Hateem City Multan

Hateem City Multan Introduction:

Multan is the biggest city in south Punjab. It has one of the most beautiful buildings in Pakistan and is still considered one of the best cities to invest in by many.

Hateem City Multan is a spectacular housing society growing in Multans surroundings. The developers provide the greatest home schemes for both investors and inhabitants. They have offered Hateem City Multan payment plan 2022 with several residential and commercial buildings that have all the amenities required to provide a sustainable lifestyle to all future occupants.

The best part of Hateem City Multan map is that the developers have a reputation for creating stunning dwelling complexes. As a result, investors have complete faith in the creators. Keep reading to learn more about this real estate venture and Hateem City Multan installment plan.

Hateem City Multan is the biggest city in south Punjab and is located in Multan, Pakistan. It has many industries such as textile, food, cement, and wood processing industries. It has natural resources such as freshwater, coal, wood, and stones which are available in abundance for construction purposes. As far as industry is concerned it is just a need for investment to be made to increase its economic output rapidly. The city is also very famous for its high-quality educational facilities.

Hateem City Multan

Developers and Owners of Hateem City Multan

This spectacular real estate project is being developed by Faisal Movers Housing and MA Engineering. The creators are well-known for the luxurious services they provide to individuals. The creators intend to give the nation the greatest features and amenities imaginable. And they have specialists on their team who are working hard to provide the best services to its investors and prospective residents.

The projects developers, Faisal Movers, have demonstrated their abilities with housing projects like Dream Gardens Multan, Faisal Cottages, and Mailsi Gardens. The developers have already shown to be the greatest in town. So, investment in their development initiatives including the Hateem City Multan master plan will be beneficial.

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Status Of NOC

The housing society will be granted NOC status soon. We know that legal housing societies are constantly in high demand, and investors regard them as more trustworthy. The developers want legal standing to get the trust of investors. However, the owners identity is sufficient to secure a trustworthy investment here. All these considerations must be considered before making any long-term investment. So, without further ads, invest in Hateem City Multan payment plan 2022 right now.

Why Choose to Invest in Hateem City Multan Plot for Sale?

Hateem City Multan is also built on its reputation as a high-quality development by providing long-term value to local and international clients. Hateem City Multan location will undoubtedly serve as an amazing living benchmark and a great prospect. In short, it is carefully constructed with several high-end amenities to inspire modern-day life.

Hateem City Multan Location

Another important factor that investors consider before making a real estate investment is location. The location of Hateem City Multan map is just across from the PC Hotel Multan. The M4-Motorway, Multan Railway Station, and Multan International Airport all provide connectivity to the location. All these locations are surely involved in improving the lives of the residents. Investment in Hateem City Multan, such as the DHA Multan, is nothing short of a godsend for Multan inhabitants. And the sitemaps exact position may be found here:

Hateem City Multan Location

Hateem City Multan Payment Plan

The developers will shortly provide the complete Hateem City Multan payment plan 2022. The developers have ensured that all the homes accessible here, such as Prime Valley Islamabad, would be quite inexpensive. Moreover, their Hateem City Multan installment plan will be available to encourage investors to make a significant investment here. However, to begin the purchasing process, the investors must first deposit a 25% down payment. Finally, keep checking the Estate Land Marketing official website to stay up to speed on the newest developments.

Hateem City Multan Master Plan

The housing program provides a variety of homes to all investors. Furthermore, these residences will have all the features and amenities that will increase the value of living in Hateem City Multan. In addition, the housing program will shortly release a Hateem City Multan payment plan 2022 for offering specific residential and commercial premises. The following information is provided:

Hateem City Multan Plot for Sale for Residential Land

The initial purpose for constructing this spectacular real estate property is for the living space. Faisal Movers, the developers are offering residential land in a variety of sizes. So, investors will be able to make long-term investments based on their requirements and preferences because of their cheap Hateem City Multan price list. Most significantly, they will be inexpensive and will provide all essential and luxury amenities. A variety of plot sizes are available here as given below:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 20 Marla

Hateem City Multan Plot for Sale for Commercial Land

Faisal Movers also offers excellent commercial properties to investors including new and old businesspersons which will be accessible to provide them with high-end living standards. Hateem City Multan rates will be reasonable, allowing people to flourish economically. They will offer the following properties as expected:

  • 3 Marla for commercial use
  • 5 Marla for commercial use
  • 7 Marla for commercial use

Status Of Development

The construction work will begin soon at the Hateem City Multan location. The developers are pursuing legal status, and with a No Objection Certificate (NOC), building work can be started immediately. Moreover, the developers prioritize high-quality deliverables, which will require some time to finish the assignment.

