Capital Smart City Islamabad

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Capital Smart City Islamabad - A Brief Introduction

Islamabad – The capital of Pakistan, is the most beautiful city. The city came into existence in 1960 and it replaced Karachi as Pakistan’s Capital. Wherever you look, you will find greenery, stunning infrastructure, and cleanliness. Due to its beauty and pleasant weather, it attracts many. Those who have enough prefer to invest in the real estate industry of Islamabad.
To cope with the increasing population in Islamabad, the gift of the first smart city, “Capital Smart City Islamabad,” was given to this city. Capital Smart City is located in the heart of Islamabad. It is Asia’s fourth and the world’s 23rd smart city. This iconic real estate project is attracting investors from all over the world. Once the project is done, it will surely be the greatest and most unique real estate project in the history of Pakistan.

Capital Smart City

One main feature that gives Capital Smart City Islamabad the upper hand over other housing schemes is its smart features. Due to its well-planned business opportunities, production sources, and legal framework, it has become the first choice of investors. It is a cutting-edge technological urban area designed with an innovative lifestyle in mind.

Capital Smart City Owners And Developers

Capital Smart City is an exceptional presentation of a royal and modern lifestyle on a budget. Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Limited and Future Developments Holdings, two real estate tycoons, are collaborating on this megaproject.

Capital Smart City Owners And Developers

Future Development Holdings (FDHL)

Future Development Holdings (Pvt.) Limited (FDHL) has been a market leader in residential and commercial real estate for many years. They have a reputation for providing luxurious and cutting-edge contemporary living spaces. FDHL is a legitimately licensed and registered company.
FDHL has been in the business for several years. Under company’s ordinance, the company was registered in 1984. After that, multiple businesses joined hands with this prestigious firm. CLIC and EDL are the two major firms that are part of FDHL. One has expertise in the technical area and others has leadership skills.

The FDHL has done wonders in transforming the project CSCI into something exclusive. It isn’t wrong to say that their ideas are one in a million.


Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd

Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Ltd (HRL) has become a symbol of quality and professionalism over the last six decades by meeting the needs of clients all over the world.
With an ISO 9000 certification, it has become a trendsetter in the ever-expanding arena of housing and infrastructure development.

In terms of housing development projects, they have done everything from building houses to building roads and water tanks to installing gas pipelines.

✔ They have also successfully completed their own housing projects with the name of Royal Orchard Multan, Royal Orchard Sargodha, Royal Orchard Sahiwal in multiple cities of pakistan.

✔ Furthermore, Habib Rafique is also working on another Smart Project in Lahore with the name of Lahore Smart City and it has become the 2nd Smart City of Pakistan.


Surbana Jurong (PVT) Limited

Surbana Jurong (Pvt) Ltd has been providing infrastructure and consultancy services all over the world for over 70 years. A Singapore-based company with over 120 locations in more than 40 countries. They consist of specialists such as designers, planners, architects, engineers, and others who are inspired by forward-thinking and creative ideas to contribute to the creation of a better future.


Upcoming Development Updates of Capital Smart City Islamabad

The latest updates about which you certainly are eager to know about Capital Smart City Islamabad are here:  
CSCI will be the home of 14 smart hospitals
✔ STEM School system is there to ensure each resident kid gets a good education at a reasonable price, as the fee structure is quite flexible. Other than that there will be 143 schools built in the society. One is already functional, located right at the start of society.

✔ As per developers, STEM School will be functional in the coming 2 to 3 months.
✔ In an Education district, spread over 200 Kanal NUML campus is also under construction.

✔ In all the developed sectors of CSCI free WiFi facility is available.
Dubai’s famous hotel Bulgari Hotel will sign a deal with CSC in April to build a luxury hotel in this society.
To assess the construction needs of CSC, France developers Sujiya are all set to visit the site next month.
✔ Capital Smart City announced the balloting of remaining plots in Overseas East, Prime, Central, Harmony Park Overseas Central, Harmony Park Overseas East, and Villa Apartments which will be conducted on 25th Feb 2023.
✔Capital Smart City has also announced La Mer. The layout idea is taken from Dubai & Turkey. It is going to be one of the best commercial areas that will have all the national & international brands.

