Lahore Smart City | FAQs

A: LSC is heading towards the pioneer developmental journey and has covered the initial steps. Hence, it is one of the best options to invest in this residential project. The regimes of payment of LSC are one of the easiest ones to utilize. Moreover, it is also the best option for investors to avail due to high return value shortly.

A: Yes, the LSC housing project has an official approval letter and NOC issued by the Lahore development authority. The issuance of LDA approval had taken place in 2020.

A: A perfect location is near the Lahore-Sialkot and Lahore-Islamabad motorway interchange and on Lahore ring road.  The accessible points of Lahore Smart City are through Kala Shah Kaku GT road interchange and mega trunk road.

A: The majestic project of LSC is the collaborative project of two real estate tycoons of the construction industry. The renowned Habib Rafique (PVT) Limited and Future holding Developments (FDHL) are the founders of this mega project. faqs

A: It is a Singaporean originated construction consultancy organization that has a pivotal role in the master planner of Lahore Smart City. SURBANA JURONG is one of the biggest Asia consultancy company for infrastructure, industrial and urban unit construction.

A: It is a brilliantly manufactured housing unit recently launched with innovative strategies and sustainable development. The launching date of Lahore smart city has officially announced after getting approval from LDA and its official NOC on 14th Feb 2021. The pre-launch booking of plots has opened for investors.

A: Both LSC and CSC-ISL have acknowledged and admitted as the first smart cities of Pakistan. Both residential projects have their distinct features regarding their location, master-plan and block allocation. One similar part between them is that the builders are identical. FDHL and HABIB RAFIQUE pvt limited.

A: Lahore Smart City offers the plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal on a pre-launch basis. The availability of properties has also facilitated the clients with a 3.5 year or quarterly eight months instalment plans.

A: As LSC has recently got the NOC and approval from LDA in February. The possession of plots will soon start as the construction work will proceed. Besides residence, pre-launch booking of properties has already initiated.

A: It has recently inaugurated a residential scheme that provides mesmerizing future perspectives. It is one of the versatile housing projects of Pakistan with innovative plans of urbanization and sustainable management of asset on permanent grounds.

A: The decision to invest in Lahore Smart city will prove to be fruitful for you shortly. It is a project by one of the reliable constructors of Pakistan with years of experience and builders of various other iconic projects of Pakistan. It will assure you that your money will be in trustworthy hands.

A: Currently, there is little and no news available related to the commercial plot at LSC, but it will announce soon.

A: Besides Future Development Holdings and Habib Rafique (PVT) Limited, other internationally recognized architectural consulting firms are recognized. These have mentioned as:

  1. DSA Architects International Company
  3. Arquivio Architectural company
  4. Smart Future
  5. Designmen Consulting Engineers

A: LSC has categorized this society’s vast area into various districts. These have mentioned below:

  1. Executive block
  2. Overseas Block
  3. General Block
  4. Health care block
  5. Farmhouses
  6. Sports block

A: The cost of a plot at the pre-launch booking tenure are as follows:

  1. Price of 5 Marla plot- 19 lac
  2. Price of 10 Marla plot- 34 lac
  3. Price of 12 Marla plot- 44 lac
  4. Price of 1 Kanal plot- 55 lacThe confirmation of these prices will assure by THE MASTERS REAL ESTATE, ad these prices got fluctuated.

A: The constructors of LSC has come up for investors with affordable instalment plans of 3.5 years. It’s a long tenure in which anyone can pay the amount with zero difficulties. The investor has to pay 18 instalments in this period after three months.

A: The simplest way to get the premium booking of plots at the lavish and posh location of Lahore Smart City is by paying an extra amount. 10-15% additional payment is necessary to get these distinct plots done. These extra charges are due to 55 to 90 feet wide accessible boulevard.

A: The attractive features that will make the Lahore Smart City a genuine and authentic smart city have mentioned below:

  1. The hi-tech and innovative technology-oriented master plan
  2. Penetration of new technology in housing and environmental strategy
  3. Modern construction with IoT (internet of things technology).

