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Park View City Lahore – Affordable and Accessible

Lahore, the capital of Punjab and the second biggest city in Pakistan, has a lot to offer to everyone. Its diverse culture, history, and business opportunities attract many. If talk about the real estate industry of Lahore, it is blooming with each passing day. It is not wrong to say that it is heaven for investors.
Among multiple real estate projects all around Lahore promising great returns on investment, Park View City Lahore tops the chart. It is a real estate project that promises comfort, modern amenities, and affordability. Spread over 7,000 Kanal – the housing scheme is not only LDA-approved but located at an ideal location.

So, if you are planning to build your dream house anytime soon and haven’t decided yet on which housing scheme you should invest in, then think no more. Wondering why? Park View City Lahore is the answer!


Park View City Lahore

Park View City Lahore Owners & Developers - A Brief Introduction

The developer and owners of Lahore Park View City are the Vision Group. They are the most trusted and renowned name in the real estate and construction industry of Pakistan. The Vision Group was founded way back in 1986. A known personality, Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan, a renowned political personality is the owner and CEO of Vision Group Ltd. At that time, the company was mainly known for its construction work.

Park View City Owner and Developer

The real estate journey of Vision Group began in 2012 with Park View. From that till this day, there is no looking back. You can say that the Park View brand was the first and the biggest step of the Vision Group that provided them with enormous success.

Other Projects of the Vision Group

Park View City Islamabad
Park View Signature Apartments – Gulberg, Lahore
Park View Corporate Tower – Upper Mall, Lahore
Park View Icon – I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi
PDH Pharmaceutical
Aleem Khan Foundation
The National School – Lahore
The vision and mission of the Vision Group were one from the beginning. Do things in accordance with the consumers.


Park View City Lahore Is Safe for Investment – It Is NOC Approved

Before investing in any housing scheme, one thing about which every investor wants to be sure is the legality. As otherwise there is a high chance of losing money.

Well, not just good but the great news for you is that Park View Society Lahore NOC is approved by the Lahore Development Authority. In other words, it is both NOC and LDA-approved. So, there is no need to think or worry much when investing. Because the housing scheme is 110% legal and safe to make an investment.

Park View City Lahore NOC

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What’s the Launch Date of Park View City in Lahore?

Park View Society near Multan Road was the first gigantic project of Vision Group and was launched in 2012. Currently, the society is the home of over 45,000 families.
They are not only getting the basic necessities of life but more than that, including luxury and comfort.

Park View City Lahore Location is Prime

Before investing in any property, investors prefer to ensure that the location is feasible from all sides. The developers of PVC society in Lahore kept this in mind. Considering this, they have chosen a prime location for this housing scheme.
The PVC Lahore is near Multan Road. From Thokar Niaz Baig, the distance of the society is only 3 km. And the best part is that Thokar Niaz Baig is connected by a canal. So, if you will invest in PVC Lahore stay sure you will have easy access to not only society but other major parts of the city too.

Location of Park View City Lahore

Multiple Access Points of Park View City Lahore

Nearby Multan Road
Within a Close Proximity to National Highway
From M-2 Motorway – Only 5 Min Drive
Abdul Sattar Edhi Road, Lahore – 8 Min Drive
Raiwind Road – 15 Min Drive
Defence Road, Lahore – 19 Min Drive
L-20 Lahore Ring Road – 25 Min Drive

Landmarks & Places Close to Park View City in Lahore

Johar Town, LHR
Bahria Town, LHR
Defence Housing Society, LHR
Nishtar Town, LHR
Mustafa Town, LHR
PCSIR Housing Scheme, LHR

The Masterplan of PVC Lahore

If you look at the master plan of Lahore Park View City, you will notice that it is designed very nicely by keeping in mind the future needs of the residents. The housing project alone of PVC is spread over 5,000 Kanal. And the rest is for commercial properties.

Master Plan of Park View City Lahore

Park View City Lahore Commercial and Residential Plot Details

PVC Lahore offers the best opportunities to both residential and commercial investors. If talk about the Park View City Lahore plot for sale prices, you will be surprised to see how affordable they are. Even the payment plan offered by the developers is quite flexible.