Is CSCI NOC Approved?

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has granted the NOC for the Capital Smart City. It is one of Islamabad’s legal housing developments. Furthermore, it is a core project of Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd, which has a reputation for developing exceptional real estate projects.
Continue to visit our website for more Capital Smart City NOC information!

Capital Smart City Noc

When Was Capital Smart City Islamabad Launched?

CSCI was officially launched in an exclusive ceremony on 2nd May 2019. The ceremony was held at the Capital Smart City site.

Total Area of Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City has a total land area of 55,000 Kanal, which is ten times larger than the combined land area of Islamabad’s neighboring projects. Because of the increased demand for the Capital Smart City, developers have requested additional land, which will be added in the future.
However, after the extension, Capital Smart City’s total land area will be 80,000 Kanal. It will be Pakistan’s largest housing society.

Capital Smart City Location

The location of the Capital Smart City Islamabad is quite ideal. It is located in the twin cities, near Islamabad International Airport.
Even from the motorway, visitors will not face a problem  getting access to this housing scheme. The wondrous project is only 9.2 km away from M-2 Toll Plaza near the Thalian interchange.

What Are the Access Points of CSCI?

Access Through  Main Chakri Road from M-2 Motorway

Directly Accessible from National Highway, Lahore-Islamabad M2

Access in the future via Ring Road, after Completion


Capital Smart City Master Plan

The Capital Smart City will become a trademark development in Pakistani real estate. It will create real estate opportunities in the region and raise people’s living standards.

The Capital Smart City Master Plan aims to meet the needs of modern living as efficiently and consistently as possible. The CSCI offers multiple options to the investors including:

✔ Medium Density (Ranging from 10 Marla to 2 Kanal)
✔ High Density (Starting from 5 Marla)
✔ Farm Houses (Ranging from 4 to 8 Kanal)
✔ Shared Villas

master plan short

CSCI Districts

Gate Precinct

Capital Smart Citys iconic gate entrance is the Gate Precinct. The Capital Smart Citys majesty can be experienced by entering the gate precinct. It has luxury hotels that are among the best in the world, and its Vista is a popular place for people to go.
High-end residential and mixed-use buildings are in this area. The Gate Precinct is directly connected to the Panda District and Panda Mart. Major locations in the Gate Precinct District include:

Panda District

The first Chinese-themed Grand Mall in Pakistan will be located in the Capital Smart City Panda District. A large-scale logistics service would be provided by a supporting logistics program that has 300 warehouses and a kilometer-long area.

Aviation District

The Capital Smart City Aviation District will be a multidisciplinary hub for a variety of activities. It is close to Islamabad’s new international airport, which serves 16 million passengers per year.
The Aviation District includes a well-known convention center, an aeronautical gallery, and a museum. The addition of an outlet mall makes it the ideal location for shopping.

Crystal Lake

Capital Smart City Crystal Lake is where innovation meets excellence. It is the contemporary bazaar, a thrilling fusion of noble architecture, stunning interiors, creative cuisine, and deep luxury, where fashion, fine food, and art come together.
It motivates you to make it your go-to place for fun and excitement. There are many luxury hotels, restaurants, and shops in the vicinity of Crystal Lakes residents. The I.T. and Media Hub in Crystal Lake will be crucial to the growth of the surrounding area.

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Financial Square

The Capital Smart City Financial Square will serve as the regions premier financial hub. The financial square will include the Qatari and Pakistani financial centers, as well as the CPEC tower.
However, it will open up enormous trade and business opportunities. Its outstanding architecture encompasses public spaces, hotels, commercial spaces, and a mega mall.

Healthcare District

The Capital Smart City Healthcare District serves as the central hub for providing high-quality healthcare services. It contains hospitals, laboratories, food and beverage outlets, parks, and designated parking spaces.

Education District

The Capital Smart City Education District includes educational institutes that provide high-quality education through innovative teaching methods. However, it is home to numerous schools, universities, libraries, museums, vocational institutes, and play areas. The district is also connected to the rest of the city by the rapid transit system. 

