Royal Orchard Multan

Nowadays, known real estate companies are on a mission to make real estate one of the most trustworthy and reliable ventures for investment. Royal Orchard Multan is a step towards such dedication and commitment and is located in the most historic location in Pakistan, Multan.
Multan is one of the historical cities on the landscape of Pakistan. The city was known for its humid atmosphere, hot living conditions, and of course, the tombs that stood tall in it. Famous for its Sohan Halwa and the quick tone of people. Multan is a city of grace and saints. It is also known for its hospitable environment and people who are warm, just like the weather. But the trend is changing as now it is also gaining popularity for its real estate.

royal orchard multan

The prime example of it is the Royal Orchard housing scheme, as discussed. The selling features of Multan’s Royal Orchard are many. From accessible locations to the best facilities and amenities, Royal Orchard in Multan is the safest investment venture for many out there.

Royal Orchard Multan Owners & Developers

Royal Orchard Multan is a joint venture of Royal Developers and Habib Rafiq Private Limited. Both these companies hold a strong reputation in the real estate niche and promise comprehensive real estate solutions for the problems. These companies have a team of architects and engineers who are skillful, dedicated, and pay attention to every little detail.
Habib Rafiq Private Limited is an award-winning company that has been working since 1962. This one is a symbol of dedication, hard work, and commitment. They are known for working in some of the most diverse niches in Pakistan such as power and energy, chemicals and petrochemicals, as well as oil and gas companies.

owner and developer royal orchard multan

The company is also known for developing several other residential and commercial real estate ventures in Pakistan such as

 ✔ Royal Orchard Sargodha
 ✔ Royal Orchard Sahiwal
Some of the upcoming projects of this stunning real estate venture are as follows:
✔ Royal Orchard Karachi
✔ Royal Orchard Lahore
✔ Royal Orchard Islamabad
✔ Royal Orchard Peshawar
✔ Royal Orchard DG Khan
✔ Royal Orchard Rahim Yar Khan
✔ Royal Orchard Mandi Bahauddin

Upcoming Developments in Royal Orchard Housing Scheme Multan

It is great news for all the investors out there; the developmental works in the Royal Orchard Housing Society in Multan are in their final stages. The developers are able to finish the work within a given deadline because of a positive approach, experience, and the right equipment & team.
The carpeted road network is well-connected. Also, with the availability of parks and community areas and with all such advancements, the final look of the housing society is beyond perfection. You might be surprised to hear that people have started living in this housing scheme..


Royal Orchard Housing Society Multan NOC

Royal Orchard Housing Society Multan is a profitable investment venture and a reliable one too. One of the most reliable features of this one is that it is approved by Multan Development Authority (MDA). The developers of this project have secured all the necessary documents and clearance to make this a legal investment venture for all the real estate lovers out there.

Soon the other sorts of NOCs and approval letters will be acquired and the investors can then enjoy the perks of stable return on investments.

royal orchard multan Noc

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What Is the Launch Date of Royal Orchard Multan?

One of the best real estate projects introduced for the residents of Multan was the Royal Orchard housing scheme. The project was launched way back in 2015.

The main purpose of the project was to bring royalty and comfort together.

Royal Orchard Housing Society Total Area

The society is quite huge as it covers almost 4,000 Kanal. It means almost everyone will get an option to invest in this classic housing scheme.

Royal Orchard Multan Location

Royal Orchard Multan is a stunning real estate venture whose location is not just glorified. There are many prospects that tell why the location of this project is better than others. For example, firstly, it has multiple access points.

Wondering what the Royal Orchard Multan location of the project is? Well, you can find the Royal Orchard housing project at Multan bypass.
The centralized city location has made this one an unmissable opportunity for all the investors out there. The makers of this project get this location so that the residents can enjoy the ease of connectivity with the main city hustle.

royal orchard multan location

Accessibility from Multiple Locations

The easy accessibility makes Royal Orchard Multan one of the most sought-after real estate projects in recent years.
Here is a look at some of the most prominent aspects of its connectivity:

✔ Located Next to Multan Bypass | ✔ 2 Min Drive Away from Bosan Road | ✔ 1 Min Drive Away from Multan Public School Road| ✔ 4 Min Drive Away from Ma Jinnah Road, Gulshan E Wahid 1 Multan | ✔ 4 Min Drive Away from Nawabpur Road Multan

