 12 Marla plot

• 1 Kanal plot

• 2 Kanal plot

Royal Orchard Multan Residential Plots

Royal Orchard, Multan Residential Villas:

The developers broadened the investors experience by introducing the most affordable residential villas ever in the Multan region. Residential villas are available in a variety of sizes, including:

• 5 Marla plot

• 10 Marla plot

• 12 Marla plot

• 1 Kanal plot

royal orchard multan Residential Villas

Royal Orchard, Multan Commercial Plots:

Commercial plots are available in Royal Orchard Multan to meet the needs of commercial investors. Commercial investors can reserve plots in the following sizes: 

• 2 Marla plot

• 4 Marla plot

• 6 Marla plot

• 8 Marla plot

• 10 Marla plot

Note: Please keep in mind that shops and offices will be added to the Royal Orchard Multans commercial section in the near future!


royal orchard multan Commercial Plots

Royal Orchard Multan Payment & Installment Plan 2022:

Royal Orchard Multan has a deep understanding of the needs and current economic situation of buyers from Pakistan and around the world. Furthermore, they offer an exclusive Royal Orchard Multan payment plan to meet the needs of buyers and a variety of payment options to meet the needs of buyers worldwide. The following is an example of how the payment plan for Royal Orchard Multan is structured, among other things: 

Keeping in mind the purchasing power of the Multan region, Royal Orchard Multan has devised the most affordable and fairest installment plan. Royal Orchard Multan Inslattment Plan:


royal orchard multan payment plan

Why Royal Orchard Multan?

Royal Orchard Multan has become the number one destination in Multan when it comes to luxury living at the most affordable prices. As a result, it provides a healthy and comfortable living environment. What makes them unique in the marketplace. 

• Modern City Infrastructure

• Health & Sports Facilities

• Amenities

• Security System

Why Royal Orchard Multan

Modern City Infrastructure:

Royal Orchard Multan provides investors with the opportunity to secure their investment in a city with the most advanced and modern infrastructure. 

• 240′ wide main boulevard with service roads

• 40-foot-wide minimum street roads

• 4 Town entrances from three sides

• Stunning Entrances

• Asphalt Carpeted Roads

• Broad Footpaths

• Open Parking

royal orchard multan Modern City Infrastructure

Health & Sports Facilities:

Royal Orchard Multan has everything that one could think of for contemporary living. There is plenty of space for health and sports facilities for the communitys residents. 

• Playgrounds

• Parks

• Jogging Tracks

• Mini Golf Club of Intl. Standards

• Clinics 

• Hospitals

royal orchard multan Health & Sports Facilities


To improve the utility of Orchard Multan, the developers have added as many facilities as possible to entertain the residents in the best possible ways. As a result, shopping malls, food courts, restaurants, cineplex cinemas, and high-end learning facilities such as schools, colleges, and universities have sprung up as a result. 

• Schools

• Colleges

• University

• Restaurants and Hotels

• Banks

• Food Courts

• Shopping Plazas

• Ciniplex Cinemas (4 Screens)

royal orchard multan Amenities

Security System:

Royal Orchard Multan takes special care to provide a well-safe and secure environment for its residents, which is why the community has a world-class security system in place.

• Closed Circuit Cameras, CCTV

• Physical Surveillance

• Security Check Posts

• Gated Community

• Boundary Wall

• Gated Blocks within the overall Gated Town

royal orchard multan Security System

Salient Features: 

• Habib Rafiq(Pvt.)Limited is backing a significant and unique residential and commercial project with modern facilities.

• Bosan Road is only a 2-minute drive away.

• Multan Public School Road and Shakh e Madina Road are on the opposite side.

• The largest roundabout in Pakistan.

• Multans largest Jamia Mosque.

• Multan International Airport is only a 9-minute drive away.

• Near the Northern Bypass in just 2 minutes by car

• The state-of-the-art design includes Pakistans largest commercial boulevard on a 590-foot-wide road.

• Southern Punjabs secure lifestyle brings international living standards.

royal orchard multan Salient Features

Bottom Line:

Due to its well-known and successful projects, Royal Orchard Multan has attracted potential investors from all over Pakistan. 

We at Masters Real Estate & Builders, a trustworthy real estate company, strongly advise you to put your money into the Royal Orchard Multan. Whether youre buying or selling, were here to help.

Contact one of the authorized Royal Orchard Multan dealers to learn more about Royal Orchard Multan and real estate opportunities in Multan and throughout Pakistan!  

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Q1: What are the plot sizes available in Royal Orchard Multan? 

The plots for residential investors are available in 5, 10, and 12 marlas as well as 1-2 kanal sizes. Commercial plots, on the other hand, come in sizes of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 marlas. 

Q2: What is the phone number for Royal Orchard Multan?

You can contact them at the following phone numbers:

Add The MastersMasters Real Estate Contact Numbers!

Q3: Are there any additional fees for Royal Orchard Multan?

No, there are no extra or hidden fees.

Q4: What is the Royal Orchard Multan 5 marla plot price?

answer from the payment plan.

Q5: Do villas exist at the Royal Orchard Multan?

Yes, the Royal Orchard Multan offers residential villas of different sizes, such as:

• 5 Marla plot

• 10 Marla plot

• 12 Marla plot

• 1 Kanal plot

Q6: Where is Royal Orchard Multan located?

The Royal Orchard Multan is located near the Northern Bypass and the Woman University on the main Multan Public School Road, Mattital Road, and Shakh-e-Madina Road.

Q7: Is Royal Orchard Multan open for booking?

Yes, Royal Orchard Multan bookings are still available.

Q8: How many blocks are there in Royal Orchard Multan?

There are seven blocks in Royal Orchard Multan.

• Block A

• Block B

• Block C

• Block D

• Block E

• Block F

• Block G

Q9: Apart from Multan, what other projects does Royal Orchard have?

• Royal Orchard Sahiwal

• Royal Orchard Sargodha

Q10: How long does it take to get from Royal Orchard Multan to Multan International Airport?

Multan International Airport is only a 9-minute drive away.

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