Lake View Terrace

The most well-known area in the vicinity is Capital Smart City Lake View Terrace. It offers attractive views as it exists on the waterfront. It is an exotic location with calm and peaceful walks, lovely boat rides, refreshing lakeside cafes, stunning views, and breathtaking panoramas.

The Terraces

The Capital Smart City Terraces is a shopping, hospitality, amusement, and recreation district. It is intended to be the destination for fine dining, restaurants, coffee shops, and street food stalls. It is a truly integrated area located near Capital Hills.

Capital Hills

Capital Smart City Capital Hills is a peaceful part of the city where people go to enjoy themselves. It is the center of the community because it has things to do like a golf course and a horse riding club.
Furthermore, it has the most beautiful style of land development, with the most beautiful buildings and landscape. The villas are of the highest quality and are built in a peaceful setting.

Overseas East

The Overseas Block in the Capital Smart City is a world-class attraction for both residents and visitors. It attracts commercial and financial investors due to its proximity to Financial Square. The overseas east offers exceptional residential options to meet the growing demand for Capital Smart City.

Executive Block

Capital Smart City Islamabad Executive Block is a first-rate development that overlooks the Khairi Murat reserve forest. It has been designed to work in harmony with specific villas and residences. The architectural designs for these stylish homes range from 5 Marla (125 Sq.Yd.) to 2 Kanal (1000 Sq.Yd.)

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Hills View Heights

Capital Smart City Hills View Heights is a large development with residential towers near the M2 highway. Its a wonderful area for shopping, dining, and outdoor purposes in addition to work and living. It also has easy access to Capital Smart City via the BRT system and plenty of recreational opportunities for its residents.

Cultural Heritage District

The Capital Smart City Cultural District is a tourist attraction in the city that carefully preserves village culture and traditions for tourists. It is enriched by Mughal-style residences and food and beverage areas. This booming community will promote neighborhood living with its beautifully landscaped parks.

Sports District

The Capital Smart City Sports District is an international standard multi-purpose sports zone. It provides a one-of-a-kind community by combining residences, leisure, sports, and entertainment platforms. It also has a sports-themed retail pavilion and an academy that trains athletes to international standards.

The Following Plot Sizes Are Available In The Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City provides a wide range of plot sizes for both residential and commercial investors. However, residential investors have more options available to them, plots ranging from 5 Marla to 2 Kanal.

Capital Smart City Residential Plots

The Capital Smart City provides a wide range of plot sizes for its residential investors.
Capital Smart City Islamabad residential plots are accessible in the following sizes:

Capital Smart City Commercial Plots

Capital Smart City provides a wide variety of commercial plots to meet the diverse needs of commercial investors.

Capital Smart City Farm Houses

Capital Smart City introduces Farm Houses to satisfy the needs of potential investors.
The following sizes are available for farmhouses:

Capital Smart City Payment Plan (Updated) 2023

The Capital Smart City understands the needs and current economic situation of buyers from Pakistan and other countries like Canada, the USA, and the UK. To accommodate the varying budgets of their global customer base, they provide both immediate cash payments and convenient payment plans. The Capital Smart City Islamabad’s payment plan is as follows: 


Overseas Prime II Payment Plan

Harmony Park payment Plan

Overseas Block Payment Plan

Harmony Park Payment Plan
Overseas Block Payment Plan

Smart Villas Executive Block Payment Plan

Overseas Prime Block Payment Plan

Smart Villas Executive Block payment plan
residential plots OVERSEAS PRIME BLOCK
payment plan residential plots

Possession able Residential Plots Payment Plan

Recently Capital Smart has launched possessionable plots in Overseas East, Overseas Prime One, and Overseas Central block. In the inventory almost 417 plots are available.
To book your plot, you need to pay a 20% down payment. Moreover, to get a plot number, you need to pay a 30% payment. Moving on, the development charges are included in the rates mentioned

Overseas Prime Block

Capital Smart City introduced the Overseas Prime Block, designed by Subrana Jurong.  The Overseas Prime Block offers residential plots in a variety of sizes, ranging from 7 marla to 40 marla.

Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block
Overseas Prime Block Location 2

Overseas Prime Block Location

Overseas Prime  Block is located at the highest point of the capitals smart city premises. All the residents of 05 Prime will enjoy the views of the waterfront, mountain range, and PGA Standard 18-hole golf course. Also, the 05 Prime block enjoys a  dedicated entrance from the main Roman-style Grand Chakri Road.
Also, this block is connected to the CSC transport choices like QR-coded bikes, Electric cars, and the smart BRT system.

Overseas Prime II Block

Overseas Prime II Block is the new district of the overseas block because of the success and demand of the overseas prime block.  Overseas Prime II offers residential plots in the form of 5 ,7,10 and 12 marla.
Overseas Prime II Block is the new district of the overseas block because of the success and demand of the overseas prime block. So, if you live abroad and are planning to invest in the Capital Smart City for so long, now you have an opportunity of a lifetime.
The features available in this block are unmatched. From PGA level 18-hole golf course to the waterfront and the mountain range, this block has everything.


Overseas Prime II Location

If we are to talk about the location of this block, overseas prime II has a special entrance from the main Chakri Road. This means the residents will not face any difficulty when it comes to accessibility. The classic option of smart travel option is also available for this specific block. You can get bikes to travel by running a QR code.


Residential Blocks in Overseas Prime II

Residential plots available in this block are:
✔ 5 Marla  ✔ 7 Marla ✔ 10 Marla ✔ 12 Marla ✔ 1 Kanal ✔ 2 Kanal

Trivelles Smart Homes in CSCI

Trivellas Smart Homes will be one of the wonders of Capital Smart City Islamabad. To leave no room for error in this project the smart city developers have contacted Trivelles International. Trivelles International is a renowned firm in the UK. Impressed with the idea of CSCI, they partnered with the developers and launched their first-ever project in Pakistan’s first smart city with the name of Trivelles Smart Homes. 

The location of these smart homes is very ideal, as it is located right between the 18-hole Golf Course and Crystal Lake. Both entities are part of the Overseas Block. So, those who will invest in this project will surely enjoy luxury and the best views in the future.

trivelles Smart Home in Capital Smart City

Types of Villas

Capital Smart City’s developers are offering two types of villas in the capacity of 5 marlas and 10 marlas. Given below is the detail of these smart villas’ depth:

5 marla luxury villas that are available in Lake Boulevard are:

✔ Abbey Villas – 5 Marla (3 – Bedrooms)
✔ Strand Villas  – 5 Marla (4 – Bedrooms)

 10 marla luxury villas that are available in Lake Boulevard are: 

Harley Villas – 10 Marla (4 – Bedrooms)
Regent Villas- 10 Marla (5 – Bedrooms)

Smart Villas

The Smart Villas of the capital smart city is an advanced, integrated and state of the art living solution.

Capital smart city is one the first housing schemes in Pakistan that introduced the concept of the smart home and smart home means that the residents can control their house appliances with the help of their smartphone with the advanced technology.


capital smart city smart villas

Features Of Smart Villas

Given below are some of the salient features of these smart villas

Types Of Smart Villas

There are three types of smart villas and all the villas have different architectural concepts and they are designed according to the customer requirements. Below are the types of smart villas.

Contemporary Villas

This type of Smart villas Light comes thorugh the glass door and window. The accommodation is comfortable with a Beautiful interior design. These villas can be found in the below sizes.

Mediterranean Villas

The architecture of the villas is the combination of spanish and Italian styles. These villas can be found in the below sizes

Georgian Villas

These villas can be found in the below sizes

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One Capital Residences

The One Capital Residences were inspired by the works of Eduardo Chillida, a Spanish international sculptor who works with the concepts of mass and void. Using the incredible profile of the Khairi Murat reserved forest and the ancient traces of the Margala Hills to frame something magical, a new vibrant skyline is being built.

