Park View City Islamabad

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Park View City Islamabad - A Splendor of Architecture

What do you know about Islamabad? The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, has beautiful views and a peaceful environment. Well, we would like to tell you that this city has much more to offer. Faisal Mosque, humongous malls, and other tourist attractions are what make this city desired by everyone. That is why you will notice many are moving to this city, and because of this, you will see multiple development projects happening around. The most popular and eye-catching among all is Park View City Islamabad.
PVC Islamabad is very beautiful and offers luxury along with affordability. The society is CDA-approved. This is the feature that makes this society most attractive to investors. Furthermore, the location of this society is also ideal, and the society is the project of renowned developers Vision Group.

Everything is well-planned in the housing society, from residential sectors to commercial hubs. This simply means residents will surely lead a healthy and happy life. The other great news is that you don’t have to worry about plot rates much, as the installment plan is quite flexible. As you get multiple options here too.

Park View City Islamabad

Owners & Developers of the Great Park View City Islamabad

Park View City Islamabad is one of the most prestigious housing societies in the city. Park View City is the project of Vision Group. Aleem Khan, a known and respectable politician, is the owner of Vision Group. Moreover, Park View City Islamabad is the first ever Vision group project in Islamabad.
However, they are also working on a similar project in Lahore with the name of Park View City Lahore.

Park View City islamabad Owner and Developer

Vision Group

Back in 2012, Aleem Khan led the foundation of Vision Group. Since then, the group has reached new heights and has brought the dream of luxurious real estate possible for the residents and investors of Pakistan.
The aim of the company is to build a futuristic real estate project in Pakistan that helps people to enjoy a sustainable living environment. One main goal of the company is to make real estate accessible and affordable, even for lower-income or middle-income groups in Pakistan. 

Vision Group Projects

Vision group is a recognized name in Pakistan. They are known for their agility, attention to detail, and creativity. Here is a list of some of the most prestigious projects by the Vision Group:
Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation

Park View Icon Located at I.I.Chundrigar Road, Karachi
Park View City in Lahore
Park View Corporate Center at Located Mall Road, Lahore
 Park View Signature Apartments Located at Gulberg, Lahore
The National School
Park View Villas Located at Multan Road, Lahore

Park View Society Islamabad Development Progress

You might be surprised, but the progression in terms of development is going on at a very fast pace.
The several blocks development is almost completed.

The main entrance of PVC Islamabad is also done almost, including the green section.
In between, the process slowed down as the developers were busy acquiring more land to expand the society. However, after that again, the work begins in full swing.

Details About Park View City Islamabad NOC Approval

Islamabad’s Park View City is the only CDA-approved housing society in Zone IV. This legal confirmation of the housing society is helpful in ensuring the residents and investors that they are in for a reliable and secure real estate investment. This approval opens the doors for investors to fund the project and stabilize their ROI. 

Park View City Islamabad noc approved

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Total Area Covered by PVC Islamabad

The total area of this magnificent housing society is 7000 Kanal. From residential plots to commercial blocks, this one is an all-rounder both for investors and residents alike.

Park View City Islamabad Location – Ideal & Easy to Access

Park View City Islamabad is located in close premises to Bahria Enclave. Located at a 15 minutes’ drive away from the main Islamabad city, it shares its surroundings with Bani Gala. Park View City Islamabad is located in the center of a botanical garden. This exotic location promises serenity and aesthetic appeal, which aligns the most with the overall look of the Capital.
The main entrance of this housing location is from Rawal Chowk Side and the second gate entry is from Bhara Kahu.

The prime location of Park View City makes it one of the most sought-after real estate ventures for both residents and real estate enthusiasts. It is located on Malot Road, and there can be easily accessed by Kurri Road.
Moreover, CDA has also approved a 200 ft. wide road for this mega project. 

Park View City Islamabad Map

The map of Park View City Islamabad clearly depicts the location of this housing society. Park View City is located opposite Bahria Enclave. It is just a 15-minute drive away from Serena Hotel, Islamabad. Furthermore, Park View City is just a one-minute walking distance away from the Botanical Garden.

