Nova City Islamabad

What is Nova City Islamabad?

Nova City is one of the future leading housing projects arising with popularity in the air of Islamabad. The residential project has constructed at a prime location between Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Islamabad is one of the iconic cities of Pakistan, withholding the elite class communities. Every next person desire to live in this charismatic city of Pakistan due to its calm and serene environment. The capital city has always become the beauty center and attracts many tourists and residents due to its peaceful atmosphere and mesmerizing views.

The surroundings of the municipality embellished with the boundary of Margalla hills has marked Islamabad with a classic place to get your residency.  The primary center of Islamabad city is the Faisal Mosque and many other monuments that always revive the historical perspective of Islamabad. Moreover, the majority of the population living in Islamabad comprises career-oriented, educated, and sophisticated people.

The capital city of Pakistan inhibits the population of 4.1 million people as its a metropolitan city with architectural grounds lifted from a Greek background. The town has been categorized into eight sectors: residential areas, diplomatic enclave, administrative arena, commercial areas, industrial and educational zone, and green areas.

It was referred to as the capital city of Pakistan in 1960 due to its summit standards of living, ample opportunities on economic and financial grounds, and environment-friendly infrastructure bestowed by nature. Hence, being a citizen of Pakistan, if you are exploring an outclass city to live in and spent your life, then there is none better option to choose than Islamabad.

Although there are many residential projects constructed in the capital city with excellent facilities, we have figured out something innovative and lavish for the people looking to get themselves shifted to Islamabad.

Nova city Islamabad is a sparkling residential project with countless potential benefits that make you feel like living in a paradise. The emergence of this project in the real estate sector of Islamabad is particularly concerning its plot rates and amenities furnished to the residents of Nova city. As we all know, location and budget have always functioned contradictive, but fortunately, the inauguration of Nova city has resolved this problem.

The purchasing and construction of a property is a big money-oriented task that always requires critical thinking before investing a considerable amount, especially in a city like Islamabad. The blessing of real estate projects like Nova city has just won the game in providing a wholesome trait project. This sustainable project aims to target almost all the budget genres of people of the Pakistani community. The foundations of the project have penetrated deep to furnish and serve all the classes of Pakistanis.

Due to this reason, Nova City Islamabad will unleash the skies of success shortly and will give healthy competition to all mega real estate projects of Pakistan. According to the theoretical prediction of various real estate experts, Nova city Islamabad holds a top-notch investment potential.


Nova City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad Location

Nova city Islamabad has been allocated at one of the prestigious and spread in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The close vicinity of the CPEC route and Islamabad international airport has made this project a worthy one. The approaching road of Rawalpindi ring road and CPEC has opened gates of accessibility for the residents to approach the central city of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The location has occupied the central vicinity between the twin cities and has premium sites of Margalla hills.

Another appealing feature for investors and residents is the nearby route leading to the Lahore-Islamabad M-2 motorway. The most accessible accessibility towards Islamabad airport also makes Nova city exceptionally remunerative for consistent travelers. Nova city Islamabad location is the best opinion for businesses looking to have nearby communicating places.

The nova city Islamabad location has the enticing feature that it lies close to the following places and landmarks:

  • New Islamabad International Airport
  • CPEC route
  • M2 motorway
  • Fateh Jhang
  • Attock
  • Top City-1
  • Mumtaz city
  • Capital Smart City
  • CPEC ring road

Nova City NOC Status

One of the most concerning features that bridges before the investment are the NOC issue. The authorization bestowed to a housing project by the endorsement of NOC holds particular importance. It uplifts a sensation of trust in the developers and constructors of residential projects. Fortunately, Nova City Islamabad NOC has already got a declaration from Fateh Jhang TMA, and the terminal NOC is also in hands. The concerning authorities have declared its issuance with a complete fledge procedure. The constructors are planning to launch this project in full swing.

Nova City Islamabad Owners and Developers

The iconic project of Nova city has already gathered immense attention due to its revitalizing location features. The developers of this city, named Nova Developers, are renowned in the real estate world due to their other projects.

It is a popular construction organization with commands in premium quality infrastructure building.

Nova City Islamabad Master Plan

Nova City Islamabad master plan has customized characteristics in which preference has given to investors desire. Although the society is in the pre-launch phase, the master plan revealed by real estate professionals has gathered bundles of praises due to its reliable and sustainable developmental strategies. The layout details are planned so that it will serve the residents with all the commodities.

The master planners have used their upgraded skills in cutting this vast piece of Earth into the following plots. The major entertaining factor about getting your schemes booked in this society is dispensing you with dual qualities. One is spacious plot sizes, and the second is affordable prices.

The master planner has divided the plots into the following categories:

Categorization Of Residential Properties

  • 1 Kanal plot, which is equal to 500 square yards
  • 14 Marla plot that accommodates an area of 420 square yards
  • 10 Marla plot with 300 square yard vicinity
  • 8 Marla plot that will dispense a land of 240 square yards
  • 5 Marla equals 125 square yards.

The measurements have been furnished in square yards that will assist every investor in estimating the leverage provided by the developers of Nova city Islamabad.