The One Capital Residences are a full-service development that includes apartments, office spaces, retail F&B, green areas, kids-friendly, sports facilities, Crystal Laguna, and walkways.


one capital residences

Harmony Park

Harmony Park is one of the best blocks from all other blocks of the capital smart city. In Harmony park the plots are available for investors at responsible prices. 3.5 marla plots are available within the Harmony Park for investors. Apart from this there is also ready made villas available with one or three bedroom apartments in this block

Harmony Park Location

Harmony Park is located next to the executive block and it considers the ideal location of the project because it is directly linked with the main boulevard.

harmony park location short

Harmony Park Villa Apartment

Villa apartments of the harmony park are profitable for investors and also provide luxurious living concepts for you. The Villa apartments show the advanced amenities, residential lifestyle and expertise of the capital smart these housing units are the once lifetime chance for you to become a part of this urban style at affordable prices.

Location Of The Villa Apartments

Villa apartments are located within the Harmony Park of the capital smart city. Beside the executive block of the CSCI. so buying the plots here in Harmony Park and enjoying their prime location and amazing facilities.

Lake View Commercial

Capital Smart City has launched a new commercial area with the name of Lake view Commercial for investors. The investors can book commercial plots at 20% down payments and the plot possession will be allotted within the period of 6 months.

Lake View Commercial Location

Lake View Commercial is located between the overseas central and executive districts of the capital smart city. Furthermore, the lake view commercial is adjacent to the picturesque golf course and Lake Grande.

Lake View Commercial Location

What Lake View offers?

Lake view commercial offer commercial plots in overseas central in a form of two different sizes 

The cost for a 4 Marla plot is Rs. 19,500,00, and the cost for a 8 Marla plot is Rs. 32,500,000.

What Is The Capital Smart City Booking Procedure?

The Masters Real Estate & Builders takes pride in being the strategic and platinum sales partner of Capital Smart City. Your quest for the Capital Smart City booking procedure ends here.
Capital Smart City makes it easy for investors to book by making the booking process simple and clear. However, you can get rapid and comprehensive assistance from the Masters Real Estate & Builders. Our team of advisors is always ready to go the extra mile to assist you in your booking and buying processes.
For your booking process, you must carry out the following steps: 

Step 1

To begin the booking process, you need to select the size of the property. Once you have chosen the size of the property, fill in all the information, and be very cautious while filling in the information. In the case of the nominee, fill out the credentials of the nominee as well. You are required to provide two passport-sized photographs and copies of your CNIC along with the booking form. In the case of a nominee, please include a copy of his or her CNIC. 

The step-by-step instructions and the paperwork needed for the booking process are listed below:
✔ Transfer / Registration Form ✔ NICOP / CNIC of the Nominee & Self
✔ Pay Order, Draft, and Receipts for Payment ✔ 2 photographs
✔ Membership Performance ✔ Form for signature and thumb impression


Step 2

Once you have filled out the form, its time to provide the payment proof. Upon successful submission of the booking form, a plot will be booked in your name. However, there is no need to worry about the rest of the process because the Masters Real Estate & Builder is always here to assist you. 

Step 3

The bookings are available both online and offline (manually). To book online, go to the Capital Smart City website and sign in to your member account. If you are not a member, you can simply register as one. For manual booking, download the e-form and fill it out accordingly. If you have any difficulty in the manual or online booking process, you can consult the Masters Real Estate & Builders.


Capital Smart City Plot Booking Procedure


Pay the down payment with a check or pay order made out to Capital Smart City, but check the management process in case anything changes. With the managements permission, cash payments are also accepted. 

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How To Book Your Plot Overseas?

Both overseas and local customers can take advantage of booking their plots or files through The Masters Real Estate & Builders. To book your plots, you need to send your documents to us, and we will take care of the rest of the process. 

The document required (overseas)

✔ Copy of the Passport (visa pasted)
✔ Copy of NICOP/CNIC
✔ 2 Passport sized Photographs
✔ Payment Proof

Documents required for local clients

✔ Copy of NICOP/CNIC
✔ 2 Passport sized Photographs
✔ Payment Proof

Upon receiving your documents, we fill out your booking form with your information. On completion of the booking form, we send it to the buyer for verification that their information is correct. Once we get the buyers confirmation, we submit it to the management of Capital Smart City on behalf of the buyer. When management receives a valid entry, they double-check the details and payment proof and then send a payment receipt with a QR code. This QR code can be used to track your payments to Capital Smart City. 