Park View City Isalamabad Map

Diving deep into the location premises, Park View City is an 8 km drive from Chak Shahzad if you are accessing it through Park and Kuri Road. It is better to approach this one from Kashmir Highway, Lehtar Road, and Islamabad Highway.

Access Points

Park View City Islamabad Access points

It is possible to access Park View City from so many points including:
Main Jinnah Avenue, Especially from Malot Road
Only 12 Mins Driver from City
200 Ft. Wide Road Access from Kurri Road (Cda Has Approved This Access Point)
Direct Access from Rawal Chowk

Islamabad Park View City Master Plan

Park View City is an ambitious project to ensure comfort and embodies the aim of the vision group. The master plan of PVC Islamabad is given below in detail:

Master Plan of Park View City Lahore

Park View City Islamabad offers both residential and commercial plots which have been categorized alphabetically. Recently the management has also led the reveal of another J block, in a balloting event.
A, B, F, J, and K Blocks Only Offer 5 Marla Residential Blocks
✔ Blocks A, B, F, H, and I Are Offering 10 Marla Plots
✔ If You Are Searching for 1 Kanal Plot Then You Should Seek Out Blocks B, C, E, F, N, and M
✔ Moreover Blocks D and P Are Offering 2 Kanal Plots

Park View City Islamabad Terrace C Block

The terrace block of PVC is located in the C Block. The given below is the plot size that is available in this block:
✔ 10 Marla Plot
The terrace apartment is the trademark of this housing society. They are a subtle blend of luxury and elegance. Not only is the view amazing but it also comes with the luxury of having your own terrace.

Park View City A and B Blocks

This housing society’s A and B block offer residential plots at the most affordable rates in the following size bracket:

5 Marla Plot
10 Marla Plot
✔ 1 Kanal Plot


Park View City H Block

The H block of Park View City promises a serene location and an aesthetic appeal. This one allows the following plot size:
5 Marla Plot
10 Marla Plot
✔ 1 Kanal Plot


Park View City K block

One of the latest blocks that are offering residential plots for the residents is the K block.

✔  3.5 Marla Plot

Park View City Hills Estate Block

The successful run of the previous blocks just keeps on building the trust of the owners in the project leading to the latest addition such as Hills Estate Block. Following are the plot sizes that are available for this one:

5 Marla Plot
 10 Marla Plot


The Walk Commercial-Downtown

Park View City Islamabad has established a commercial space for all investors to build what they are aspiring to achieve in the business world. Not only is this one a residential classic it is also a hub for commercial activities.
Here is a breakdown of the Walk Commercial Downtown of Park View City:
Commercial Downtown
6 Marla Plot
8 Marla Plot
The Walk
✔ 1 Kanal Plot

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Park View City 3.5 Marla Residential Plots

The growing demand of securing a residential plot in the society has urged the management to add new block in the whole society area to maximize the audience input. Currently they are offering two year payment plans for the following residential and commercial plot sizes:

Residential Plot Sizes
5 Marla (26”x 50”)
8 Marla (30”x60”)
10 Marla (35”x70”)
1 Kanal (50”x90”)
2 Kanal (75”x120”)

Commercial Plot Sizes
6 Marla (35”x40”)
✔ 8 Marla (40”x45”)

Park View City Golf Estate

Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate

Another premium addition to the overall landscape of Park View City is the Golf Estate. You can easily access this one from Gate no 2, and it also shares its premises with Bahria Enclave. It is a heaven on earth for all those who have a thing for golf.
This estate is a 9-hole marvel which has cemented the location of PVC on the map of Islamabad. It is the perfect equilibrium of luxury, style, and comfort. Here are the sizes of the residential plots available in the golf estate.

5 Marla
✔ 10 Marla
✔ 1 Kanal

Park View City Overseas Block

The overseas Block of Park view city is a homage to all the overseas Pakistanis that are a strong part of our nation. The block has been designed by keeping in mind the tech-savvy needs and contemporary facilities which are the new normal.
The overseas block will ensure that overseas Pakistanis are able to enjoy the best services and a quality lifestyle at its finest. The block was added under the special request, which was put forward by the overseas Pakistanis who are seeking validation and a separate identity.
The overseas block is located near Gate 1 of the society. It is placed in the commercial downtown and therefore enjoys the best view from that location.
Given below are some of the available amenities in that area:
24-Hour Electricity, Gas, and Water Supply
✔ State-Of-The-Art Waste Disposal System
✔ Cctv Security, Guards, and Motion Sensors
✔ Parks, Playgrounds, & Perfectly Designed Green Areas
✔ Shopping Malls, Restaurants, and Entertainment Centers
✔ Sports Complex
✔ Health Centers and Educational Facilities

How to Book a Plot in an Overseas Block?

