Lahore Smart City

What is Lahore Smart City?

One of the most awaited projects in the capital of Punjab province is here. Are you expecting to reside in an elite environment with the provision of thoughtful amenities in the fascinating city of Lahore? A city which is renowned and eminent for its economic and cultural influencing history. Then finally, you are at the pertinent site. After conquering unbelievable milestone of success from Capital Smart City Islamabad, another alluring project of Lahore smart city lda approved will instigate at a supreme location in Lahore.

Lahore Smart City (LSC) has equipped the housing society with a wholesome package that will entertain its occupants. The glinting facilities available in this society will make the investors feel the real vibe of international standards. The provision of intelligent facilities has groomed the face of Lahore due to high-end amenities.

The LSC project is the revolutionizing housing society that will lead the upcoming generations. The domains of LSC have a futuristic approach and have already gathered excellent reviews. The reality of the Lahore Smart city tracking ID available online will uncover its authenticity and NOC issuance.

The Lahore Smart City map is also smoothly designed to make the wholescenario clear for the investors. The professionals and experts of the real estate sector have referred to LSC as the best project on the premises of Lahore.

It will be contemplating the 2nd cosmic smart residential and commercial project of Pakistan. In a metropolitan city of Pakistan, which is a hub of the main streamline of Punjab’s financial activities and the enormous possibilities of careers, jobs, and businesses. With full approval from the Lahore development authority (LDA), LSC has all set to spread its foundation in the fantastic city of Lahore.

The project of LSC is now ready to adorn Lahore with its eco-friendly and sustainable smart lifestyle. The real estate industry experts forecast that LSC will be going to launch new domains of victory concerning development and quality construction projects.

Lahore Smart City master plan and other features have enticed intellectual investors to opt for this captivating society. Lahore Smart city installment plans have also paved the way for individuals looking forward to some reasonable property options in Lahore.

The Lahore Smart City payment plan and installment plan have been designed after critical scrutiny to suit every category of investor. Furthermore,

Lahore smart city map will reveal the incredible facets of its location packedwith all the accessible points and peaceful environment. The dream of homemakers is to furnish their families and loved ones with top-level serenity of life, which you can extract after getting your plot booked in LSC.

The Objective of Lahore Smart City:

The venue of Lahore Smart City Location has become the central asset management and real estate developers’ company functional in Pakistan’s most iconic city, Smart City Lahore. The moto of this multi-domain project is to institute new versions of intelligent cities architecture and construction.

The objective revolves around providing quality living to the occupants and furnishes potential financial contributions to the country’s economic flow. The deliberated investment plan, a stalwart cycle of property management, and creative urban planning have just allowed Smart City Lahore to hold be a suitable choice of its concerning clients.

To become distinct in a resilient competition of real estate projects and to hold the position of no. 1 choice of investors, LSC has combed up all the features as Smart City has composed integrated factions embellished with amenities of international standards. The coherent commitment of quality, dedication, marvelous construction, and managerial regimes have flicked up this residential project among the other competent real estate projects.

Lahore Smart City’s official website uncovers the actual worth of this project that it has inclined the essence of the real estate sector of Pakistan with its multi-disciplinary approach. The incorporation of modern-day amenities in the conventional atmosphere of Lahore has enlightened urban development.The sustainable and constructional factorspacked with innovative strategies revealed in Lahore Smart City’s latest updates have also attracted investors.


Lahore Smart City

Smart City Lahore Builders/Developers:

LSC is the alliance between two colossal and leading developers in the field of real estate. Future Holding Developments and Habib Rafique (PVT) Limited. These two real estate and property management companies are the tycoons of the real estate world with the accomplishment of breathtaking progress projects and high-end peculiarities.

Habib Rafiq (PVT) Limited is the iconic name that admiring properties and success in the real estate industry. The distinct feature is that their working criteria have not limited to the building and construction domain.

Habib Rafiq (PVT) Limited also deals in aviation and airport, housing, roads, infrastructure, engineering of water resources, oil and gas projects, chemicals, and petrochemicals projects. Their professional tactics, honest and critical analysis makes their projects idealizing among the rest of one.