So, it is an ideal opinion to invest here now because of its Hateem City Multan map location and countless advantages; undoubtedly, the property prices will skyrocket once construction begins. Keep visiting the official website of Maters Real Estate to learn about the current development status of this fantastic real estate venture.

Hateem City Multan has numerous elements offered to assist investors in achieving exceptional living standards for all investors. And here are a few examples:

  • High-Quality Infrastructure
  • Grand Mosque
  • Salons and Spa
  • Best place for schools and college
  • Salons and Spa
  • Theme Parks and Grounds
  • Parking Area
  • Apartments
  • Medical Units
  • Eco-Friendly Environment
  • Perfect Location
  • Commercial Area

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Several facilities will be offered at Hateem City Multan to provide all investors with the greatest living possible. Among the crucial and noteworthy facilities are the following:

·       Provision of all Fundamentals

The developers provide all the necessities to all investors, including power, gas, and water and these services will be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hateem City Multan rates will be quite low, allowing future inhabitants to have the finest lifestyle and well-maintained living standards possible.

·       Environmentally Friendly Surrounding

The developers provide the high-quality living with a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere at Hateem City Multan. The developers are adhering to urban town planning regulations, which will result in less waste during development. Most crucially, the community plantation effort will assist to make the environment greener and cleaner.

·       The Great Mosque

The Mosque at Hateem City Multan location provides the ideal spiritual environment for both investors and future inhabitants. The Grand Mosques infrastructure will be of excellent quality, improving the praying experience of future inhabitants. Choosing the Hateem City Multan installment plan and investing here will be a wise decision for all future inhabitants.

·       Services for Health and Education

In addition, the Hateem City Multan master plan provides the greatest educational services to future inhabitants. The developers are committed to providing schools and universities that will enrich the lives of the citizens. Also, they fulfill the medical requirements of the investors with health care facilities operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

·       Gated Community Security

Safety is the priority of every person; so, the developers provide future inhabitants with a safe and secure environment at the lowest Hateem City Multan price list. In addition, the developers want to install CCTV cameras that will capture all actions.

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Comparison Of Positives and Negatives

Hateem City Multan provides several advantages and benefits for investors. Here is the answer to why you should invest in buying the Hateem City Multan plot for sale? And here are a few examples:


  • Reasonable Hateem City Multan rates
  • Excellent Hateem City Multan location
  • Well-known and well-known developers
  • Strategic Hateem City Multan master plan
  • Eco-friendly housing society
  • Secured gated community
  • Parks and grounds
  • Cctv cameras to enhance security
  • Perfect Hateem City Multan payment plan 2022 to invest
  • Malls and shopping centers
  • Access to all basics
  • Commercial business area
  • Parking lots
  • Luxurious apartments
  • Excellent schools and colleges Hateem City Multan map
  • Adequate drainage, gas, and electricity system


  • Hateem City Multan price list for several sized plots may go high after completing all developmental processes.

Why People Invest in Hateem City Multan Master Plan?

The housing societys goal is to provide the finest living conditions for all investors. They provide the greatest living amenities to their prospective inhabitants. The developers are passionate about providing the ideal lifestyle to all investors. most investors will be drawn to this real estate project because of Hateem City Multan location and features. The best part is that the developers are prepared to supply these features at a very low-costed Hateem City Multan installment plan.


Hateem City Multan master plan is one of its residential ventures that provides all investors with a high-end lifestyle and luxury. Furthermore, the Hateem City Multan location of this real estate venture is easily accessible to all investors. And when it comes to real estate investment, the location and Hateem City Multan map are what most prospective residents seek in a living project.

The features and facilities are available at lower Hateem City Multan rates which are innumerable and investing here will offer long-term rewards. A variety of properties (residential and commercial) are accessible to give the ideal living conditions for all investors. Stay tuned with The Masters Real Estate Official Website to get the latest, accurate, and up-to-date information before it goes viral.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What Is Hateem City Multan Master Plan?

Hateem City Multan is a fantastic housing society that is sprouting up around Multan and people are showing great interest in this project.

2.    What is Hateem City Multan Location?

The location is just across from the PC Hotel Multan.

3.    Is The Hateem City Multan Map Location Accessible?

The M4-Motorway, Multan International Airport, and Multan Railway Station are easily accessible.

4.    Who are the Developers of This Excellent Hateem City Multan Housing Scheme?

This spectacular real estate project is being developed by Faisal Movers Housing and MA Engineering.

5.    When Will the Hateem City Multan Payment Plan 2022 be Ready?

The developers will shortly provide the full payment plan.

6.    Is The Housing Scheme Owning NOC?

The housing society will be granted NOC status soon.

7.    Is It a Worthwhile to Buy Hateem City Multan Plot for Sale?

The developers provide the ideal lifestyle for all investors at very cheap Hateem City Multan rates. Investing here must be a plus.

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