The overseas block plots are available at a 3-year installment plan. Make sure to have the following documents in hand for booking the plot:
Next Kins CNIC Copy
Passport Size Photographs

Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan 2023

Category Plots

Category plots are a specialized section in Park View City that contains the plots in the areas such as a corner, park facing, and plots that are located on Main Boulevard. But these category plots are available at 10% higher rates.

Discounted Prices

Park View City is now offering a 5% total discount on the overall plot payment. People who are availing the plots on an installment package are not eligible for the discounted prices.

How to Book a Plot in Park View Society Islamabad?

Park View City Islamabad Booking Procedure

The booking procedure to secure a plot in Park View City, Islamabad, is as follows:
Applicant’s ID Card Copy
✔ CNIC Copy of Kin
✔ Passport Size Pictures
✔ 20% Downpayment in the Form of Cash/Pay Order/ Cross Cheque in Favor of Park View Enclave Pvt Limited

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Few of the Unique Attributes in Park View Society Islamabad

There are many things that set this society apart from others. This society is a mixture of luxury, entertainment aesthetics, and whatnot. Along with this, the developers never forget about the facilities that are needed to lead a carefree life. Have a look at those attributes:
Gated Community & 24/7 Surveillance
Availability of Gas, Water & Electricity Promised
World Class Health Facilities
International Standard Education Facilities
Community Centers
Imax Cinema
Modern Infrastructure
Underground Electricity Supply System
✔ Botanical Garden
✔ Parks & Zoo
✔ Commercial Hubs

Key Attributes of Park View Society Islamabad Explained

Park view city is an impressive real estate venture that is going to revise real estate as we know it in Pakistan. Here are some of the available features and amenities of this housing society:

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What are the Unique Features of Park View City in Lahore?

Park View City Lahore Features

Commercial Walk

Park View City is striving to build a rich experience for the people. The commercial zones are envisioned with the same purpose to enhance the overall experience. Various international brands will be available so that the best shopping experience can be ensured.

Zoo, Park & IMAX Cinemas

Zoos and parks are also added to the facility to enhance the recreational appeal of society. This is the addition that will not only entertain children but adults too, as it is designed keeping in mind every age group.
For all those who are movie buffs and are searching for cinematic experience are in for a ride. Park View City offers IMAX and 3-D technology that will boost the overall movie experience. 

Club and Community Center

Both the club and community centers will provide a getaway for people so that they can engage with one another through a healthy environment. This will also boost indoor and outdoor activities such as bowling, swimming, snooker, and cricket. 

Schools & Mosque

Parents are often looking for the best educational opportunities for their kids so that they are able to kick start or continue their educational journey in the right hands. PVC provides this basic facility to the residents. The Vision Group is looking forward to establishing the National School, which will be operated by the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation.
Mosques are an absolute necessity in any residential accommodation. They add religious significance and value. PVC has ensured a state-of-the-art mosque on the premises for such purposes.


A hospital is also under construction to offer premium healthcare services for the residents and investors of Park View City Islamabad. The hospital will be equipped with modern-day technologies as well as experienced doctors or paramedical staff. 

Gated Community & 24/7 Surveillance

Park View City has made sure that there is no stone left unturned to provide investors and residents with a spectacular living experience. 24/7 surveillance and continuous monitoring is one such aspect of this aim.
Park view city does not compromise on security. This housing society provides boundary-covering gates that ensure security. 

24/7 Electricity, Gas, and Water

If you are investing in a plot in Park View City, then one of the things that you can rest assured about is the continuous availability of lifestyle amenities. There is no such thing as resource load shedding as the water is available 24/7, thanks to the Gumrah River that passes through the region.
The builders are planning to build underground water storage tanks so that the rainwater can be stored in case of serious rains.