Surbana Jurong is also cooperating partner of LSC, which is a Singaporean-based consulting firm. It holds prowess in manufacturing eye-captivating building units and excellent infrastructure. Surbana Jurong is a charismatic group of companies in Asia with professional urban development and a flourishing business unit.

Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited is a gigantic industry that is a chief in the real estate canopy. They have marked the record by dispensing luxurious and influencing experiences. FDHL is a firm that has an authorized license and registration. Smart City has been built with the classic incorporation of hi-tech amenities and advances urban planning.

Lahore Smart City Location on Map and Area Calibration:

The LSC marks the sustainable development in the economic flow of Pakistan. LSC plans bridges with Lahore ring road, Lahore bypass, and GT road. This housing society has situated around the Lahore bypass adjacent to Kala Shah Kaku. LSC’s reaching points connect to Pakistan’s core highways, including the Lahore-Sialkot motorway and Lahore ring road.

These routes will play a pivotal role as assisting partners in traveling for the inhabitants of LSC. The alluring locality of mesmerizing housing colony of LSC  is indeed a speck far behind the major hustle and rush of the city.

This initiative has been taken by the developers keeping in mind the provision of a serene environment to this residential project. Despite this fact, you can approach the central city heart within a drive of few minutes. The renowned engineering university UET is also reachable from the west side of the colony with a mere distance of 5 minutes.

Allama Iqbal International Airport and posh housing society of DHA is only at 18 minutes.

Location of Lahore samrt City

Architectural Counsellors of Lahore Smart City (LSC)

Various eminent partners of (LSC)  have collaborated with potential benefits to this project. Some of them have mentioned below:

1) Smart feature

2) Troon Golf

3) Harradine Golf

4) Cracknell

5) Arquivo Architects

6) Design Men consulting Engineers.

Lahore Smart City’s prominence after cooperation with these esteemed groups of real estate is just remarkable.

The pivotal role played by these organizations, as mentioned earlier, has modified the LSC master plan and many other aspects as these companies have introduced internationally recognized schemes and architectural features in the project, so it has enhanced its ranks.

The major throwback instilled by these companies lies in the Smart City Lahore Payment plan because they have striven to provide the investors with globally renowned facilities under a reasonable package. Lahore smart city prices are simply surprising for experienced as well as amateur investors.

Lahore Smart City Blocks:

How uniquely the developers of LSC have divided the area into various blocks or districts. The housing project has kept the focus on the abetment and the ease of their residents while residing in LSC. All the investors, house makers, commercial projects developers will surely get another level of satisfaction after getting affiliated with majestic Smart City Lahore. The formulators have also named these blocks as districts.

a) Overseas Block

An anticipating and recognizable feature about this block of (LSC) is that it only allows the allocation of plots for overseas folks. It is the embellished block of LSC with international standard facilities and luxury. The candidates who admire living in this iconic locality with high-end innovative investment opportunities and amenities should hold dual nationality.

If you are a foreigner and don’t have Pakistani nationality, you are also eligible to get your plot booked in an overseas block of LSC. Well, Masters real estate is the authorized real estate dealer of LSC with cooperative dealings with its customers. The sizes of the plot allocated in this block range from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. These are residential plots with extensive intelligent facilities.

b) Executive Block

As the name indicated, the executive block of LSC is embellished with premium facilities. It is specially introduced for the individuals and investors destined to entertain with exclusive features. It is the most serene community in this massive housing project.

LSC executive block has first-class facilities encompassing residential apartments, plots, play areas, mosques, commercial markets, and grocery stores. The distinct feature of this block is that it has little exorbitant plot prices and lavish facilities than the general block.

c) General Block

Wow, what an affordable and reasonable allocation of lahore smart city plot for sale has launched with the best installment plan. Masters real estate is one of the ultimate solutions to make your residential plots booked with express possession. It is a general block with no specification of nationalities and has opened for all types of residents to admire to get their dream project flourished in LSC.

