DHA Multan

The DHA Multan total area is 9000 acres. It is considered one of the largest real estate projects in Multan. DHA Multan has won the hearts of many investors in Pakistan and across the country. The Defense Housing Authority, or DHA, needs no introduction. It is an approved and legal housing authority from one of Pakistan’s most trusted and renowned developers. DHA Multan is located on Bosan Road near GT Road in Multan and has all of the latest amenities for Multan residents.

DHA Multan is attracting a huge number of investors due to its ideal location and accessibility. The people of Pakistan, particularly the people of Multan, have shown a strong interest in investing in DHA Multan due to its legacy and world-class amenities.

DHA Multan distinguishes itself from the competition by including the Rumanza Golf Course, 360 Zoo, Community Park, Shopping Arcade, and food court. Furthermore, the luxurious amenities, eco-friendly environment, prime location, and affordability make it the first choice of investors looking to purchase property in Multan.

DHA Multan is all the hype for real estate lovers. There are many reasons behind this well-known reputation. Not only is the project backed by one of the most well-known developers, it also gives an opportunity to live a great life. From modern architecture to the availability of all the basic life amenities, DHA Multan checks all the right boxes for a successful real estate project.

DHA Multan

DHA Multan Owners And Developers

DHA Multan Owner and Developer

The DHA Multan is yet another world-class project by the Defense Housing Authority (DHA). The developers are well-known in Pakistan because of their previous projects.  Moreover, they also understand the current market trends and the current needs of residents and investors. As a result, they always come up with client-oriented projects at reasonable prices. Their industry expertise and previous successful projects make them a viable option in Pakistan.

The developers of this project have kept the overseas Pakistanis in their plans while developing this housing society. They have also received a special quota for overseas Pakistanis. The highly professional team of key players has left no stone unturned to ensure the development of a quality model community for the people of Multan.

Under Construction Projects At DHA Multan

Being a smart partner, the builders of DHA always bring something more magical and beneficial for the investors. The developers of this project have some undergoing construction projects at DHA Multan that add to the significance of the project. The following are currently under construction and will be added to DHA Multan soon:

Main Office (DHA Head Office)
Indoor Sports Complex
Medical/Health Care City – AM99
Center Square
Dha Membership Club
Pakistan Square
Rehmat-Ul-Lil Aalimeen Mosque
✔ Masjid-E-Amna Sector M
✔ Masjid Quba

Being a smart partner, the builders of DHA always bring something more magical and beneficial for the investors. The developers of this project have some undergoing construction projects at DHA Multan that add to the significance of the project. The following are currently under construction and will be added to DHA Multan soon:

Upcoming Projects At DHA Multan

There are numerous new projects that will improve the effectiveness and aesthetics of the DHA Multan. The projects that will become the unique identification of the DHA Multan are listed below:

Fast University
Twin Towers
Serene Tower Multan
Mega Mall
Theme Park
Water Park
3D/5D Cinemas

DHA Multan Area

DHA Multan has been developed to provide diverse real estate options for high, moderate and low-income families in Pakistan, especially in Multan. The project is a masterpiece in development. Whether we consider its planning, exterior or interior, DHA Multan is a complete real estate package. The DHA Multan covers a whopping area of 9,000 acres.

This huge area coverage promises the availability of all the basic and lavish facilities in life.

DHA Multan NOC

NOC or No-Objection Certificate is an essential legal document for any society. It is often required by investors to ensure that the society is legal and is not a flight risk

The DHA Multan developers have a great reputation for building legal projects in Pakistan. This is why the legal authorities of Punjab have duly approved the No Objection Certificate (NOC). Legal and approved projects, on the other hand, have a better chance of being completed within a given timeframe and legislation. All projects initiated by the Defense Housing Authority have received NOC for development in Pakistan.

DHA Multan NOC

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DHA Multan Launch Date

DHA Multan is an ambitious project that is aiming to re-engineer the real estate basics in the city of Multan. Multan is known for its historic landscape and a number of tombstones. However, it is also considered the primary city in South Punjab. Thus, in order to enhance the real estate prospects in the area, DHA Multan was announced on 4th March 2017.