Botanical Garden

Park view city is located in such a fine area that it is surrounded by a lush, serene, and green botanical garden. The presence of a botanical garden not only assures a connection to nature but is also a way of protecting nature through sustainable practices.
This green place holds a plethora of plants, herbs, and shrubs that are not only medically important but are unique in their presence. Moreover, nurseries and greenhouses are also there to increase the organic produce of the market.

Park View City Apartment

The park view city apartments are not only offering a luxurious living experience but also allow the residents to enjoy a radical lifestyle that is upscale and modern. These apartments have a fitness center, swimming pools, laundry facilities as well as a convenience store.

Why Invest in Park View Society Islamabad?

These days in Pakistan, people prefer to live in housing societies, as for them they are safe and come with better facilities. Well, all this is true to some extent. However, not all housing societies offer the same things. So, while making your decision, you have to be careful. But the good news is that you have found PVC Islamabad. The society that offers the best of the best. There is no need to think twice when you plan to invest in this housing scheme. Here are the details why:

Affordable & Offer Convenience

The best thing about PVC Islamabad is that it has an option for everyone. Even if you don’t fall into the category of the elite class, you can invest in this housing society. The rate of each plot is not too much, and you can even compare the price with other housing schemes around. You will get an idea. Secondly, the developers have ensured the investors don’t face trouble during the booking procedure, as it is simple and not at all time-consuming.

Easy Installment Plans

There were times when you had to pay the entire amount at once to be an owner of the plot. However, things are changing now. As mentioned above, the prices are reasonable in PVC Islamabad. But this isn’t the only news that is big. You even get an option to pay the price in installments. This is something that brings ease in so many ways, as you don’t feel financially burdened at any time.

Offer All the Modern Amenities

What’s the point of moving into a housing society when you fail to enjoy modern amenities? When a person plans to upgrade the home, they have in mind that everything will upgrade with it, neighborhood, security, and so on. The PVC Islamabad offers all this. This is a gated community where you will find cinemas, parks, shopping centers, and even exclusive clubs. So, if you are all set to invest here, surely you will not regret it.

Enjoy Economic Benefits

Whenever someone plans to invest in real estate, they think of economic benefits too. They don’t want to be in a situation where in future they lose money. Due to PVC Islamabad’s ideal location, modern features, and other amenities, you stay assured in the future; you will enjoy great economic benefits. Even the developers promise that in the coming future, the rates of the plots will get better.

Better Living Experience

Everyone is tired of load shedding, the unavailability of clean water, and other basic necessitates that are hard to find. However, in PVC Islamabad, you will not have to face such troubles. The developers have worked to ensure everyone will lead a happy and healthy life. They will experience things that they haven’t before.

Legal Housing Scheme

Last but not least, the housing society is CDA-approved. It means you don’t have to worry that in the future, all your investment will go to waste due to legality issues. Before focusing on anything else, the developers have ensured to get a NOC-approval from authorities.

Park View City - An Upscale Real Estate Venture

Park View City is a magnum opus that is backed up by a strong team of resilient and experienced developers. It is one of the most sought-after real estate investments in Pakistan. Therefore if you are looking for a stable real estate investment opportunity, then this one’s for you.
In case you would like to learn anything else about this magnificent project, simply give The Masters Real Estate & Builders a call. Our experts are always available to guide you.
Furthermore, this isn’t the only project we are working on. You can also contact us to learn about Capital Smart City Islamabad, Lahore Smart City, Hateem City, and Royal Orchard Multan.


The location of the Park View Society Islamabad is prime. It is in Zone IV near Bahria Enclave on Malot Road.

The PVC Islamabad is a legal housing society. Its NOC is approved by CDA. Furthermore, the society is the only legal society in Zone IV.

Residential plots of 5, 8, 10 Marla and 1 & 2 Kanal, and commercial plots of 6 & 8 Marla are available in Park View Society Islamabad.

Multiple facilities are available in this society including basic ones such as electricity, gas, and water. If we talk about luxuries, the list is long such as shopping zones, sports and fitness centers, botanical gardens, and cinemas.

Park View Society Islamabad is the project of Vision Group. The company is owned by Aleem Khan, a famous political figure.

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