Ashiana Housing Scheme Lahore

A Project by Punjab Government

Everyone dreams of living in Lahore. It is because this place has something for everything. However, the issue is that buying a property in Lahore isn’t possible for everyone. Even renting a property is out of reach for many. Do you fall among the categories of such people? Well, if so, the struggle is real! However, due to the increased demand for properties, the government is also taking initiatives.

Wondering how? In 2010 the Government of Punjab launched a housing project named Ashiana Housing Scheme. The main reason behind launching this housing scheme was to benefit the lower middle class, or you can say the ones with minimal income. For example, if you earn 50,000 PKR or less, you can invest in this project. That’s affordable this housing project is.

If we talk in other words, the primary purpose behind launching this project was to provide shelter to everyone. It is because due to inflation, the construction cost and even the land prices are skyrocketing. However, in the Ashiana Housing Scheme Lahore, flats and even residential plots are available at minimal yet flexible installment plans.

Who Owns or Developed Ashiana Housing Scheme in Lahore?

Well, when it comes to investing in housing projects, people always want to know who the developers are. A renowned name behind the project gives investors confidence that their money will not go to waste.

Well, if we talk about the Ashiana Housing Scheme, it was, in the beginning, handed over to Chaudhry Latif and Sons (Calsons). They were the ones who began the construction of this extraordinary project. However, after some time, their contract was suspended.

A pretty sad story, right? But the Government handed over the contract to even better developers. This was something that gave relief to the investors. The new developers appointed for this project are Lahore Casa Developers.

NOC of Ashiana Housing Scheme, Lahore

If you know the project in which you are planning to invest your money is of the Government, you would still like to learn whether it is approved by the development authority or not. Of course, this is the aspect no one wants to miss.

Even though many might think the project wasn’t massive, it still left its marks. Moreover, the Government ensured they did everything possible to make it trusted. So, the first step they took was to get it approved by the Lahore Development Authority. 

In simple words, the NOC of the Ashiana Housing Scheme Lahore was approved by LDA. Think of anything related to the project, layout, master plan, payment, and installment plan; everything is approved.

Even electricity, gas, and water supply and the construction of commercial and residential plots are also approved by the development authority. So, don’t worry that in the future, you might find yourself in some kind of scam, like land enforcement.

What Is the Location of the Ashiana Housing Scheme in Lahore?

After knowing the project is legal, what’s the next thing on which you will focus? The location. You don’t like to be in a place that is so far from the city. At the same time, you won’t be in a space that is full of hustle and bustle.

The location of the Ashiana Housing Scheme is prime. It is near Burki Road, also within close proximity of Allama Iqbal International Airport.

Accessibility & Landmarks

If we talk about the accessibility of this housing project, it is pretty accessible from various points, such as:

  • From Ring Road – 6 Min Drive Away
  • From Atta Bakhsh Road – 10 Min Drive Away
  • From Shanghai Road – 10 Min Drive Away
  • From Kamahan Lidher Road – 10 Min Drive Away
  • From Awan Market Road – 14 Min Drive Away

The nearby landmarks of the Ashiana Housing Scheme are as follows:

  • Ashiana Interchange
  • Allama Iqbal International Road
  • Lahore Ring Road
  • Lahore Cantonment
  • Nishter Colony
  • Lahore Leads University

The Layout Plan of the Ashiana Housing Scheme

The developers have paid very close attention to the layout plan of this project. If we talk about the covered area, the Ashiana Housing Scheme is spread over 3,100 Kanal.

In this wide area, there are multiple sizes of residential and commercial plots and flats. Along with the availability of multiple kinds of properties, the developers also focused on making the environment clean and healthy. You will find greenery everywhere. If we talk about the road, the wide web of carpeted roads can be seen everywhere. And you may be surprised to hear that the roads are 30, 40, 60, and 80 feet wide.

The developers have also focused on recreational facilities. You will find parks and playgrounds. Furthermore, mosques, good schools, and health facilities are also available within the housing scheme.

Available Residential Houses in Ashiana Housing Scheme Lahore

  • 2 & 3 Marla

The offered covered area is as followed:

  • One-Bed (500 Sq. ft)
  • Two-Bed (600 Sq. ft)
  • Two-Bed (700 Sq. ft)

Floor Plan of Ashiana Housing Scheme

A detailed picture of the Ashiana Housing Scheme floor plan is down below. Do have a look at it!