DHA Multan Location

There is not a single shadow of a doubt regarding the fact that location plays a key role in the success of real estate. Location is considered to be one of the most important factors for any real estate venture.
DHA Multan hits it right out of the park in this context. It is located on Bosan Road near GT Road. This is why society is known as an accessible real estate project

Access Points

The accessibility of DHA Multan is as follows:
Mattital Road – 1 Min Driveaway
The Multan Bypass – 13 Min Drive Away
Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan – 15 Min Drive Away
Multan Daewoo Terminal – 30 Min Drive Away
Nishtar Medical University – 30 Min Drive Away
Multan International Airport – 35 Min Driveaway

DHA Multan Near by Landmarks

DHA Multan Map

DHS has officially announced the DHA Multan Phase 1 map. The map shows the entire layout plan of phase 1. Here you can explore the DHA Multan Map for all the sectors.


Few Nearby Landmarks

Regardless of its primary location, the DHA Multan Location is easily accessible by well-known nearby landmarks such as:
Multan International Airport
Green Fort Housing Scheme
Gulshan E Tauheed
Multan Cantt
The Tomb Of Shah Rukn-E-Alam
Kotla Sadaat
Gulistan Homes
Buch Villas

DHA Multan Master Plan

As the name implies, the DHA Multan master plan includes all of the master amenities that can add up to a contemporary lifestyle. The plot allocation and other facilities are expertly crafted to provide a supremely luxurious yet affordable experience. For more details and information, contact Masters Real Estate & Builders today.

DHA Multan Master Plan

DHA Multan Sectors

To meet the diverse needs of its residents, the DHA Multan is divided into several sectors.

DHA Multan has the Following Plot Sizes Available

DHA Multan has a wide range of plot sizes for both residential and commercial investors, making it an ideal location for both.
Residential investors can choose from a variety of DHA Multan plots for sale ranging in size from 5 Marla to 2 Kanal.


DHA Multan Residential Plots

DHA Multan provides more options for residential customers by allowing investors to select the plot size that suits them the most. Investors can choose their preferred plot size, such as:
✔ DHA Multan 5 Marla Plot
✔ DHA Multan 8 Marla Plot
✔ DHA Multan 10 Marla Plot
✔ DHA Multan 1 Kanal Plot
✔ DHA Multan 2 Kanal Plot

DHA Multan Commercial Plots

Commercial plots are available in DHA Multan to meet the needs of commercial investors. Commercial investors can reserve plots in the sizes listed below:
✔ DHA Multan 4 Marla Plot

DHA Villas

The DHA Villas are designed to meet the diverse needs of families seeking private space with modern conveniences. 556 villas are available in 6, 9, and 12 marla sizes, accommodating 3, 4, and 5 bedrooms, respectively. Residents can enjoy the large community park as well as a shopping arcade with authentic shopping experiences and food courts. Investors can reserve villas in the following sizes:
✔ 9 MARLA Villa (4 Bedrooms) (2751 Sq Ft)
✔ 12 MARLA Villa (4 Bedrooms) (3149 Sq Ft)
✔ 12 MARLA Villa (5 Bedrooms) (3530 Sq Ft)
Given below is the range of GFS Villas that are available in DHA Multan:
✔ DHA Multan GFS Villas – 10 Marlas

Rumanza Golf & Country Club DHA Multan

In case you are searching for an escape or break from all the hectic life routine, then DHA Multan has the perfect opportunity for you.
The Rumanza Golf & Country Club is a golden investment opportunity provided by the developers of DHA Multan. This way the families are able to get a better view of all the majestic and scenic views. Moreover, Rumanza Golf & Country Club is the first ever signature golf course in Pakistan that is dedicated to the overall well-being of the residents.
Furthermore, this one is equipped with all the necessary security measures. This way the residents can enjoy with their families the many benefits of having a 72-par 18-hole Golf. Rumanza Golf & Country Club covers a total of 295 acres.
Given below are the available residential plots houses in the sector:
12 Marla
1 Kanal
2 Kanal
4 Kanal

Rumanza Club House Available Facilities and Amenities

The location of Rumanza Clubhouse is close to a lake. This way the housing society offers a stunning view that is coupled with all the modern facilities. Moreover, the developers are hoping for this one to start its operations in 2023.
Listed below are some of the spectacular features of this one:

22 Suites & Deluxe Rooms
Tombola Kids’ Play Area
Executive Lounge
Swimming Pools
200 Person Hall
Locker Rooms
Table Tennis
Prayer Area
✔ Spike Bar
✔ Billiard
✔ Saloon 
✔ Shops

Developed Projects in DHA Multan

Previously developed projects are often a testament to a company’s vision and growth. In order to get an insight into the previous work history and reputation of the developers, listed below are some of the developed projects:
✔ The Arena ✔ Sicas 360 Zoo Site Office Askari Housing Dealers Enclave I DHA Multan Villas Sub Office Lahore Sub Office Karachi DHA Multan Nursery Rumanza Golf Course ✔ Sub Office Islamabad ✔ Villas Community Plant ✔ Electrification of Sector M ✔ Sewerage Treatment Plant

