Serene Tower

Multan, the center of South Punjab, is widely known as the City of Saints. It is currently one of the most gainful real estate investment centers in the region. The latest developments in the region are not only promising but are attractive, to say the least. Several developmental projects have been undergoing in the region, ensuring a hype of real estate investment coupled with high ROI.
We live in a world where skyscrapers are all the latest rage. Not only are they visually appealing, but they tend to symbolize the innovative era that they belong to. They encapsulate all the charm of modernism and display a structure that is conceptually idealized and strategically designed. Such perks make skyscrapers a treat for spectators and a marvel design for developers.

Serene Tower DHA Multan

They can be best described as structural undertakings and flesh out the best possible features of a region. These structural integrities also ensure a gateway to modern living which is coupled with stylized ease and comes with a whole lot of originality. Serene Tower DHA Multan is one such opulence-filled development that is going to revamp the cityscape for the greater good.
Serene Tower in DHA Multan is a high-rise mix-use development that is going to be a symbol of grandeur, luxury, and elegance. The building is going to be a twin tower and will bring a sense of calm and charm to its spectators.
Serene Tower, as the makers are calling it, is a true gateway to elite living.

Serene Tower in DHA Multan Location

The project is located in front of SICAS School, and it’s the first commercial building of the Main Shah Yousaf Gardez Gate DHA Multan. It is a 35-floor building that is going to host almost 127 international and national brands. Moreover, the building also provides 640 apartments for residential accommodations.

Serene Tower DHA Multan Location

Facilities and Amenities Available in Serene Tower in DHA Multan

Nowadays, onlookers are in search of not only the provision of basic facilities but some stand-out features as well. Given below are some of the main facilities that are available in DHA Multan Serene Tower:

Serene Tower DHA Multan Facilities and Amenities


One of the most attractive features of a high-rise is a penthouse. Penthouses are highly reputable among real estate addicts, especially those who are in search of a classy lifestyle and modern infrastructure.
The penthouse available in Serene Tower in DHA Multan is a synonym of exclusivity and promises nothing but grandeur. From a spacious layout to a high ceiling, whatever you wish for in a penthouse, you have here.

1-2-3 Bedroom Apartment

Serene Tower promises bedroom apartments in various sizes. Whether you are living alone or have a significant other or children, you can choose from one, two, or three-bedroom apartment options.
All the apartments provided by the Serene Tower management are equipped with cutting-edge facilities such as sleek ceilings, oversized buildings, and stunning floorings.

National and International Brands

As the Serene Tower Multan is a prosperous mix-use building, it comes with not only residential options but also boots, alluring commercial opportunities. Therefore whether you wish to visit or invest, the retail shops in Serene Tower host some of the most well-known international and national names in the market.

24/7 Surveillance

One of the biggest perks of Serene Tower is that its developers ensure 24/7 surveillance. This ensures that no one has to face any sort of loss or security problems. They are developing a contract with some of the highly reputable security names in the market to ensure top-notch security features for the residents.

Sky Garden Restaurants

In Serene Tower you'll also find Sky Garden Restaurants. The availability of such fine dining options not only advocates the idea of quality living but also promotes a general sense of well-being and an optimized lifestyle. The Sky Garden Restaurants in Serene Tower provides a luxurious setting of fine dining coupled with a 360 view of the city.


As the Serene Tower Multan is a prosperous mix-use building, it comes with not only residential options but also boots, alluring commercial opportunities. Therefore whether you wish to visit or invest, the retail shops in Serene Tower host some of the most well-known international and national names in the market.

Stunning Indoors

A stand out feature of this serene development is that it does not only pay attention to the outside appeal. The indoors of the Serene Tower promises an international experience of quality and urban development. Every inch of the building oozes elegance that is multiplied by the factor of opulence and is coupled with grace. It is modern, sustainable, and stunning!

Aesthetic Outlook

Aesthetic Outlook Serene Tower is going to be a Twin Tower with an adjacent section serving as the middle bridge. This quality infrastructure leads to the development of a more contemporary structure in the city. The visual appeal and aesthetic vibe of the building are what leave the spectators wanting more.

Enhanced Social Interaction

This mixed-use building is built on the premise of not only providing tempting real estate opportunities to the seekers but also strengthening and procuring strong community interactions. As the building can be used for multiple features, it leads to more avenues and a secure place for community gatherings and productivity.

Contemporary Parking System

A major gripe of the traditional buildings is that the structures were not built on maximum resource usage. But this vertical building is every bit innovative as it is a sight for sore eyes. The developers are ensuring and thriving to build a parking system in the building that is equal parts operational and sustainable.

Health Club

The deservedly hyped structure is not all materialistic in intent. It also provides a stunning and centralized health club. This club will provide the best health facilities for the people, both those who are residing in it and those who are living in it. This enhanced attention to detail is what makes this one a hit, even during its launch phase.