A: The LSC master plan is exemplary in its own vibrant and attractive planning. It inhibits the following features:

  1. Elevating urbanization and economy
  2. Outstanding location adjacent to Lahore ring road
  3. 4 to 5 minutes drive from the M2 motorway
  4. 18 to 20 minutes drive from Allama Iqbal International airport and DHA Lahore.

A: The Masters real estate will partner with its clients starting from scratch until the completion of the task. The competent members of Masters real estate will ease the way by taking responsibility for each step in property dealing at Lahore Smart City. Whether you want to purchase or sell property in Lahore Smart City, we will accomplish each task according to the desire of our worthy clients.

Capital Smart City | FAQs

A: The capital smart city is wholly approved and have validation from Rawalpindi Development Authority. It has also attained the no-objection certificate (NOC) on extensive land of the residential project. The ground encompasses the newly added area and also the previous land owned by this prestigious project.

A: Yes, we assure you that each penny of the money invested at the CSC’s housing and marketing purpose land is 100% secure and safe. The competent team members behind the majestic project of CSC-ISB have a long term trustworthy experience. This project is an internationally renowned residential project.

A: The elevating demand of Capital Smart City in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi influences the developers of Capital Smart to introduce the idea of Smart city. The provision of un-parallel facilities and an innovative environment makes the project distinct from the rest of the list.

A: A network of carpeted, extensive, clean and green belt embellished roads have laid down throughout the Capital Smart City. The delicate and reliable construction of roads has proven to be accessible for residents of each block to reach the primary highway. The developers have allocated a 35% portion of land for roads.

A: CSC-ISB has approximately 50 Blocks. The constructors have divided the significant blocks into two eight neighborhoods. Further, each area has six to eight blocks in its periphery. The coalition refers to one unit of community,

A: There are two straightforward methods for Pakistani and international clients who intend to build their dream projects in Capital Smart City. There are the following mentioned methods for amount transference:

  1. You can transfer the amount by using the interbank transference method.
  2. The investor can pay through an online payment method by using Master Card or Visa card.

A: There are five types of significant categories of Blocks in Capital Smart City:

  1. General Block
  2. Overseas Block
  3. Overseas Prime Block
  4. Executive Block
  5. Harmony Block

A: This prime housing scheme has allocated at Rawalpindi adjacent to Islamabad international airport and the Lahore-Islamabad motorway. It is a widespread project covering a colossal amount of land, so the other corner touches the Mouza Chauhan in the periphery Chauhan Dam site.

A: The core reason behind affiliating the name of Capital Smart City with Islamabad is that the major transportation routes linking the twin cities with other countries and towns originate near this project. For instance, Islamabad international airport and Lahore-Islamabad motorway’s terminal is just near the Capital Smart City.

A: The boundary of sizes in the plots located at Smart villas starts from 5 Marla and inclines up to 2 Kanal. There is a 7 Marla plot between these two extremes with four-bedroom space, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, and one Kanal plot. Precisely talking, the villas have versatile sizes of properties.

A: There two renowned Pakistani construction companies behind the establishment of this majestic project. It includes Future development holdings (Pvt) Limited- FDHL and Habib Rafique (Pvt) Limited. Besides the national companies, many other internationally recognized multi-national companies have contributed to developing Capital Smart City.

A: The possession of the newly launched Overseas Block-1 has initiated on 14th June 2021. These include sector C to K and have luxurious living standards.

A: The overseas block has two major divisions. One is prime, and the other is overseas block-1. The overseas block-1 has further divided into alphabetical order ranging from Block-A to Block-K.

A: Definitely. If you have foreign nationality, you are eligible to get your golden land booked at this beautiful location of Capital Smart City. The main thing is that you must have the true nationality of Pakistan to live here.

A: The overseas prime block is one of the majestic and royal block of Capital Smart City that has high-end amenities. The additional security and provision of intelligent facilities have made the league the best choice to opt for accomplishing your dreams.

