10 Marla House Construction Cost

10 Marla House Construction Cost

Have you been looking for 10 marla house construction cost? Then you’ve just arrived at the correct location. This blog post will address all of your questions about the cost of building a 10 marla house. 

Materials Required

Before we get into the construction costs or rates, we would like to talk about the materials we would need to build a 10 marla house in Pakistan. 

Ravi Sand
Crush + Rori
Material For Electrical Wiring
Electrical Appliances
Choughat (Door Frames)
Front Door
Plumbing Components
Flooring Tiles
Stair Railing
Kitchen Appliances
Bathroom Accouterments
Mirrors, Windows, And Doors
Finishing Material
Wooden Work

However, the materials mentioned above are only examples and may differ from the design and different requirements of a 10 marla house. 

Labour Cost

In Pakistan, labor is calculated per square foot; according to 2002 labor rates, a laborer can be hired for 375 square feet for a 10 marla house construction cost. The total labor cost for a 3,300 square foot area would be approximately 1,237,500 PKR. 

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Bricks, Sand, Crush, Rori, and Cement

Bricks, sand, crushed stone, and rori are essential components for any construction. To build the   gray structure of a 10-marla house, you must understand the quintiles precisely in order to avoid deficits. However, bricks are the most commonly used material when building a house. The current market value of a brick from Category A, also known as the Awwal category, is 12.90 PKR. To build a 10 marla house, you will need approximately 90,000 bricks, which will cost you approximately 1,224,000 PKR.

Sand is the second most commonly used building material; approximately 70,00 squares of sand at the rate of 18 PKR would equal approximately 126,000 PKR. The “crush,” also known as “Bajri,” would be required for around 1600 square feet at a rate of 95 PKR, for a total cost of 152,000 PKR. About 35,000 PKR would be required for gray stone, or rori. A bag of cement costs 545 PKR, and you would need approximately 800 bags of cement, which would cost you 436,000 PKR.

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Wiring & Plumbing Cost

Writing and plumbing are two of the most important procedures in any house construction because you need proper water and electric supply throughout the house. Making a budget for writing and plumbing will benefit you in the long run. For example, you can budget around 115,000 PKR for wiring and 135,000 PKR for plumbing. However, the total cost would be approximately 250,000 PKR. 

Steel Work, Windows, & Mirrors

Steel’s significance in the construction industry cannot be overstated. Steel door frames, also known as choughats, are required when building a house. Steel doors and grills are also required. You would need 76,500 PKR for door frames, 75,000 PKR for the main gate, and 85,500 for safety grills. The windows are available in glass and aluminum and will cost you 303,750 PKR, while the mirrors will cost you 30,000 PKR, and the staircase railing will cost you approximately 65,000 PKR. 

Tile Work

Tile work is an expensive and critical part of house construction. However, a high-quality tile can be obtained for 2,000 PKR per square meter. The tile work is a combination of tiles and marbles, and it would cost approximately 1,213,000 PKR for the tile and marble work. 


The woodwork in a house can vary depending on the design and dimensions of the house. However, when building a 10 marla house in Pakistan, you will need woodworking to make the doors, cupboards, kitchen cabinets, and other necessary items. Doors can cost around 250,000 PKR, wardrobes 270,000 PKR, and kitchen cupboards 250,000 PKR.

Electrical Equipments

Electrical equipment is essential when building a house. When positioning electrical equipment, ensure that it is in perfect working order and is safe to use. To install all of this electrical equipment in a 10 marla house, you will need switches, push buttons, power plugs, sockets, lights, lamps, fans, exhaust fans, and circuit breakers, among other things. The total cost of electrical equipment in a 10 marla house construction cost would be around 376,675 PKR.

Kitchen & Bathroom Appliances

The kitchen and bathroom are the most functional parts of a house. Bath hanging, commodes, porta vanity sets, bath sets, and a plumber would be required to install all of these accessories. Bathroom and kitchen accessories will cost a total of 390,000 PKR. 

Paint and Ceiling Work

Paints and ceiling tiles would add the finishing touch to your home. It is best to hire professional painters for painting and ceiling work. The total cost of the paint and ceiling work for a 10 marla house construction cost will be approximately 728,500 PKR. 

Miscellaneous Expenses

Dedicating a budget of around 50,000 PKR for miscellaneous expenses for the 10 marla house construction cost will assist you in bearing expenses that may have slipped through the cracks in your vision. 

Net Cost

The total cost of constructing a 10 marla house construction cost in Pakistan would be approximately 8,331,425 PKR.

Bottom Line

Since 1976, The Masters Real Estate & Builders has provided high-quality construction, real estate, and architectural services in the region. We are the people to contact if you are looking for a reliable source for your 10 marla house construction cost in Pakistan. However, if you want to build a home in Islamabad, Maryam Town Lahore, Capital Smart City and in Lahore, Lahore Smart City is your best bet. Call us right away to get all of your construction work completed flawlessly. 

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