Park View City Islamabad

A privately commissioned residential society park view city Islamabad has anxiously awaited the superior clients for booking their plots. It is one of the supreme housing societies in the kernel of Islamabad with a fully approved NOC from CDA (Capital housing Authority).

While investigating a worthy property for investment, the investors always look for a superb location. The area and venue of Park View City Islamabad have succeeded in passing all the standards set by an experienced real estate veteran regarding its location.

Park View City Islamabad Location:

Park View City Islamabad location has embellished with the extravagant and surreal landscape of Margalla hills. The PVC- Islamabad has various access points and clasps the golden corner of the botanical garden of Islamabad. Due to these reasons, this residential colony is one of the most wanted destinations for most contractors, investors, and house owners. The unrivaled routes and extensive roads leading to this prestigious housing have left the other residential projects far behind.

The iconic factor regarding the major linking roads of Islamabad to this housing project has made it the number no. 1 choice of elite class people. The terminating point of three major highways, including Jinnah Avenue, Kashmir Highway, and Kurri road through Malot Road, is unbelievable.

This housing society also has close to Bani Gala and Chak-Shahzad. The adjoining posh communities of Islamabad, including the Bahria enclave and a mere distance of fifteen minutes from Islamabad Blue, is also beneficial for the residents. The eastern side of the society originated the Simply road, which adheres with the Malot road and approaches towards the Bharakahu and beyond.

One of the potential advantageous features of PVC- ISLAMABAD is that the residents have saved from narrow roads as all the roads leading to PVC Islamabad is almost 100ft wide. Furthermore, CDA has also approved to expand the Simli Dam Road, Kurri Road, and Malot road to the boulevards of 200 ft. However, the central boulevard vein of Park View City Islamabad has already carpeted and 200 ft extensive highway looking forward to welcoming its worthy clients.

As far as the approximation of the area of Park View City Islamabad has concerned. This housing society has expanded on the land of 4000 kanals. The vast viewing area has been organized and divided into various commercial and housing projects.


Park View City Islamabad Owner and Developer:

The foundation of the Vision group laid in 2012 with classic intention and objectives. Their efforts in maintaining the premium quality of the construction industry are evident. Park view City by Vision Groups has won the trust of their clients by developing reliable and resilient projects.

This prolific group of developers has led by one of the renowned names of Pakistani politics and philanthropists, ABDUL ALEEM KHAN. This man is not only popular in domains of a political era but also in the real estate world. He has also attained incredible milestones. This group of construction has also clutched the leading role in dispensing the high-end facilities.

Purpose of Vision Group:

The purpose of the Vision group is ideal and premium to create a luxurious and impeccable living experience for its inhabitant. The elegant aesthetics and Innovative construction designs have just revealed the charisma of the cosmopolitan city of Islamabad. The residents of Park View City Islamabad will experience the exceptional and captivating eye scenery of Islamabad.

The quality infrastructure assurance, express developmental rate, and premier location have played a contributing role in making Park View City, Islamabad, the golden diamond jewel of Islamabad. It has fascinated innumerable overseas and local investors with eager interest in this housing authority for their investment.

Park View City Islamabad Features And Amenities:

1.  PVC-Islamabad strives to provide a luxurious and homely shelter to its concerning investors after building their desired edifice. A load-shedding-free community, underground electricity supply, versatile yet modern infrastructure, and 24/7 accessibility of water and gas are some of the basic amenities in our well-developed setup. Along with that, there are impulsive sources of entertainment, including the IMAX technology inhibiting cinema and indoor and outdoor sports clubs.

2. These clubs will enthrall you with swimming, gulf grounds, and bowling alleys. The commercial requisites of the residents have also been fulfilled with mesmerizing projects. The grocery stores, shopping malls, and markets of international standards are constructed to provide primary and luxury life requirements properly. These markets will dispense an enjoyable and accessible buying experience with a straightforward approach to needs from each block.

3. The amusement parks and zoo have also been constructed to make your leisure time more memorable with your family and friends. The plan of Park View City- Islamabad has incorporated serious steps for maintaining security. A surveillance team has been appointed to look after the gate incomings and out coming. The installation of CCTV cameras along with a screen system shows each part of society.

4. The project of Park View City has also launched a specified area adorned with apartments. These apartments are fully developed according to the modern lifestyle to upgrade the life of apartment inhabitants. The buildings of apartments have facilitated with laundry area, fitness houses, swimming pools, and 24 hours security.  Along with that, prestigious mosques, schools, and hospitals are also constructed at walking distance from each block.

park view city islamabad

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Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan:

Now here comes the most attention-seeking portion regarding the buying of residential or commercial property. However, let’s clear this ambiguity that Park View City- Islamabad offers the most affordable schemes for its investors compared to other developed building groups. The central perspective is biasing your final decision for your investment is the pay rate and installment plan of PARK VIEW CITY ISLAMABAD.

The payment plan of PVC-Islamabad has been ornamented with the installment policy with comprehensive and efficient strategies for investors and homeowners. Primarily the PARK VIEW CITY Islamabad balloting has been designed with a down payment ranging from 20-30%. The evident relaxation has also furnished the rest of the amount either in quarterly or monthly payments.