Also, the entire society is divided into different blocks. Each block has its own salient features and amenities.
Residential and commercial plots of different sizes available in Lahore Park View City are:

Available Residential Plots in Park View City Lahore

Residential plots available are:
3.5 Marla Plot
5 Marla Plot
10 Marla Plot
1 Kanal Plot

Available Commercial Plots in Park View City Lahore

Commercial plots available are:
✔ 5 Marla Plot

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All the Blocks in PVC Lahore

As society is spread over huge land, it was essential for the developers to make multiple blocks in order to make things easier for them and the residents. The blocks available in the PVC Lahore are:

Rose Block

This is a block that offers multiple facilities including all-time availability of water, gas, and electricity. Also, the plots available in this block are available at an affordable and flexible payment plan. You may be surprised to hear that in the Rose block of Park View City Lahore, grey structure houses are also available.
Residential plot sizes in rose block:
5 Marla Plot
10 Marla Plot
Grey structure house size:
5 Marla

Jade Block

The jade block is also full of surprises. However, the plots available in the jade block are a bit expensive compared to the rose block. But worry not, as the installment plan of the jade plan is quite workable.
The plot sizes in the jade block are:

5 Marla Plot
10 Marla Plot

Pearl Block

As society was launched way back in 2012, from that day till this date, the popularity of this housing scheme is still the same. Everyone prefers to invest in this housing scheme. Considering this, developers have launched a new block with the name Pearl Block.
This block design is quite unique and of international standards. Also, the location of this block is quite an idea. And if talk about the payment plan, you will be surprised to see how flexible it is.
Moving on, available plots sizes in this block are:
5 Marla Plot
10 Marla Plot


Crystal Block

As mentioned above, society is divided into different blocks. Now as per the division, a few blocks’ plot prices are quite affordable with all the amenities and others’ prices are a bit on the high end.

Similar is the case with Crystal Block. This block is all about luxury and modernism. Those who are planning to invest in this block will be able to enjoy basic necessities along with extravagance.

The plot sizes available in this block are:
5 Marla Plot
10 Marla Plot
1 Kanal Plot

Topaz Block

If you are planning to invest in real estate, but looking for an affordable option, then Topaz Block is the one you should go with. The block offers all the salient features needed to live a happy and healthy life.

If talk about the available plot sizes of this block, they are:
5 Marla Plot
 10 Marla Plot



Topaz Extension

After the huge success of Topaz Block, the developers introduced Topaz Extension. The topaz extension is located adjacent to the topaz block. The block has all the modern amenities that you may think are available in societies like Lahore Smart City.
Secondly, the block is very close to the commercial hub and even the extension block. Wondering what are plot sizes available in this block? Well, available plots in the topaz extension are:
5 Marla Plot
10 Marla Plot

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Overseas Block

From the name, it is clear that the block is specially developed for overseas Pakistanis. The developers when designing this block kept in mind the needs of those living abroad. Accordingly, they have designed everything from the residential to the commercial sector.

The plots available in this block are:

5 Marla Plot
 10 Marla Plot
✔  1 Kanal Plot


Tulip Overseas

Due to the high demand for plots from overseas Pakistanis, Park View City Lahore developers introduced Tulip overseas block. This is a block that has multiple access points from topaz, crystal diamond, and tulip block.

The available plots in this block are:
5 Marla Plot
10 Marla Plot

Executive Block

This block is another main attraction of Park View City Lahore. If talk about the location of this block, it is right next to the Platinum Block. Moreover, you can easily access this block from the Ring Road side entrance provided by the housing society.
The thing that makes this block better and more demanding than other blocks is the 300 Kanal amusement park. Quite fascinating, right?

The plots sizes available in this specific block are:
5 Marla Plot


Park View Homes

Are you among those who are planning to invest in a home rather than a plot? If this is the case, PVC Lahore has something for you. Wondering what is it? Well, Park View Homes is the answer to your questions.
These homes are game-changers in so many ways. The architectural design of these homes is unique and appealing. Also, the developers have promised 24/7 availability of water, gas, electricity, and many other facilities for these homes.  