Nearby Landmarks
Given below are some of the promising landmarks that are pretty close to Royal Orchard Multan:

✔ Multan International Airport | ✔ Railway Station | ✔ Women University| ✔ Judicial Complex | ✔ Sports Complex | ✔ Buch Villas | ✔ Cantt Villas | ✔ PGHS | ✔ NFCIET | ✔ Pearl City | ✔ Clock Tower

The Master Plan of Royal Orchard Multan

The master plan of Royal Orchard Housing Society Multan is a well-designed project that is filled with all the aspects needed to make a great place to live in.
Firstly the project is developed by one of the most reputable and recognized real estate experts, Royal Developers and HRL. They are known for their attention to detail and experience in one of the most challenging markets, such as real estate.

Secondly, the housing scheme is divided into six blocks. Each block has plots of different sizes, be it commercial or residential.
If we talk about other amenities and facilities, there are education centers, hospitals, shopping malls, parks, and other marvelous structures can be seen.

Available Blocks

The Royal Orchard in Multan is a classic location that comes with a number of blocks such as:

Royal Orchard Multan Block A (1 Kanal and 2 Kanal Plots) 
Royal Orchard Multan Block B  (10 Marla and 1 Kanal Plot)
Royal Orchard Multan Block C  (10 Marla, 12 Marla and 1 Kanal Plots)
Royal Orchard Multan Block E  (10 Marla. 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal Plots)
Royal Orchard Multan Block F  ( 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla. 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal Plots)
Royal Orchard Multan Block G  (10 Marla Plots)
Each block offers different sizes of residential and commercial plots.

Royal Orchard Multan Residential Plot Sizes

Given below are the residential plot for sale in Royal Orchard Multan are:
5 Marla (125 Sq. Yard)
10 Marla (250 Sq. Yard)
12 Marla (300 Sq. Yard)
1 Kanal (500 Sq. Yard)
2 Kanal (1,000 Sq. Yard)

Royal Orchard Multan Commercial Plot Sizes

The Royal Orchard Housing Project in Multan is offering commercial plots in the following sizes:
✔ 2 Marla

✔ 4 Marla
6 Marla
8 Marla
10 Marla

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Royal Orchard Multan Villas

Royal Orchard Multan Villas are also named Royal Homes, Royal Villas, Member Homes, and Nova Homes Royal Orchard in Multan.
Currently, the number of these villas is 250 and they are all available in residential accommodation. These villas are a healthy collaboration between Magnum Opus and Studio O.

Given below are the available sizes of residential plots in the Royal Orchard housing society Multan Villas such as:
5 Marla
10 Marla
1 Kanal
An in-depth guide to the residential villas and their accommodation scenario is as follows:
Residential Villas – 5 Marla
✔ Bedrooms – 3
          • First-Floor Area – 819 Sq. Ft
Second-Floor Area – 925 Sq. Ft
Total Area – 1744 Sq. Ft
Residential Villas – 10 Marla
✔ Bedrooms – 4
          • First-Floor Area – 1431 Sq. Ft
          • Second Floor Area – 1583 Sq. Ft
          • Total Area – 3014 Sq. Ft

Residential Villas – 20 Marla
✔ Bedrooms – 5
          • First-Floor Area – 2064 Sq. Ft
          • Second Floor Area – 2854 Sq. Ft
          • Total Area – 4918 Sq. Ft

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Royal Orchard Multan Payment Plan

The payment plan for the housing project is quite affordable. The developers had designed it in a way that it is approachable for all the classes, be it elite or middle. As an investor, you don’t have to pay the entire amount at once, as you can book the plot with a 20% downpayment and later follow the installment plan that is divided into 8 quarterly installments.
Down below is the detailed Royal Orchard Multan payment plan:

Salient Features of Royal Orchard Housing Society Multan

Wondering whether you should invest or reside in Royal Orchard in Multan, here are some of the salient features of this one:
Stunning Entrance GateGated CommunityAffordable Rates24/7 Availability of Water ResourcesEducation ComplexEasy Accessibility Approachable Location ✔  Clubhouse Security Retail AreaCommercial HubEco-CommunitySustainable Use of ResourcesMaintenanceA Boundary WellWater, Gas, and Electricity Underground ElectricitySewage System Waste Disposal SystemSports Complex with Indoor and Outdoor FacilitiesHealthcare Institutes That Provide Premium Healthcare Facilities

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Why Should Royal Orchard Multan the Number One Choice?