A: A slight difference exist between the general block and overseas block. The foremost to focus on is the prices of plots. The prices are pretty high in the overseas block than the available block.

Furthermore, the overseas block has specified for dual national residents while the general block has no restrictions. The provision of facilities in both the blocks is almost similar with minute variations.

A: The total number of plots in Capital Smart City is hard to predict. The reason is that there are always new plot allocation and the addition of new approved land. Well, according to an estimate, there are approximately 18,000 plots currently in this project.

A: The date of initiation of balloting has already announced a few months after its inauguration in 2019. The individuals who pay their booking amount will get their balloting as earlier as possible. The balloting and possession of plots will occur immediately.

A: Yes, the investor will get 100% confirmation of the possession of the plot after paying 10% booking and confirmation payment. The primary step that will make the plot owned by the investing party will finalize after paying the confirmation payment 30 days after the booking payment.

A: The purchase of a particular block category has stalwart interlink with 40% extra charges. As the demand for these plots is relatively high, the competent investor must pay 40% more down payment to reserve corner or boulevard plot.

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Park View City Lahore | FAQs

A: The name behind the constructors of Park View City, Lahore, is one of the prominent construction companies of Pakistan known as Vision Group of Companies. The project’s founder is Aleem Khan, who has years of experience in the construction industry and politics.

The boundless housing experience of this company and after Park View City Islamabad’s success has come up with this striking residential colony.

A: Yes, Park View City, Lahore, has authenticity and approval from the Lahore development authority (LDA). The owner of Park View City has also succeeded in grabbing the NOC. Hence, it is an entirely legal housing society with the best choice of investment.

A: Park View City Lahore has allocated on the prime area of Multan road. It has occupied the most promising location of Multan road opposite to EME and DHA sector. Park View City is located approximately at a distance of three kilometres from the Thokar Niaz Baig flyover.

A: It is near the national highway and is approximately ten to18 minutes away from Raiwind Lahore ring road. The toll plaza of the M2 motorway is also at a distance of 10 minutes drive. Furthermore, the Defence road of Lahore is also at 19 minutes driving distance.

A: The land of Park View city has divided into 12 blocks according to various bases. It includes the following blocks:

  1. Tulip Block
  2. Topaz Block
  3. Orchard Block
  4. Jasmine Block
  5. Rose Block
  6. Overseas Block
  7. Tulip overseas Block
  8. Diamond Block
  9. Platinum Block
  10. Jade Block

A: There are two types of commercial plots offered by Park View City, Lahore.

  1. 8 Marla
  2. 6 Marla

A: The payment plan of the overseas block is versatile on its own with instalment plans also. There are three sizes of plot available in an overseas block with the following mentioned prices:

  1. Cost of 5 Marla plot- 5 million
  2. Cost of 10 Marla plot- 10 million
  3. Cost of 1 Kanal plot- 20 million

A: The builders of Park View City has summed the demand of most wanted plots with some extra charges. For instance, if the housebuilders want to book the corner plot or the Main boulevard plot, there will be additional 10% charges.


  1. Prime and Accessible location
  2. Lavish infrastructure
  3. Secured and gated community
  4. Eco-friendly atmosphere
  5. All essential utilities and facilities


  1. There is only one disadvantage: the process of booking and possession of a plot is quite long. But this trouble can simplify by contacting THE MASTERS REAL ESTATE.
  2. The other one is prices are somewhat high. The masters real estate can help you in getting the discount with some processing.

A: Yes, park view city is a fully developed, approved and under-construction housing project. It has an enormous number of populated and constructed plots. Furthermore, some stories are still under construction along with their sale.

A: The primary reason behind investing in an overseas block or another block of Park View City Lahore is that it is one of the golden units to double your investments. This housing society is also one of the most acceptable entities from a residential point of view. The land of this project is flickered as a multibillion-dollar treasure for you after investing here.