StandOut Features of Capital Smart City

Being the first Capital Smart City of Pakistan is not only unique in its design. It also offers a premium living style for its residents and a golden investment real estate opportunity as well. The developers of this project have made sure to introduce innovative technology and streamline processes so that this housing project is one of a kind.

Here are some prominent features of this Capital Smart City:

Advanced security system
Green and sustainable ecosystem
Underground electricity system
24/7 availability of water, gas, and electricity
Eco-friendly city
Innovative security

Apps for Traffic, weather, and internet
Hotels, retail, and shopping malls
Sports Clubs
Smart and updated housing plan
State-of-the-art infrastructure
Luxurious recreation services

Mosques, Parks, and Lakes
18-holes Golf course
Overseas blocks
Designated and customized interchange from M-2
Located in close vicinity to Islamabad and Rawalpindi
Movenpick Hotels and Resorts

Amenities in Capital Smart City

The capital smart city is an ambitious project in Pakistan that is aiming to promote urban development and a streamlined lifestyle that is integrated and premium at its core. From boasting strategic growth to incorporating exquisite architecture, Capital Smart City is one for the ages!
Let us dive deep into the salient features that make Capital Smart City an unmissable investment opportunity.

SMART Economy

Capital Smart City is a premium investment opportunity that enables investors and clients to double, triple, or quadruple their money with the help of assets and real estate guidance.

SMART Environment

As the main goal of CSC is to incorporate comfort and style into the life of people, it aims to do this by promoting sustainable development and introducing a clutter- lifestyle to the general masses. 

SMART Housing

CSC is on a mission to introduce comfort that is infused with a stylized living experience. The modern and futuristic architecture ensures smart residential opportunities and improved living standards.

SMART Infrastructure

CSC thrives to build an ecosystem that is self-sustaining. A transportation system increases mobility and connects this real estate project with various regions. This ensures a fast-paced environment where accessibility is a living reality. The infrastructure is urban and contemporary and productive.

SMART Lifestyle

An integrated and enhanced lifestyle is what Capital Smart City promises. It is a functional ecosystem that is self-sustaining and exotic in its dealing while ensuring comfort at every step of the way.

SMART Resource Management

The main goal of CSC is to enhance the natural and aesthetic appeal of the areas and to conserve the natural appeal to a greater extent. It boasts a solid waste management plan that is eco-friendly and reduces the pollutants released into the environment. This management protects the resources and aids the residents to manage them in the best way possible.

Islamabad’s First Capital Smart City Balloting

The first balloting event of the Capital Smart City was postponed due to some reasons. As otherwise, it was about to be held in November 2019. The main purpose of the balloting event was specifically organized for eligible investors for overseas and executive block. The map for the selection of the plot was also launched by the developers. The investors and customers who have paid half or full payment for the plots can choose the desired plot, till 5th December 2019. After this date, the option to select will not be given to anyone.

Why Investing in Capital Smart City is Beneficial?

The combined project of Habib Rafiq (PVT.) LTD and FDHL, CSCI have something for everyone other than being the first smart city in Pakistan. The society is environment friendly and has the best views. Also, there are many other reasons that say “why you must invest in the Capital Smart City Islamabad?”

Are you eager to learn about those reasons? Here they are:

Why Capital Smart City

Ideal Location

No one prefers to invest in a housing society that is not easily accessible or is far away from the city. However, this isn’t the issue with CSCI. The developers have smartly chosen the location of the society. It is accessible from multiple routes and is only 5 to 7 minutes away from Islamabad International Airport. In simple words, investing in this property means you will not face any problems related to commuting. 

Approved Housing Society

The other good news about the investors is that the housing society is approved by all the authorities. It means the issues related to legalities aren’t going to disturb you. The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has granted the NOC for the Capital Smart City. So, if you were taking a step back before as you were not sure whether it is approved, now there isn’t any confusion left. 