People tend to gravitate towards a housing society or commercial hub if the developers are providing facilities and amenities at affordable rates with all the necessary features of life. The developers are leaving no stone unturned to ensure a quality lifestyle available for everyone who is seeking it. The makers have also ensured that enough land is dedicated to providing green areas available for the residents who are tired of the concrete lifestyle. In such contexts, Royal Orchard Housing Scheme in Multan is considered to be the safe bet for many.

Here are some of the available facilities and amenities at Royal Orchard in Multan:



Royal Orchard in Multan promises a contemporary lifestyle within the boundaries of a sustainable lifestyle. This one will also come with a nature-close experience. As the makers have dedicated a separate area for a natural setting, this one will provide a unique living experience to the residents.

Grand Mosque

Royal Orchard housing scheme is an inquisitive real estate venture that is also going to deliver in terms of the religious needs of the people. In order to make sure that the people do not have to face inconvenience they are going to build a Grand Jamia Mosque in society.

Water Sources

Pakistan is facing severe case of resource unavailability. The developers have paid special attention to this issue. They have ensured the resident's and investors' 24/7 availability of the resources. Society has developed a water tank for the residents so that they do not have to suffer from the problem of water shortage.


Another necessity of life that cannot be ignored and is often overlooked by many other housing societies is a graveyard. Death is unavoidable. Therefore developers have also ensured that a society-centric graveyard will also be built for the people of the society.

Health Facilities

Another aspect that is important is the availability of healthcare institutes in society. The developers are thriving to provide the best possible healthcare services for the residents and investors alike. In addition to all this, the developers have also ensured the fact that the emergency area of these healthcare institutes will stay open 24/7.

Education Complex

Parents nowadays are always in search of such residential areas that also provide state-of-the-art educational institutes. The developers of Royal Orchard Multan have paid attention to this issue as well. They are moving forward with the inauguration of top-notch educational institutes that promise quality educational facilities for children.
The teaching staff of these institutes will also ensure that the children are subjected to quality educational facilities. An entire area has been dedicated to building such schools and colleges within society.

Community Center

In order to build a strong communal connection between the residents and to keep their social life active and alive, the developers have also incorporated a community center for the residents. This community center will give the residents a chance to stay in connected with one another.

Gated Community

One of the most important things that determine the success or failure of any housing society is how secure it is. A secure community is often considered one of the most basic needs of a real estate venture. It should be a gated community. In addition to all this, the housing society is also laced with CCTV cameras that are working 24/7 and a foolproof system to secure your belongings and possessions.

Business Hub

For those who are seeking a real estate project that is not only residential property but can also provide venues for commercial dealings, Royal Orchard Multan is one for them. They can access the all-in-one commercial area which is the perfect place to dedicate all their business ideas and creative thoughts. This way the residents as well as the investors do not have to travel to faraway places to quench the business thirst.

Carpeted Roads

The developers have paid special attention to ensuring that they are thorough in providing a carpeted network of roads to ensure connectivity and good accessibility. From the main boulevard to the street road, the network is carpeted as well as spacious.

Royal Orchard Multan - A Stunning Real Estate Offering

Royal Orchard Multan is one of the most promising real estate ventures. It offer quality and stylized lifestyles at surprising economic rates. It is an all-rounder real estate venture that offers premium quality services and a vision of a better tomorrow.
So are you searching for a real estate experience that offers luxury, comfort, and quality? If so, then Royal Orchard housing society can turn out to be a fruitful investment of your hard-earned money. It is accessible, approachable, affordable, and a real estate gem in all possible ways.
Do you have any queries related to this project or want to book the plot? Well, in both cases, get in touch with The Masters Real Estate & Builders. Our team will guide you as per your requirements. In case you are interested in some other project such as DHA Multan, Hateem City Multan, Park View City Lahore, Park View City Islamabad, Lahore Smart City, or Capital Smart City, even then, you can rely on us!


Yes, Royal Orchard Multan has been approved by the MDA (Multan Development Authority).

Yes, Royal Orchard Multan is a high-yield investment return that offers a quality lifestyle at affordable rates. Therefore it is the best bet for secure and stable ROI for real estate ventures.

The developers of this esteemed project are HRL and Royal Developers.

The location of Royal Orchard Multan is close to Multan Bypass.

The official contact information of Royal Orchard Multan is 0800-76925

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