A: There are many beautiful and posh residential projects near Park View City, Lahore. Some of them have mentioned below:

  1. Expo Centre Lahore
  2. Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore
  3. Badshahi Mosque
  4. Bahria town Lahore
  5. Model Town, Johar Town, WAPDA town and Valencia Town Lahore
  6. Sabzazar
  7. Daewoo express terminal Thokar niaz baig.

A: The payment of executive block of Park View City Lahore starts from 5 Marls plot and goes up to 1 Kanal plot. The rate of the 5 Marla plot is 6 Million. However, these rates fluctuate; therefore, you must contact “THE MASTERS REAL ESTATE” to ensure the payment.

A:  In the overseas block, there are three types of plot depending on their sizes. The developers of Park view city has come up with easy instalment plans for their investors.

  1. The first instalment plan comprises of 8 quarterly break up plan for your payment.
  2. A second instalment plan is for two years in which the investor pays for every 24 months.

A: If you process your documents through the vigilant active team members of the MASTERS REAL ESTATE, then there are only a few documents that are required. These documents have mentioned below:

  1. Two photocopies of NIC or national identity card
  2. Passport size recent photos
  3. Two copies of NIC of your kin
  4. NICOP or passport in case of overseas customers.

A: Although there is an enormous number of features inhibited by Park View City Lahore, a few of them have mentioned below:

  1. High-class security management
  2. Captivating point of entrance
  3. Electricity, water, gas resources
  4. Huge mosque
  5. Education facilities
  6. Developed Health community with professional staff
  7. Gym, clubhouse, markets and commercial hub
  8. Carpeted roads with an eco-friendly environment

A: The master planner of Park View City has amalgamated the multi-featured residential project with reliability. Overseas block has given the premium location in the block with the provision of distinct facilities. There are 4Marla, 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots in the whole entity. While in overseas blocks, the plot sizes range from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal.

A: As the environment for a residential project has highlighted importance, Park View City has allocated a bit away from noise and pollution of the city buzz. The developers want to provide a peaceful and serene environment with the least pollution to the residents of Park View City. Because of these requisites, the planner had decided to plant a maximum number of trees and develop parks.

A: Yes, Park View City presents a complete package of living the international levels of lifestyle. There are gyms, fitness clubs and parks allocated near to each block to facilitate its residents. Furthermore, you can enjoy the walk-in vicinity of the block while enjoying a calm atmosphere.

A: Security, protection and gated community are among the most demanded factors for a residential colony. The developers of Park View city has a high-end management system for security purposes. The installation of security cameras, security guard teams and complete checking at each entrance point of society are managerial aspects.

Park View City Islamabad | FAQs

A: It is the project of an elite and modern group of constructors known as Vision groups. ALEEM KHAN, a renowned politician and member of PTI, is the owner of the vast residential project.

A: It is completely secured to put your money in this sublime residential project. Park View City has authentic and genuine approval and verification from CDA(Capital developmental authority) and NOC. Moreover, the re-sale of the plots will give a handsome amount of money to the investors of real estate buyers.

A: Many roads lead directly to the location of Park view city Islamabad. The main Jinnah Avenue via the Malot road terminates at the main boulevard of Park view city. There is another road leading to Park View City via the Kurri road from CDA.

A: It is situated adjacent to the Bahria enclave in the center of the botanical garden. The captivating eye sceneries of the Banni gala lies in the periphery of Park view city. The main gate is accessible from the Rawal chowk side.

A: The scenic locality of Park view City has an extensive area of 7000 kanals that comprises commercial and residential plots. It is a healthy society with high-end, attractive norms.

A: Yes, this iconic project has a particular block specified for the allocation of apartments. The main feature of these elite standard apartments is that they have furnished with swimming, fitness, laundry, and other facilities.

A: A well-known developer of PVC has segregated the land into alphabetically arranged blocks. It starts from block A and ends at block J. The unions have different sizes of plots.