In Park View Homes, you can find the following size of homes:
5 Marla Plot
10 Marla Plot
✔ 1 Kanal Plot
✔ 2 Kanal Plot
✔ 4 Kanal Plot

Golf Estate

Golf Estate is one of the best or you can say an exclusive block available in the society. The infrastructure of this block is mesmerizing and its features are quite unique.

If talk about the location of this block, it is very close to the Bahria Enclave. This ideal location increases the demand for this block even more.
Moving on, the following plot sizes are available in the Park View City Lahore Golf Estate Block:

5 Marla Plot
✔ 10 Marla Plot
✔ 1 Kanal Plot



Silver Block

This is a block that was recently added or you can say launched by the developers of PVC Lahore. The best thing about this block is that it has both commercial and residential plots.
The available residential plots in Silver Block are:

5 Marla Plot
10 Marla Plot
✔ 1 Kanal Plot
The available commercial plot in Silver Block are:
✔ 5 Marla Plot

Cherry and Daisy Block

These two blocks are also the latest addition to society. Both have something special to offer to the investors. So, if you were planning to invest, now is the time.
The available plots sizes in cherry and daisy blocks are:

5 Marla Plot
✔ 10 Marla Plot


The Walk

This is another block for those planning to invest in the commercial sector. As per developers, this block will have high-end brands and other features that will surely enhance the experience of the shoppers.
Also, the great news for the investors is that they will be able to generate a good return on investment. This is something we aren’t saying but a promise from the side of investors.

The plot sizes available in this block are:
5 Marla Plot


Broadway Commercial

A housing society without commercial areas seems incomplete. It is essential to have a commercial area around, so the residents don’t face trouble when need to shop for essentials for the home.
Considering this the PVC Lahore developers allot an entire block to shops and malls. You can call that space a commercial hub but developers have given that a name and that is Broadway Commercial.
The best part about Broadway Commercial is that you will able to find everything there, from groceries to top brands, all in one.
If we tell you about the plot sizes available in that block, the details are as followed:
5 Marla Plot

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Park View City Lahore Payment Plan 2023

Before investing in any housing or any other real estate project, one thing that matters to the investors is the payment plan. Well, Park view city installment plan or you can say the payment plan is quite flexible and easy to follow. Down below are the details:

payment plan master 1

What is the Booking Procedure for PVC Lahore?

The booking procedure for the Park View City Lahore file is really simple and less time-consuming. All you need to do is:

Booking Procedure of Park View City Lahore

Fill out a Booking Application
CNIC Copies Attachment
Down Payment Through Cheque or Pay Order
You can also Pay in Cash But After Confirmation by the Management

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What are the Unique Features of Park View City in Lahore?

Park View City Lahore Features

Educational Institutes

The builders of Park View City also understand the importance of having an educational institute in the living premises of the society. That is why they have ensured a quality education experience for the residents with the help of schools and colleges.

Theme Park

Park view city also thrives to provide a stunning theme park that can captivate the eyes of many. This ensures the quality of life and also introduces the residents to water rides, slides, wave pools, and volcanic waterfalls as well.

Stylized Roads

In this age of globalization and the dire need to connect to all the corners of the city or country, roads play a very vital role. The presence of carpeted roads in society furthers the cause of easy accessibility. These state-of-the-art roads ensure maximum connectivity points which help the residents to reach their desired destinations in no time. The roads are 80 feet long and the width of the streets is 40 feet.

Botanical Garden

One prime feature that makes Park view city stand out in a crowd is the presence of a botanical garden. A botanical garden with exotic aesthetic appeal, and indoor and outdoor plant species. This adds to the overall appeal of the project and is a score for all those who want to connect to nature.
From diverse plant species to herbs. This botanical garden is an organic food store for all those who are searching for organic food products.

Holes Golf Course

Park View City is a luxurious housing society that aims to provide comfort and ease and a fulfilling lifestyle experience. This is ensured by the availability of a 9-hole golf course that is one of the largest Golf parks in the country.
Those who are in love with this game, are in for a ride with this golf course.

Modern Architecture

The associated names with this project have been working hard to ensure a pristine and contemporary architecture that grabs the attention of the spectators at the first glance. It is located in one of the mainstream areas of the city and provides a spectacular aesthetic appeal.
The design is done while catering to the modern infrastructure requirements and is a hard one to miss!