2 Marla House Floor Plan

3 Marla House Floor Plan

Available Houses for Sale in the Ashiana Housing Scheme

Even though there aren’t many options like other housing schemes in this specific project. However, those who don’t own a home and can now have one understand the value of even minimum options.

When you look for a house or apartment for sale in Ashiana Housing Scheme, you get two options, 1 or 2 bedrooms. If we talk about the size, they are around 500 to 700 sq. ft, or you can say 2 to 3 Marla in size.

The architects have ensured they designed everything as per the latest trend. The comfort, feeling of luxury, and amenities are all similar to high-end projects.

Furthermore, you get a choice to decide whether you need a single or double-floor house. The ventilation all around the house is tremendous. Moving to each bedroom comes with an attached bath. Even the kitchens are spacious and give a luxury feel.

In addition, if talk about the major facilities such as water, gas, electricity, cable, and internet supply, it is uninterrupted.

Ashiana Housing Scheme, Lahore Houses for Rent

You are not planning to buy a house for now and are in search of a property to rent out at a reasonable price. If so, Ashiana Housing Society has an option for you. You can either rent an apartment or a house as per your preference.

To let you know how reasonable the rent is for 2 Marla houses, you only need to pay a rent of 8,000 PKR every month.

Available Commercial Properties in Ashiana Housing Scheme

Do you think that any housing project is complete without the availability of commercial plots? Well, the answer to this question is a big no.

The commercial hub should be nearby or within the society so that in coming future, residents get everything without a hassle. Considering this, in the Ashiana Housing Society, commercial plots are also available for sale. There aren’t many plots available as compared to residential ones. However, you can invest your money as the payment plan is quite flexible.

Payment Plan of Ashiana Housing Scheme, Lahore

As we have mentioned again and again the location along with affordability are two of the main features that make this housing scheme most attractive. So, here is the detailed payment of the Ashiana Housing Scheme.

However, we would suggest that before investing in the project finalize the prices once again, as you never know if the management had made any changes in it recently. But the current payment plan will surely give you an idea of how much budget is required to own a home.

Residential Block (Apartment Payment Plan)

One-Bed (500 Sq. ft)

Total Price: 119,900 PKR

Down Payment: 239,000 PKR

Monthly Installments: 7,993 PKR

Application Fee: 800 PKR

Two-Bed (600 Sq. ft)

Total Price: 1,399,000 PKR

Down Payment: 279,000 PKR

Monthly Installments: 9,327 PKR

Application Fee: 900 PKR

Two-Bed (700 Sq. ft)

Total Price: 1,599,000 PKR

Down Payment: 319,000 PKR

Monthly Installments: 10,660 PKR

Application Fee: 1000 PKR

Few of the Unique Features of this Housing Project

Ashiana housing scheme is a government-based initiative to ensure shelter for even the inflation-ridden community in Pakistan. The housing schemes provide cost-effective real estate solutions to low-income people. But being budget-friendly does not mean that the government has compromised on the availability of resources and amenities in the real estate venture. 

Some of the stand-out features of the Ashiana Housing Scheme are as follows: 

  • Merit-Based Project
  • Approved Noc from Lda
  • Ideal Location
  • Low-Cost Houses
  • Affordable Rates
  • Peaceful Environment
  • 24/7 Water, Electricity, Gas
  • Easy Installment Plans
  • Safe Infrastructure
  • Wide Boulevards and Roads
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Security System with Walk-through Gates and Cctv Cameras
  • Nearby Education Zones, Health Zones, Restaurants, Shopping Centers

Amenities Available in Ashiana Housing Scheme, Lahore

For any real estate venture to thrive the availability of class apart and basic amenities is highly pertinent. Not only does the legal status of a housing society matter but its approval also plays a key role. Ashaina housing society is a pocket-friendly housing society that aims to provide quality real estate services as well as all the necessary amenities in life: 

24/7 Availability of Resources

First things first, this society is laced with the 24/7 availability of resources so that the occupants are able to enjoy an unhinged supply of resources for their daily activities. There is no concept of load shedding in society. And if the region is suffering from a power breakdown then there are generators that ensure backups. 

The society also does not suffer from sui gas power shedding. All of these efforts ensure that the residents are able to live peacefully in those accommodations. 