Uninterrupted Supply of Electricity, Gas & Water

In Pakistan before investing in any housing scheme, one point at which everyone pays attention keenly is the availability of basic necessities. So, where on the one hand Capital Smart City Islamabad promises world-class amenities, and it is obvious that they will take care of the basic needs of the people very well. So, even if you are an overseas Pakistani looking for a peaceful place free from disturbance and issues, CSCI is heaven. 

Promises Good Return On Investment

The supreme benefit of investing in this housing scheme is that surely you will get a great return on the investment. The main reason behind it is that society is not only attracting national but international companies. Also, the prime location and amenities offered by society are something everyone loves to enjoy. So, the property price of this society will surely increase in the coming future.

Flexible Installment Plan

Few may think that CSCI isn’t a society where they can invest. According to them, the rates of each plot are going to be too high, and so on. However, this isn’t the case. Not only are the plot prices suitable but the installment plan is also flexible. So, if you don’t have the full amount, choose the plan that best fits your budget and becomes part of a historic project.

Proximity to All the Major Cities

The residents of twin cities will not face any issues traveling to CSC. It is located in very close proximity. Similarly, if you are traveling from the M-2 motorway, even then the housing society is quite close and easy to access.

Capital Smart City Development Updates

Capital Smart City is developing rapidly. The majority of the road network has been defined, the gray infrastructure has been completed, and the following major developments have been completed thus far:
✔  Capital Smart City Got Approval of Sui Gas Supply
Executive B Villass gray structure completed
✔ Inaugurated successfully GATE-3
✔ Inaugurated successfully GATE-3
✔ Double-decker bus service 
✔ Lakeview Heights construction work is 90% completed
✔ Sales Gallery 80% of work done
✔ Linear Park-1 & Linear Park-2 completed 100%
✔ Harmony Residential gray structure completed
✔ Doctor Enclave Asphalt Completed
✔ Contemporary Villas gray structures completed 
✔ Jamia Mosque Capital Hills 70% construction completed 
✔ Georgian villas in the sector- B gray structure completed
✔ Contemporary Villas in Sector-C gray structure completed
✔ Access-3 completed 100%
✔ R-1 Road completed 100%
✔ Smart school overseas block B completed 100%


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Capital Smart City - The First Ever Smart City of Pakistan

Capital Smart City Islamabad has emerged as the ultimate destination for investors looking for a modern lifestyle with royal perks at a low cost. After the success of this ambitious project, Lahore Smart City was also launched which furthered the cause of stylized comfort for the residents of Lahore. These real estate projects are revamping the property scenario in Pakistan.

We at The Masters Real Estate & Builders strongly believe that Capital Smart City Islamabad is the best option available right now if you are looking to relocate to Islamabad!

Please visit our website or contact one of our customer service representatives, who will assist you as soon as possible, if you are interested to learn about other projects! 


Lets go through some of the burning questions about Smart City Islamabad.

The property is in a prime location, near the M2 interchange and the new Islamabad International Airport. 


The Capital Smart City project is a collaboration between Habib Rafique (PVT) Limited and Future Developments Holdings.

The project is located on the M2 near the new Islamabad International Airport in Mouza Chahan and Mandwal, Rawalpindi.


Future Developments Holdings and Surbana Jurong (PVT) Limited are developing Capital Smart City.

✔ The minimum width of the road is 40 feet.
✔ The width of Central Boulevard is 400 feet. 
✔ Other Main Roads are 180 feet, 150 feet, 120 feet, 100 feet, and 80 feet.


The Capital Smart City is an excellent investment opportunity for a variety of reasons, including its proximity to several major highways, making it easily accessible from a variety of locations. Capital Smart City Islamabad also has a variety of amenities, such as schools, hospitals, and shopping malls. 

The RDA has approved the CSCI, and the Ministry of Housing has issued a NOC.


The project will take approximately 5 years to complete.


The Capital Smart City is Pakistan's first smart city, with all of the modern amenities required for modern living.

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