The vicinity of Park View City-ISL encompassing the land of 1200 Kanals has been fractionated into blocks alphabetically and according to the sizes of plots. Following measures of properties are available in PVC- ISB:

1. Block A, B, F, J, and K comprise 5 Marla plots.

2. Block A, B, F, H, I have specified for 10 Marla plots.

3. B, C, E, F, N, and M blocks inhibit plots of 1 Kanal.

4. D and P blocks are excelling with 2 Kanal plots.

Pay rates of commercial plots with installment plan of 1 year

There are two sizes of commercial properties offered:

1. The price of the 6 Marla plot is 42,000,000 with membership charges of 100,000. The Down payment initiates with 25%. In a one-year installment plan, there are six quarterly installments with a price of 5,250,000.

2. The cost of 8 Marla commercial Land is 56,000,000/-. The down payment has been paid at the rate of 25% for confirmation of booking and registration. The installment plan of 1 year comprises six quarterly installments of 7,000,000.

Pay rates of residential plots with an installment plan of 1 year

1. The amount of cash you must invest in buying the property of 5 Marla in Park View City- Islamabad is 6,500,000/-. The installments with four quarterly sections inhibit the amount of 1,218,750/-.

2. The plot of 10 Marla costs you 10,000,000/- with a membership fee of 15,000/-. The quarterly installment consists of the amount of 1,875,000/-.

3. The one Kanal plot costs you almost 25,000,000/-. The installation amount comprises of 18,750,000 /-.

Pay rates for Residential plots with one-year installments for terrace C- Block

The 10 Marla plot have a sale price of 10,000,000/-. The four quarterly installments include 1,875,000/

1. Higher Cost Rate residential plots

Depending upon the location of plots, the costs of schemes vary. The variation is also co-related with the most desired locations and the competition engaged behind this. For instance, actions allocated near the Main boulevard, park facing, and corners usually cost 10% more than the average amount. The housing society must make grand compensations for such plots.

2. Discounted price

The Park view city- Islamabad is dispensing a discount of 5% on the lump sum amount of total payment. This discount defines that there will be compensation for the investors and buyer from the total amount of the land.

3. Comparison of pricesThe genuine feature regarding the prices of residential plots in this housing project is that they are higher than expected. But on the other hand, depending upon the neighboring peripheral colonies, it has proven that Park View City Islamabad is most reasonable and affordable regarding the payment rate.The high trending rates of land in the capital city of Islamabad have become usual.

And in a trending market coming, the suitable scheme of installments has just sparked the Park View City residential and commercial project. Moreover, compared to the CDA sectors of Islamabad, including the B-17 and ICHS, the cost of land is much lower in Park View City- Islamabad.According to inhabitants and payment regime, Park view city Islamabad overseas block, park view city Islamabad executive block, park view city Islamabad overseas prime block are also categorizing blocks Park view City- ISLAMABAD.


The requirement for launching the overseas block in the charismatic housing project of Park View City- Islamabad is to provide the iconic option for investors and foreigners. The overseas Pakistani planning to settle back in Pakistan or foreigners willing to shift here permanently and are probing for recognition. The identical and safe place has the best option in the form of Park view City Islamabad.

Meanwhile, the Vision Group is working day and night to inaugurate the overseas block in Park View City Islamabad as soon as possible. This portion has mainly been designed and constructed with fine architectural requisites and inculcated modern and advanced technology. All these efforts are to meet the demands of overseas customers. No doubt Park View City – Islamabad already has blocks that represent high-end living standards, but the addition of this block has served as a supplement.


The best decision for the prospective homemakers to make their homes in the capital city of Islamabad is to pick out PVC- ISLAMABAD. The stratagem for booking your requisite plot in the prime location of Bani Gala has based upon the first come first to get the strategy. Firstly, plan your meeting with Masters’s Real estate agent and discuss your plot requirement and investment budget.

Master’s Real estate selection to handle your dealing will pay you back with reliability, satisfaction, and gateway to your dream house and destined project. Master’s real estate and its team will serve its privileged customers to ease their way. The primary thing which will keep you free from all worries is the smooth procedure for ownership. Once you are satisfied with your negotiation session with the professional tour agent, fill in the formalities on the form to record and complete your registration.

Masters Real Estate has got the hands-on proficient booking and proprietorship for their worthy customers in PARK VIEW CITY-ISLAMABAD.

In this era of technology, we have opened various contact-less ways to get in touch. You may visit our website, have a direct call, or drop a text at WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and many other social networking sites mentioned on our website.


Indeed, Park View City- Islamabad offers a complete package regarding residential and commercial projects. This project has served as a majestic contribution to the development of the real estate industry of Pakistan. The motive of Mr. Aleem Khan as a politician to put efforts into the country’s progress has been revealed in one of these projects.

This housing and business-oriented landmark of Park View City- Islamabad has served to be a glinting place to live for Pakistanis and foreign residents. The devoted effort of every single worker penetrated in placing a single brick in the residential project of Park View City Islamabad has attained its destination.

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