False Ceiling Design for Bedroom Pakistan

13 False Ceiling Design for Bedroom in Pakistan – Simple is the New Stylish

People often think that buying a home is the end of the story. Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not. It’s the start of a new chapter that demands more attention and dedication than the previous chapter of your life. Because now that you have bought a place with your hard-earned money, you have to decorate it properly to make it your own.

Interior decoration of a house can be a hard job especially when a plethora of options is overwhelming you. If you are wondering what you should do with your room ceilings. We are at your service. We have carefully compiled the top 16 false ceiling design for bedroom in Pakistan that are ruling the real estate horizon for the better.

Without further ado here are our top picks for the matter:

  1. Raining Crimson Ceiling Lighting

If you are wondering what to do with your bedroom or gaming room ceiling, we have an option for you. You can try raining crimson light on such areas. These rooms are reserved for social gatherings therefore a touch of sophistication in such places is an absolute must.

Crimson is one of the brightest shades of red. Adding this detail to your room will prove to be worthy in the context of the personalization of your space.

  1. Geometrical False Ceiling Design

One of the most distinctive false ceiling design in Pakistan for bedrooms is a geometrical false ceiling design. It gives you more room to play around, and be creative as well as decisive. Geometrical additions to the false ceiling designs help to add character and depth to your ceiling design.

If you are opting for a false ceiling design with geometrical shapes you can experiment with various patterns and lighting fixtures as well.

  1. Peripheral False Ceiling Design

It is not necessary that everyone is looking around for flashy details and highlights. Some might be searching for minimalistic designs which extend to all sides of the room. These false ceiling designs should also incorporate and make the best possible use of edges. A peripheral false ceiling design is a must if you have low roofs.

These types of styles are able to give a sense of grandeur and luxury.

  1. False Ceiling Design with Latticework

If you are a fan of premium styling and premium design then a latticework false ceiling design is the one for you. Latticework’s add detail and craft to your room look and enhance it with ten folds. Not only is it soft to look at but also leads to a sense of calmness in your house. These types of false ceiling designs help you to make your house more customizable.

Try to involve different colors in the artwork and see the difference that it creates.

  1. False Ceiling Design with Carved Borders

Carved borders are not a new thing. They were quite common in the Mughal infrastructure and were all the hype in the Middle East culture. People often associate carvings with floral patterns and geometric designs. But carvings are so much more than that. If you are searching for the best false ceiling design for bedrooms in Pakistan, then this one is a point-on choice.

Carved ceilings often gave a sense of elegance and sleek style to the hall or the room. You can also try to add some recessed light in the design to give a soothing vibe to the overall place.

  1. Inverted Cove False Ceiling Design

An inverted cove false ceiling design is often a choice of those who adore minimalist infrastructure. This type of lighting design also boosts the venue for ambient lighting. You can also install a chandelier if you want.

This type of false ceiling design can leave your spectators spellbound.

  1. False Ceiling Design with Wood

Wood is one of the most widely used elements for home decor. It is often the first choice of the best interior designers in Lahore. That is because wood adds volume and depth to the house of bricks and concrete. It also brings a sense of warmth and belonging to a space. You can try a false ceiling design with wood in it.

These types of false ceiling designs are the best choice for your dining hall and living rooms. That is because such rooms are known for hosting gatherings.

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  1. Multilayered False Ceiling Design

One of the biggest merits of adding layers to your ceiling is that it leads to a lasting impression. Not only do layers impose a sense of grandeur but they open new venues of decoration for you as well. Layers give you a chance to play around with colors, prints, patterns, textures, and lighting. Therefore if you are looking for one of the best false ceiling designs for a bedroom this should be your choice.

Moreover, layering also helps to give your room a larger and neat look. You can try this false ceiling design if you are going for a quirky and colorful room vibe.

  1. Natural Logs for Ceiling Design

People who have a thing for nature are often curious about ways to give a touch of nature to their homes. Well, we have a perfect solution for this problem for you. Adding natural logs in your false ceiling designs for your bedroom is the next popular thing. You can achieve this level of natural satisfaction by adding natural logs to your ceiling designs.

This way you are able to feel connected with nature at a personalized level.

  1. Single Layer False Ceiling Design

If you are not a fan of grand infrastructure details and are hoping for a simple design then this one’s for you. A single layer adds the necessary texture to your bedroom ceiling without going way too overboard. It is considered to be one of the most popular false ceiling design for bedroom in Pakistan.

You can also add textures, colors, and designs of your choice to your ceiling design. Opting for a single layer does not mean that your options are limited. They are still diverse.

  1. False Ceiling Design with Plaster of Paris

Hands down the trendiest false ceiling design in Pakistan is this one. This one makes the best possible use of patterns and design and injects them into the false ceiling. The ceiling is made entirely of POP as well as designs. A Plaster of Paris decorated false ceiling is all about wide patterns and extensive detailing. Therefore it will satisfy the need for decorative detailing and aesthetic designs.

Furthermore, if your house is all about aesthetic vibes, then this should be your pick.

  1. Coffered False Ceiling Design

Wondering what this difficult word means? Well, a coffer is when you add deep square or rectangular details to your ceilings. Nowadays coffered designs are all the latest hype. It is a western decor trend that is quickly becoming a valuable addition to contemporary design.

Coffered false ceiling designs are all about adding drama to your space. This one is perfect for giving an illusion of height and wide spaces. Moreover, it also compliments well with the cozy vibe of your space.

  1. False Ceiling Design with Boxes

Another false ceiling design in Pakistan that is becoming the next favorite is the one with the boxes. The main goal of a false ceiling design with boxes is to enhance the appeal of your bedroom. This way your space will be more vibrant and colorful.

You can add different sorts of lighting in the boxes or make them multicolor, the decision is all yours. Your lighting details can give you a way to add more character to your special occasions.

Stitching it All!

Last but not the least, ceilings are important aspects of your house. Stop neglecting them and start paying attention to your ceilings. They are the best way to flesh out all the creativity. Make good use of the above-compiled list and thank us later!

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