This block has enriched with all the ground facilities of life. The essential thing that will adhere to selecting this block for your residential project accomplishment is its reasonable cost—moreover, residential plot and apartments with access to educational and health departments, mosque, shops, and plazas.

d) Healthcare Block

Here comes the critical sector of the whole housing project, the health care block. The importance of this block with the furnishing facilities is paramount, especially in this tenure of Covid-19. And formulators of LSC have accomplished this task with complete legitimacy. A grand hospital project with the implantation of 500 beds, eminent staff, proficient health care workers have inaugurated this project.

The hospital has an ambulance service and all laboratory facilities.  Apart from the grandeur of this hospital, there are also residential extrapolate for providing residence to specialist doctors and other desiring people. Markets and food court with some commercial plots are also there.

e) Sports Block

Along with hospital provision, it is necessary for any housing project, especially the one whose acclamation relies on brilliant facilities to provide a sports activity venue. The basis of healthy communities depends on its health activities that can only fulfill the provision of sports districts in this mega project.

Smart City Lahore has penetrated in-depth to furnish playgrounds and stadiums to the residents of their residential scheme. It is initiating from badminton court to football stadium and proper cricket pitch.

f) Education Block

The block is the center of education with the construction of quality educational institutes. Schools, colleges, and universities with high standards will be there to make the system more feasible.


Lahore Smart City Farm Houses:

Where are you planning to spend your vacations this year? Whether you are looking to invest a lump sum amount in your business project than land or 1 to 2 Kanal, have offered by Smart City Lahore. Our privileged clients can keep their favorite animals, pets.

They can construct enticing bungalows on this land. You can populate the place with your family members to spent quality time or have official parties and gatherings.

Smart city Lahore has introduced some mesmerizing lands to establish farmhouses that will lift the ranks of the investor in the society after its purchase. The flickering ground specified for farmhouses have some inhibited gold in it as it is the land of Punjab.

The owners of Smart City have embellished farmhouses with all the facilities available at other blocks of the society. The payment plan of LSC farmhouses is exceptionally affordable compared to other competitors in the queue.

Lahore smart city project facilities and amenities:

The FDHL has not uncovered a complete overview of the Lahore Smart City Project facilities, but it’s optimized and somewhat similar to Capital Smart City. The offering of elite class amenities maintains in each block of the society. Following salient features related to Lahore, Smart City has withdrawn by the efforts of The Masters real estate due to their authorized partners.

Lahore Smart city residential project has catered its residents with a contemporary and unique living experience to dispense a lavish lifestyle. With innovative technology and intelligent attributes, the Smart city lahore project will develop into the first smart city in Lahore, Pakistan.

We have mentioned below a few salient features of this mesmerizing project:

1) Sterile and green surroundings

2) Metro bus system and electric vehicle charging stations

3) Underground electricity and gas wiring

4) Community clubs, sports complexes, nightclubs, and golf grounds

5) 24/7 availability of power, gas, and water installation of intelligent programs have also ensured, for example, Wi-Fi facility, weather forecast reporting, smart waste disposal system, locating visitors, and much more.

6) Lahore Smart city commercial plots have supplied all the basic and advanced facilities that distinguish them from other societies.

7) Lahore’s smart city payment plan has also nullified the hype of expensive property sales. The developers have introduced an affordable and reasonable payment plan that won’t disturb the budget of people. Whether the investors intend to buy the plot for the sake of business or desire to build their future house, the Lahore Smart City payment plan 2022 will satisfy investors’ demands.

8) Lahore smart city NOC and LDA approval have also complimented the project with the rising trust of investors. After consulting the Lahore smart city official website and the website of masters real estate, you will come to know that this project is entirely legal and have full authorization in the city of Lahore.