Approved Projects For DHA Multan

DHA Multan has approved some brilliant projects to become a significant part of DHA Multan to beautify the surrounding environment.
Mall Of Central Square (Project By Barcade International)
✔ Business Hub (Project By Bodla Builders)
Central Multan (Project By Techno Associates)
 Boulevard (Project By Centrelink Enterprise)

DHA Multan Payment Plan 2023

DHA Multan has a deep understanding of the needs and current economic situation of buyers from Pakistan and around the world. That is why they are offering a wide range of payment options to suit the needs of buyers around the globe.
The developers of the DHA Multan have paid special attention to the payment plan of the project. They have kept it simple, easy to follow, and affordable. The plots for sale in DHA Multan are pocket-friendly. Moreover, they also offer great ROI and strong capital generation.
In terms of residential accommodations, the society is offering world-class villas as well. Residents can initiate the booking with a 25% down payment. You can confirm your plot booking at 10%. Then you have to pay the remaining amount in 12 installments.


DHA Multan Transfer Charges

Listed below are the official transfer charges for plots in DHA Multan:

DHA Multan Development Charges

Following are the development charges in DHA Multan:

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Required Documents for Plot Booking

In order to secure a plot in this stunning real estate venture, people need to keep track of their documentation. Here is a list of all the necessary documents that you need for this purpose:
2 Passport Size Pictures
NICOP for Overseas Clients
2 Copies of CNIC
2 Copies of the ID Card Next to the Kin

Booking Procedure for DHA Multan

Knowing about the booking procedures is an absolute must, especially if you want to secure a plot in DHA Multan. Here is what you have to do to book a plot in DHA Multan:
Make sure to fill out the application with attention and focus
Attach the CNIC with the application
Then pay the downpayment in the confirmation of DHA Multan. You should also check with the management in case of any changes or updates in the program
If you want to make a cash transfer, you need to check with the management beforehand
✔ Submit all the necessary documents and then get the required receipt

DHA Multan Balloting - Phase I

The phase I balloting of DHA Multan was organized to invoke a sense of trust among the investors regarding this project. Moreover, another key aspect of this balloting is to instigate the transfer of the plot to the owners. Given below is an in-depth analysis of the balloting of the DHA Multan Phase-I.

DHA Multan 1st Ballot

The first-ever ballot was conducted on 2nd October 2018. The purpose of this balloting was to transfer the DHA Multan Villas. Then the location ballot was held on 31st July 2019. The next balloting was done to ensure the transfer of 2 Marla commercial plots. DHA Rumanza Golf Community Ballot was conducted on 5th December 2020. Last but not least, the General and Location balloting was held on 12th August 2021.

DHA Multan Phase - I 2nd Ballot

The second balloting procedure for the Phase-I of DHA Multan was done on 30th September 2021. This one was a grand affair and many people were part of this balloting. From investors to authorities, the audience of the second balloting was highly diverse.
During this balloting, the authorities of DHA Multan shared the file’s issues since 1st, September 2019. The event was presided over by Brig Shoeb Anwar Kyani who is serving as the project director.
Given below are some key aspects of the second balloting of DHA Multan:
The Total Number of Plots Added to the Ballot Was 5500
100 Plots Were Added in the Sector B -1
✔ The Size Range of the Plots Was 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal
✔ The Total Number of Plots Added in Sector- P, and Sector – T Is 1000
✔ The Price of 1 Kanal Plot after the Ballot Reached 10 Million Pkr to 11 Million PKR
✔ 4 Marla Plots Were Added to Sectors P, T and V


DHA Multan Challan Form

The DHA Multan Challan form allows investors to reserve their desired plots. Investors can reserve plots using the DHA Multan Challan form. The investors can create their DHA Multan profile and receive their DHA Multan login and password. They can use their login to access the system and track their application or download the challan form.

DHA Multan Application Form

In order to ensure comfort for the residents and residents, the authorities have issued various different application forms for various purposes. Make sure to visit the DHA Multan website. You can download the form from their website, directly.