Villas and Farmhouses

All those selective buyers who are interested and are looking for VIP areas for their residential requirements can benefit from the luxurious and pristine villas as well as farmhouses that Park View City has to offer.

These villas and farmhouses provide a quality lifestyle experience.

Safari Zoo

In the areas of recreation and outdoor activity, Park View City has hit it right out of the park. They have come up with a safari zoo for the residents so that they do not have to reach to the outskirts to ensure an outdoor fun time for their loved ones.
The safari zoo is filled with exotic animals and fun activities so that the kids have a nice and safe place for recreation services.

Water Filtration Plant

Another venture that the makers of Park View City ensure is the installation of a water filtration plant as well as an extensive water restoration system. Moreover, the builders are also striving to provide an extensive network of water reservoirs, ensuring comfort and 24/7 availability of water resources for its residents.

Gated Community

If there is one thing that is non-negotiable it is the safety of the residents. The builders and owners of Park View City have left no stone unturned to ensure that the safety of the residents and investors is up to the notch.
Park View City Lahore is a 24/7 monitored gated community that is thoroughly kept in check all days of the week. From the borders that are guarded and secured by a 200-foot-long Main Boulevard to the gates, this society is one of the safest residential projects ever!

Furthermore, the makers have also ensured a professionally trained security force that will maintain a strict check on all the happenings in society.

What Are the Perks of Investing in PVC Lahore?

Before investing in Park View City Lahore, this question might come to your mind. Well, the answer to this question is here:

Able to Enjoy a Steady Income

These days it is necessary to have more than one source of income. So, if you have enough money in your bank account and are planning to invest it somewhere to have a steady income from one end, invest in Park View City Lahore. You can build a home and rent it out to earn a good amount every month. Or if you want a lot of money at once, you can sell a property after some time when the real estate market is in the favor of sellers.

Property Safety and Maintenance aren't a Problem

The best thing about investing in Park View City Lahore is that you don’t have to worry much about its safety and maintenance. For example, you are an overseas Pakistani, living in Canada, the UK, or the USA, and visit Pakistan once a month. So, you might think that investing here is trouble because behind your back things might go wrong. However, society promises that this isn’t going to happen. The 24/7 availability of security and guards will take care of everything in your absence.

Offer Options to the Investors

The best thing about Park View City is that it offers multiple options to investors. It is not about a lavish lifestyle and that is it. A commercial hub, theme park, and other recreational activities available within the society make it even more desirable. In other words, PVC Lahore is a vibe that will never disappoint you and it’s a promise.

Zero Risks

Before investing in any real estate project, you would love to know whether it is approved or legal. Because the project that isn’t approved comes with multiple risks. Well, the good news is that Park View City Lahore’s investment comes with zero risks. Why? The society is legal and has all the documents. So, be sure in future you will not face any kind of trouble.

Affordable Prices

These days investing in real estate isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. All this is due to inflation. However, by introducing a flexible payment plan and budget-friendly prices, PVC Lahore has surprised everyone. In short, the plots and homes available in the housing society are quite affordable.

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Bottom Line

In the end, it is not wrong to say that Park View City Lahore is a project that was designed by the Vision Group keeping in mind every class. Also, the amenities and features this housing scheme offers is something hard to beat for others. Similar is the case with their other project Park View City Islamabad.
So, if you need any more details related to these two projects feel free to contact The Masters Real Estate & Builders. We’d like to tell you that we deal in other projects too including, Capital Smart City, New Metro City Gujar Khan, Kings Town, Royal Orchard Multan, and Lahore Smart City. Simply call us to learn about them as well! 



Park View City Lahore is a project of the renowned construction and real estate company – Vision Group.

Yes, Park View City Lahore is a legal housing society. It is NOC and LDA Approved.

Park View City Lahore is located at Multan Road Lahore near Thokar Niaz Baig.

Yes, it does because of its ideal location, legality, and salient features.

The housing scheme is quite affordable and even those with limited investment can invest in this project. All this is possible because of the flexible installment plan.

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