Are Smart Cities Sustainable? Let’s Learn a Bit in Detail

What are Sustainable Smart Cities

You may have heard about sustainable smart cities. However, you may need to learn the major difference between smart and sustainable cities. So before getting into the major details, let’s understand the difference first.

When you research smart cities, you will find multiple definitions of them on the internet. However, the one common thing you will know about them is that they are based on technology. Contrary to that, sustainable cities are those in which the developers mainly focus on the quality of living. Such as the air quality must be good, the availability of clean drinking water, up-to-date sewage system, and much more.

Moreover, sustainable cities also have citizen and e-government-based solutions. Now when the question comes up, are smart cities sustainable? The answer to this question is that the combination of both makes smart sustainable cities.

What is a Smart City?

By definition, a smart city is a contemporary real estate development such as Lahore Smart City that makes the perfect use of ICT both for architecture planning and providing superior life qualities. A smart city uses the latest technologies in every possible aspect such as commercial facilities, transportation, energy resources, and sustainability.

The main influence is on establishing a network that is smart and offers a detailed solution to the lifestyle conundrums.

What are Sustainable Smart Cities?

Sustainable smart cities do not only improvise or update life standards but also focus on the promise of sustainability. Now the main question here is what is sustainability.

Sustainability is the mindful use of resources so that they are not exhausted but are available for future generations as well. It is a proactive approach that allows optimized resource use and makes the most value out of specific resource usage.

Therefore, sustainable cities promise operational efficiency while ensuring that the life services for the residents are top-notch.

The Necessary Elements Which Promise Sustainability

It is a common perception that smart cities only favor the residents and the environment. But that is not the case, smart cities when infused with the element of sustainability are the best economical option.

Some of the most important ingredients in this context for a smart city are as follows:

The Promise of Safe Premises

One of the biggest perks of investing or residing in a smart city is that there is comprehensive surveillance at every corner of the city. The motion sensors and improved safety allow residents to roam in the city freely. Kids can enjoy the premises in a better manner and the rate of crimes can also drop significantly.

Informed Decisions

The main fuel of smart cities is data. It is everywhere. But it is difficult to work with it because of the complex ways in which it is maintained. Thus, the involvement and use of the right tools serve as the right and much-needed bridge to cater to all the data.

The data analysis then serves as the right way to produce healthy and productive outcomes which leads to proactive decisions.

Reduced Environmental Footprint

One of the biggest problems of our modern world is the over-dependency on fossil fuels. The use of fossil fuels is everywhere. From electricity generation to the transportation department, we are heavily dependent on the use of fossil fuels.

That is why it is necessary to find out those replacements which serve the purpose but are reducing the damage done to the environment. And smart cities with their better and more environmentally-sound solutions promise exactly that.

Enhanced Mobility

Traffic congestion and long queues are another side of the urban expansion. Smart cities provide a very thorough and futuristic solution to these problems. They maintain the traffic flow with the help of automation, leading to fewer traffic jams and reducing pollution in the big scheme of things.

Better Living Prospects

Traditional ways of living are outdated. If you want to make a better investment that turns out to be secure and long-term then smart cities are the way to do it. From modern and better architecture to promising the residents comfort and ease, smart cities are setting the bar high.

Common Urban Challenges that Smart Cities Provide Solutions for

There is no denying that smart cities face a plethora of complications that need to be addressed. Cities have to deal with the following problems:

  • Overpopulation
  • Urban Expansion
  • Migration From Rural Areas to Cities
  • Resource Exploitation

Here is how Capital Smart City is providing solutions to these problems:

Wireless Connectivity

The integration and addition of wireless connectivity are not limited to just appliance usage. It goes far and beyond that. Wireless connectivity promises ease of everyday life. Smart cities add these elements to street lightning. This way these cloud-based solutions can inform the citizens about mobility, and enough parking space and help them to make informed decisions.

Open Data

The data is not confined and out of reach of the citizen. The streamlined data is available for everyone. This open data and easy availability is a plus point because it helps to make effective decision-making in real time.


If there is one thing that is adding the smart in smart cities, it is IoT. This cloud-based solution helps to receive, manage, sort, streamline, analyze, and then project the available data. This practice leads to the connectivity and information that is available on a loop.

Smart Cities – The Promise of Sustainable Real Estate

After all of this established debate, it is not wrong to say that smart cities are the way forward. They are addressing modern world problems by making the best possible use of data, ensuring that the derived solutions are up-to-date and effective.


Author: Masters
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