Salient Features of DHA Multan

Given below are some of the highly promising features of DHA Multan that encourages real estate investment:

24/7 Centralized Security & Maintenance System A Reliable Power Backup System DHAM Nursery Rumanza Golf Course The Arena DHAM Villas 360 Zoo Sewerage Treatment Plant Villas Community Park Bilal Masjid Shopping Arcade Food Courts Community Centers Health & Fitness Centers Gym Facilities Theme Parks Shopping Malls Central Mosques Green Belts Healthcare Facilities Transport Facilities

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Why Invest in DHA Multan?

The DHA Multan is the first choice of investors in a sea of expensive and luxurious lifestyles. DHA Multan offers all the basic things that are needed to live a contemporary lifestyle. Moreover, this housing society also stands out because of its premium features. Given below are some of the basic reasons why you need to invest in DHA Multan:

Education City
✔ Health City
✔ Hotel
✔ Mixed Use Building


Why DHA Multan

Education City

DHA Multan invites investors to purchase 5-10 acre or larger plots for all types of educational establishments such as schools, colleges, and universities. Additionally, from 4 Kanal to 1-acre plots can be accessible for hostel buildings. DHA Multan recognizes the importance of education and thus provides plots in the adverse range specifically for schools. The education city is dedicated to plots like:

✔ Schools
✔ Colleges
✔ Universities
✔ Hostels



Nowadays residents and investors are seeking real estate projects that offer recreational and entertainment services. DHA Multan understands the importance of entertainment. There are numerous options available to meet the diverse needs of the surrounding residents, including:

Sports Complex in Sector W2
Go-Kart Track & Formula Karting
✔ Ridding & Saddle Club
✔ Dirt Bikers Track
✔ Water Sports Park
✔ Theme Park in Sector W1

Health City

The Health City is specifically designed to manage the health and well-being of DHA Multan residents. However, various plot sizes are available, ranging from 1 acre to 30 acres. The plots can be booked for development for the below services:

Diagnostic Center
Medical Facilities



DHA Multan has everything you could possibly need for modern living. There is a large section devoted to hotels, motels, and restaurants. Plots ranging from 5 to 20 acres are available for the development of 4-5 star hotels. The plots are available for:

4 – 5 Star Hotels

Mixed-Use Building

To improve the utility of DHA Multan, the developers have added as many facilities as possible to entertain the residents in the best possible ways. As a result, they have set aside a specific area for shopping malls, offices, and designer stores. The shops are available for rent or auction.

Mega Mall
✔ Shopping Arcade (Shops Available on Rent/Auction)
✔ Corporate Offices
✔ Designer Shops


DHA Multan - A Secure Real Estate Investment

DHA Multan has been attracting potential investors from all over Pakistan due to its well-known and successful projects. As a responsible real estate entity, The Masters Real Estate & Builders recommend that you invest in the DHA Multan.
Our services are available for both the buying and selling processes. To learn more about DHA Multan plot prices today or DHA Multan 10 marla file rates today, contact The Masters Real Estate & Builders today. We’d also like to tell you about the project that is about to launch in this housing scheme Serene Tower Multan. The project will surely play a crucial role in increasing its worth and aesthetics of this project.

Furthermore, we deal in a few other projects, including Royal Orchard and Hateem City in Multan. If we talk about other cities, Lahore Smart City, Capital Smart City Islamabad, New Metro City Gujar Khan, and many of the other projects we deal in. Call Themrl.com to learn about them!



The plots for residential investors are available in 5, 8, 10 Marla, and 1-2 Kanal sizes. Commercial plots, on the other hand, are available in 2, 4, 6, and 8 Marla sizes.

You can reach them at the following numbers:

+92-304-111-5-675 or +92-300-428-3-333 Contact Numbers!

No, there are no additional or hidden charges regarding DHA multan file rates.

The development charges are determined by the type of facilities and infrastructure you select for your residence.

No, it doesn't include the charges for the development.

DHA Multan is located on Bosan Road, near Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan.

The third balloting for the first phase was held in November 2022.

DHA Multan has a total of 25 sectors.

Rumanza Golf & Country Club is an 18-hole international standard golf course, as well as 295 acres of residential plots ranging from 4 Kanal to 2 Kanal to 1 Kanal to 12 Marla in size, a mosque, commercial establishments, and a fire station make up the Rumanza Golf & Country Club.

  1. Allied Bank Ltd.
  2. Askari Bank Ltd.
  3. Bank Alfalah Ltd.
  4. Bank Islami Ltd.
  5. Faysal Bank Ltd.
  6. MCB Bank
  7. Meezan Bank Ltd.

The total area of the DHA Multan project is 9000 acres.

DHA Multan 5 Marla plot price is 20 Lac.

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