State-Of-The-Art Security System

As we have mentioned before, security is one of the basic needs in any real estate venture. The makers of this society are striving to build a sustainable security system that will incorporate all the latest technologies and will provide venues for centralized security management at all times.

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Why Should You Invest in Serene Tower DHA Multan?

Even though the project is in the pre-launch phase, many are still saying it is the best project to invest your money in. The question here many asked is why is it so? Here is the answer to your questions!

Why Invest in Serene Tower DHA Multan

Reduced Maintenance Costs

The design and architecture of one of the tallest buildings in Multan are highly contemporary. This leads to a reduction in maintenance costs, especially when compared to traditional buildings. The developers have especially paid attention to ensuring the building is highly optimized, built on a firm base, and makes the best possible use of space and resources.
The Serene Tower is a mix-use building that can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. This adds up to the overall lifespan of the spectacular structure. The more efficient the building is in its development, the higher the chances of it having a wide lifespan. This project hits the ball right out of the park in this context.

Increased Efficiency

The Serene Tower is a sustainable development in the making that not only caters to the aesthetic appeal of the cityscape but also serves the purpose of an urbanized way of lifestyle. The developers of the buildings are striving to build a structure that is more efficient in terms of resource usage and space coverage.
Serene Tower captures all the possible sub-sectors of real estate niches, such as retail, shops, residential accommodations, and commercial opportunities. This way, all such venues are made available in one single space. The energy supply services to this building are high. Efficient ensuring that the resource usage is optimized to all ends.

Secure Return of Capital

This luxurious building provides venues for various sorts of investments. From classy residential accommodations to retail shops, the investment opportunities are lucrative and tempting. Therefore whether you opt for a residential investment or a commercial investment, you are guaranteed secure capital. 
As more capital circulates in different domains, from commercial sectors to residential accommodations, the chances of high ROI generation are not only cemented but are expanded as well. A lucrative development such as Serene Tower in DHA Multan promises a secure, stable, and enhanced capital return.

Luxurious Comfort and Ease

One of the most tempting features of Serene Tower that makes it a bankable investment venture is the luxurious comfort that it brings to the rustic landscape of Multan. Think of a living facility, and the building has it! From retail shops to top brands, the structure is equipped with all the means of life that justifies the hype of this one.
The building infrastructure is designed in such a way that it is a visual treat for all the spectators. Not only does this, but it also promises a visually enhanced experience, but it also boosts the trend of high-rise mix-use buildings in Pakistan. The development of this stunning infrastructure will pave the way for such developments even in the near future. 

Variety of Tenants

Serene Tower is a redefining mix-used building that is meant to provide unlimited commercial and residential opportunities to seekers and investors alike. This venue of a million opportunities boosts a healthy mix of tenants.
When there is a wide range of tenants, the security feature of rental income is enhanced. This means that you are not dependent on a single tenant for rental security. Such behaviors of diversity ensure real estate security to greater terms.

Contemporary Infrastructure

One of the most striking features of Serene Tower DHA Multan is its visual appeal. The building is meant to incorporate all of the artistic design elements that will set it apart from all the other developments in the region. 

Residential Amenities of Serene Tower

The residential features which make this skyscraper a bankable bet for real estate occupants are as follows:

Commercial Features of Serene Tower

Some of the stand-out and optimized commercial features which make Serene Tower DHA Multan a stunning investment prospect are listed below:

Serene Tower and DHA Multan - A Contract of Progressive Developments

The Defense Housing Authority commenced the development of a high-rise infrastructure in the rustic landscape of Multan. This announcement was made back on September 20, 2022. This agreement is done in good spirits to imbibe a culture of mutual development of growth and push real estate to new heights in Pakistan, specifically in South Punjab.
The details of the agreement showed that the high-rise infrastructure would incorporate both the elements of residential as well as commercial real estate. This one will be developed in DHA Mulan Sector C on Main Boulevard (Muhammad Ali Jinnah Avenue). Furthermore, the authorities also discussed the importance of emerging real estate trends in Pakistan. They also called the year 2022 the Year of Progression. All such efforts culminate in devising a real estate ecosystem that is self-sustaining and boosts an optimized way of living. 

Serene Tower in DHA Multan - A Luxury Way of Living

Not only is Serene Tower a revolutionary idea, but it is also a breath of fresh air development in a historic landscape such as Multan. Such infrastructures are of utmost importance. This leads to the development of white space in a claustrophobic grid of cityscapes.
This one is of utmost importance because it will lead to reduced environmental damage. Moreover, DHA Multan Serene Tower will not only revamp the real estate status of Multan but is also a venue for providing a good rental market. This enhances positive economic motivation.

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