Lahore Smart City Location

Lahore Smart City Payment Plan and Instalments 2022:

We have compiled the prices of plots according to the districts of LSC. The costs vary depending upon the block you are looking to get your property booked.

a) Lahore Smart City Executive Block Rates

1. Cost of 5 Marla plot- 2,685,000

2. Cost of 7 Marla plot- 3,490,000

3. Cost of 10 Marla plot- 4,945,000

4. Cost of 12 Marla plot- 5,425,000

5. Cost of 1 kanal plot- 8,050,000

b) Lahore Smart City Overseas Block Rates

1. Price of 5 Marla plot- 2,845,000

2. Price of 7 Marla plot- 3,700,000

3. Price of 10 Marla plot- 5,325,000

4. Price of 12 Marla plot- 5,750,000

5. Price of 1 Kanal plot- 8,490,000

LSC has also come up with a reasonable installments plan of 3.5 years. There are a total of 15 installments in this tenure. The booking and confirmation charges are also negligible with easy possession. After having the complete procedure done, clients are free to build their houses or desired projects.

Executive Block Payment Plan:

Current Rates for Executive block
1 Booking 268,500 494,500 805,000
2 Confirmation  268,500 494,500 805,000
3 1st Quarter 179,000 329,700 536,700
4 2nd Quarter 179,000 329,700 536,700
5 3rd Quarter 179,000 329,700 536,700
6 4th Quarter 179,000 329,700 536,700
7 5th Quarter 179,000 329,700 536,700
8 6th Quarter 179,000 329,700 536,700
9 7th Quarter 179,000 329,700 536,700
10 8th Quarter 179,000 329,700 536,700
11 9th Quarter 179,000 329,700 536,700
12 10th Quarter 179,000 329,700 536,700
13 11th Quarter 179,000 329,700 536,700
14 12th Quarter 179,000 329,700 536,700
Total PKR 2,685,000 4,945,000 8,050,000

Overseas Block Payment Plan:

Current Payment Plan for Overseas Block
1 Booking 284,500 532,500 849,000
2 Confirmation 284,500 532,500 849,000
3 1st Quarter 189,700 355,000 566,000
4 2nd Quarter 189,700 355,000 566,000
5 3rd Quarter 189,700 355,000 566,000
6 4th Quarter 189,700 355,000 566,000
7 5th Quarter 189,700 355,000 566,000
8 6th Quarter 189,700 355,000 566,000
9 7th Quarter 189,700 355,000 566,000
10 8th Quarter 189,700 355,000 566,000
11 9th Quarter 189,700 355,000 566,000
12 10th Quarter 189,700 355,000 566,000
13 11th Quarter 189,700 355,000 566,000
14 12th Quarter 189,700 355,000 566,000
Total PKR 2,845,000 5,325,000 8,490,000


Lahore Smart City Booking Protocol:

The Masters real estate is the authorized and authentic partner of the Smart City Lahore project with cooperative principles. We are here to make the whole procedure of booking extraordinarily convenient and accessible for investors, builders, and house manufacturers. The quality assurance, determination from start to finalizing your property with vigilant scrutiny at each step distinguishes us from others.

The booking protocol for residential and commercial plots at Smart City Lahore has altered into an online perspective with the aid of  The Masters real estate. The effortless procedure includes downloading the application form and filling it with all genuine remarks.

Secondly, you must pay the down payment of 20% for the booking procedure to initiate. After attaching the required documents to the application form and verifying the original manuscripts, our real estate agent will complete the complete documentation analysis within 30 days.

We will dispatch Documents that will reach your mentioned address. The documents our aspiring candidate required while applying through an online forum or on-office forum have mentioned:

1. Payment of booking either in the form of a cheque, pay order, or cash.

2. Two freshly clicked passport-size photos.

3. Two photocopies of the NIC of the applicant.

4. Two duplicate copies of the nominee ID card.

THE MASTERS REAL ESTATE is the no. 1 choice in construction and property management with the provision of durable services. The attainment of satisfaction from the completion of the whole procedure of booking to possession is our priority.

We make sure that our privileged customers’ worthy and hard-earned amount should be in safe hands with high standards of services. Smart City Lahore Project portrays the natural face of Lahore and is ready to serve the investors with elite class facilities of life.

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