A: The residential scheme offers its worthy clients various sizes of plots. The residential properties are pretty small, while the commercial story is more prominent. The dimensions of residential plots available at Park view city have enlisted below:

  1. Two Kanal
  2. One Kanal
  3. 10 Marla
  4. 8 Marla
  5. 5 Marla

Commercial plots range from 6 Marla for small shops and businesses to 8 kanals for farmhouses and plazas.

A: It is one of the beautiful yet budget-friendly housings and commercial opportunities to avail. The overseas block of PVC, Islamabad, has been embellished with facilities of international standards. The league will be a complete unit to provide high-end living standards with 24/7 electricity and all other required facilities, utilities, and resources.

A: Park View city has launched two categories of payment plans based on instalments for the convenience of their worthy customers.

  1. One plan has a tenure of 1 year with four-time payments after every three months. It has specified for general and executive block.
  2. The second plan is for an overseas block with ten quarterly payment plans.

A: The Vision Groups have constructed unmatched and successful ventures in various cosmopolitan cities of Pakistan with the true essence of construction. Here is the list of few masterpieces accomplished by Vision groups:

  1. Park View Villas as Multan-Road Lahore
  2. The National School
  3. Park View corporate centre at Mall Road Lahore
  4. Park View Icon located at me. I Chundrigar Road-Karachi.
  5. Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation

A: The PVC-ISLAMABAD has marked one of the prestigious projects with a clear perspective to provide exceptional facilities and amenities. There is the following reason which urges the investors to choose this renowned project:

  1. CDA approval and NOC holding society
  2. Modern and innovative infrastructure
  3. Gated City with high alert security
  4. Provision of all primary and luxury facilities
  5. Park View City Apartments is also one of the enticing features with modern lifestyle and the world’s best technology.

A: Its master plan has developed with a perfect and iconic future perspective that has led to a premium level place for families. There are the following distinct features that will make Park View City the most favorable option to avail:

  1. Shopping Malls
  2. A Turkish style mosque
  3. Community Hall
  4. IMAX cinema
  5. School
  6. Zoo
  7. A Dubai oriented town
  8. Secured, gated community
  9. Carpeted roads


  1. The appropriate place for overseas Pakistani and also for local residential
  2. Provision of a green and clean environment with mesmerizing Botanical garden
  3. Elite class state of the art residential place
  4. A wide-spread area of 7000 kanals with everlasting and ultra-modern structures are excellent facilities.


There is only one con of hiring a property in Park view city, Islamabad, and its relatively high prices. Due to the high prices, Islamabad is one of the expensive cities in Pakistan, and so is the land here.

A: The builders of Park View City Islamabad have comprehended that people living in foreign countries have become accustomed to a comfortable and peaceful place. They try to avoid the residential projects located in a noisy and polluted area with a dense population—their appreciation biases towards progression and modernity.

Hence, the overseas block of Park view City is best to reside for them as if it fulfils all the requisites for their overseas inhabitants.

A: It’s a fortunate thing that the construction processing of the main boulevard has initiated with complete vigilance. A 200ft wide carpeted road is proceeding towards its construction with express speed. The road has started from Kurri road and terminates at the main entrance of the society.

A: The most convenient procedure for booking a plot in Park View City is getting in touch with the Masters real estate either by contacting them on a landline or visiting their office. You can also approach them by gaining information from their website at https://themrl.com/.

A: It is one of the lavish and posh areas of the Capital city of Pakistan with high-priced plots. It’s one of the best options to avail the premium opportunity of return on your investment. The strategy behind a healthy recovery from your investment is immediate progress and premium infrastructure. Hence, as a whole, it is an excellent opportunity to avail of the asset.

A: The clearance issuance regarding the ownership of plots has announced in the entire constructed blocks of Park view City. The residency will initiate for the under-construction blocks after the completion of the balloting procedure.

A: Yes, it’s an unbelievable great opportunity for overseas Pakistanis to get their plot booked in Park View City through the MASTERS REAL ESTATE. We will ease the whole procedure for you with our competent team members. We will furnish our quality service with honesty, dedication, and purity for you and your family.

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