Educational Opportunities

Ashiana housing society provides all the basic educational necessities such as world-class schools, colleges, and tuition centers. Some of the best educational opportunities available for children are as follows:

  • Leads college
  • Nishtar College for Girls
  • Lahore Leads University
  • Virtual University
  • Minhaj University Lahore
  • Dreamland International School

Healthcare Services

This housing society is gaining a reputation among the occupants thanks to the development of a number of health zones in the sector. The nearby healthcare facilities adjacent to this society are as follows: 

  • Lahore Care Hospital
  • Lahore General Hospital
  • Noor Hospital


Mosques are an absolute necessity in any real estate project. Several mosques are available within the society premises and outside it to ease the believers. Noor masjid, Masjid G Block, and Jamia Masjid Ghousia are some of the mosques that are available in the area. 


The housing society also ensures the presence of various eating places such as restaurants and cafes. This invokes a sense of community building. Moreover, these restaurants also allow the residents to enjoy the services of both dine-in and dine-out. 

Safer and Cleaner Society

The makers have ensured the availability of top-notch security features in the housing society. Such as the installation of a security gate as well as 24/7 surveillance with cameras. 

Moreover, the housing society boosts a clean and fresh vibe. The maintenance staff has ensured the plantation of trees which keeps the polluted air neat. The developers have also installed trash bins all over society. 

Contemporary Facilities

The developers of this housing society have ensured the presence of all the modern and contemporary facilities. These facilities range from internet cafes, gaming zones, goods stores, beauty salons, gymnasiums,s and utility stores. 

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Few Guidelines You Must Follow When Buying a Property in Ashiana Housing Scheme

Given below are some of the basic things that customers need to analyze before buying a plot in this housing scheme: 

  • Make Sure to Check the Legal Status of the Housing Society 
  • Ask for the Legally Verified Documents from Lda
  • To Learn Further Details, Visit or Contact an Authorized Dealer
  • Before Selling and Buying Any Property, Always Check the Sales Plan and Even Ensure the Funds Obey the Purchase
  • Ensure the Society Promises the Availability of Every Facility and Is Accessible from Multiple Points
  • Focus on the Infrastructure. It Is Necessary
  • Even Check Whether the Schools, Health Facilities, Retail Shops, and Similar Things Are Close
  • Make Sure the Security of the Housing Project Is up to the Mark

The Eligibility Criteria of Ashiana Housing Scheme, Lahore

The other important thing which you must know before making an investment in Ashiana Housing Scheme Lahore is the eligibility criteria. So, here are the details!

  • Your Age Should Be 55 or Below
  • Your Income Should Be Lower than 50,000 Pkr
  • You Shouldn’t Be the Owner of Any Sort of Property
  • Also, Make Sure You Haven’t Received Any Property from the Government of Punjab in the Past

Moreover, it is better if your CNIC is from Punjab.

Why Invest Your Money in This Project?

After learning all the details related to the project, many still might be wondering why to invest in this project. Well, there are many reasons other than affordable prices, world-class amenities, and so on. As you have seen, the payment plan is quite simple to follow. And the amount you are paying is nothing compared to the facilities promised by the developers.

Secondly, the options available in this project are quite attractive too. In case you aren’t interested in buying a residential property, you can invest in a commercial plot. It is something that will allow you to start your own business. If not, you can rent the space to someone and generate monthly income. 

Last but not least, the location of the housing scheme is quite accessible. You can easily commute anywhere by using your personal vehicle or public transport. In addition, the legality of the Ashiana Housing Scheme makes it even more attractive.


A residential project is an initiative of the Government of Pakistan to facilitate the low-earning class of the country which is suffering from the burdens of inflation and economic crises. The location of this housing society is near Allama Iqbal International Airport. Moreover, the owners of residential plots in this one can rest assured about the legal status of this housing society. This is mainly because of the fact that this one is NOC approved. 

For further details, updates, and information regarding plot bookings you can visit the website of Masters Real Estate & Builders


  1. What’s the Ashiana Housing Scheme Location?

The Ashiana Housing scheme is located near the Allama Iqbal International Airport. 

  1. What Are the Ashiana Housing Scheme Eligibility Criteria?
  • Your Age Should Be 55 or Below
  • Your Income Should Be Lower than 50,000 Pkr
  • You Shouldn’t Be the Owner of Any Sort of Property
  • Also, Make Sure You Haven’t Received Any Property from the Government of Punjab in the Past
  1. Is the Ashiana Housing Scheme Legal?

Yes, the Ashiana housing scheme is a legal real estate project. The housing scheme has its NOC approved by LDA. 

  1. What Are the Available Plot Sizes in the Ashiana Housing Scheme?

The available plot sizes in Ashiana Housing schemes are 2 and 3 marlas. 

  1. Who Are the Ashiana Housing Scheme Developers?

The developers of this cost-effective real estate project are Lahore Casa Developers.

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