Nova City Islamabad Payment Plan 2022:

Here comes the most enlightening portion of every residential project that gathers many investors, contractors, and almost every focal person. We all know that fetching a residency in a city like Islamabad demands a big pocket, but Nova city Islamabad has proven it wrong by its affordable prices. Yes! You have read it right. The cautious factor incorporated in the Nova city Islamabad payment plan is simply remarkable and has entertained and welcomed investors from almost any stage of society.

The updated payment plan has been extracted by The Masters Real Estate for their worthy customers and investors to estimate the prices and payments of plots. It’s the foremost factor in consideration before buying any property in any portion of the world. However, the costs and rates mentioned below have evaluated the pre-launch prices of properties.

In our opinion, if you are looking for an affordable choice of residential project a dorned with all the amenities and luxuries of life, then there is no better option than Nova city Islamabad. The payment plan also compels you to book your plot at this fantastic housing scheme.

1 Kanal Plot Price

The rate of 1 Kanal plot ranges to approximately 88,00,000 and inhibits the down payment of 17,60,000/-. The installment plan of 40 months is also available to make the process easier for the customers.

14 Marla Plot Price

The price of land consisting of 14 Marla is 6,125,000. The payment that sticks to booking and confirmation is 1,225,000. The residents can also pay the amount through the way of installment. The eight half-yearly installment amount is 196,094. The plot owner has to pay an amount of 1,531,250 at the time of possession of the property.

Price Of 10 Marla Plot

Here comes the standard and most requested plot size with the appropriate amount. The pre-launch rate of 10 Marla plots is only 44,50,000/-. The investor needs to pay an amount of 8,90,000 for confirmation and booking of the property. Installment strategy for the 10 Marla plot is also available. It will increase the feasibility of this size of the parcel.

Rates Of 8 Marla Plot

The payment catalog allocated for the 8 Marla plot also depicts the pre-launch prices. The estimated cost of 8 Marla plot is approximately 3,670,000/- and encompass the down payment of 7,34,000/-. This payment will ensure the booking and possession of the property. If you are looking forward to opting for the installment blueprint, then it is an eight-half yearly installment plan and completes in the tenure of 40 months.

5 Marla Plot Payment Plan

The whole game of 5 Marla plot demands a price of 24,75,000/-. The down payment, along with booking and confirmation, is only 4,95,000. Although eight half-yearly installment route is also available for this size of the plot, its installment payment is meager and comprises almost 67,563 and 6,43,500 for booking.


The catchy discount offers are available at Master real estate. Our customers can enjoy the 10% discount offer in nova city Islamabad payment plan on 100% payment of the property. On paying 50% amount of property, the window of discount is approximately 5%.

Prices Specifications

All the prices of various plot sizes mentioned above are inclusive of constructive rates. The investors will require to pay the confirmation amount with 45 days to book their plot permanently. All the rates are also exclusive of government taxes and charges. As the proper inauguration of the society is still pending, these prices are pre-launch ones and give you an estimate about the rates.

An Overview of Facilities Available at Nova City Islamabad:

After going through numerous crucial aspects, now it’s time to see how equipped Nova city Islamabad is for its residents. Some notable features encircle the basic amenities of life, and these are serene, peaceful environments furnished with core utilities. These utilities include 24/7 availability of electricity, gas, and water. The developmental urbanization trends have influenced the need for these amnesties, and Nova City Islamabad has successfully brought these facilities to the top. Besides these ground facilities of life, the following are complementary features that attract people to invest in this project to build their dream projects.

High-Security System

Although the capital city of Islamabad provides one of the secured environments, Nova city Islamabad has altered the security strategy by launching secured entrance points installed with CCTV cameras. The 24 hours check of the CCTV camera allows the security team to keep an eye on the nooks and corners of the housing society. The security of residents is our priority hence centralized security unit has also been constructed to maintain high alert security for the inhabitants.

Spacious Network of Carpeted Roads

A stalwart network of roads has played a pivotal role in Nova city Islamabad to facilitate its residents with excellent accessibility to every place. The clean and carpeted roads equipped with streetlights have enlightened the face of the residential project.

Facilities Related to Medical

The incorporation of A-grade medical facilities has furnished its residents with elite-class hospitals and medical staff. The recruitment of professional medical doctors, paramedical staff, and ambulatory services in an emergency is also a top-notch project.

Various Facilities

Furthermore, the Nova City Islamabad has some distinct features that attract every individual to opt for this residential project. It characterizes the eco-friendly environment, educational system, captivating eye entrance, commercial sectors, broadband technology, and much more.

Take Home

Nova City Islamabad location and payment plan are essential, but the main thing that compels an investor is the worthy project. The accomplishment of dream projects of the constructors has affiliations with some crucial features, and Nova City Islamabad fulfills all those characteristics. Providing this lifetime opportunity to get your plot booked in nova city, Islamabad, is a definitive decision to take right now. The assurance of availability of satisfactory results is already there. Hence, it is also one of the top recommendations of Masters real estate.


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