How To Open a File in Capital Smart City Islamabad?

Capital Smart City is the future of Pakistan’s real estate industry. The developer of the project, Habib Rafiq Private Limited, expects it to be completed in 2025. The project has already won the hearts of investors all over the world, and it will continue to do so.

However, the developers at Capital Smart City Islamabad have made the buying and selling process far too simple for investors. Therefore, there is a huge increase in the buying and selling of property in Capital Smart City. 

Have you been looking for a quicker way to open a file in Capital Smart City? Then you have come to the right place. This blog post will assist you in the best way possible to guide you through the process of opening a file in Smart Capital City.

Opening a File in Smart City:

The file opening procedure begins with the payment of the file opening fee. After you have paid the file opening fee, you must complete the file opening application form. To obtain a statement of dues (SOD), the buyer must pay off all outstanding debts. After paying all the remaining dues, the buyer will receive a “No Demand Certificate” (NDC) from the management.

Attach all required documents to the file opening form after the NDC is successfully allotted. The “File Opening Certificate” will be given on the scheduled date and time. The required file opening application documents are as follows. 

1. File Opening Application
2. “Statement of Dues” and “No Demand Certificate”Original documents, i.e.., MS letter / Allotment Certificate, etc
3. Original invoices
4. Affidavit of Seller
5. Photographs and a copy of the right holder’s CNIC / NICOP
6. Witnesses’ CNIC / NICOP
7. Transfer and R/P/MS fee (Pay order/Draft/Banker’s Check)

File Opening Charges:

The file opening fees for residential and commercial plots are initially available for two months, but can be extended for an additional fee. The first month’s file opening fee for a residential plot is 500 PKR, and the second month’s fee is 1000 PKR.

However, the file opening fee for commercial plots is 1000 PKR for the first month and 2000 PKR for the second month. Furthermore, a one-month extension for a residential plot is 500 PKR and a one-month extension for a commercial plot is 1000 PKR. The file opening fees are listed below, per marla, and every month. 

Initial File Opening fee 1 Month 2 Month
Residential Plot Rs 500/= Rs 1000/=
Commerical Plot Rs 1000/= Rs 2000/=
Extension for another Month (Res) Rs 500/=
Extension for another Month (Comm) Rs 1000/=

File Opening Policy:

The file opening policy is a set of rules and parameters that must be followed when opening a plot file in Capital Smart City. The file opening policy states that: 

• The file opening process requires the owner to be present.
• The presence of a legitimate person whose name appears on the “File Opening Certificate” is required when transferring property.
The file opening certificate can only be obtained by the person whose name is registered for the file.
The initial validity of the file opening certificate is up to two months; however, it is possible to extend it for an additional month by paying additional fees.
The transfer of the file must be finished in the allotted time.
If the file is not transferred within the specified timeframe, it will be automatically transferred to the person whose name it was opened.
You can pay your transfer and R/P/MS fee (which is refundable) with a banker’s check, check, or pay order.
The office will keep all original documents for safekeeping until the file transfer.
The file will be opened only if all outstanding dues have been cleared by the buyer or customer.
The unpaid due amount will be adjusted in the remaining installments upon 20% file opening. 

Bottom Line:

If you have been having problems with the Capital Smart City file opening process, you have come to the right place. For over five decades, The Masters Real Estate & Builders has been providing exceptional real estate services. Our team of skilled real estate advisors is always ready to serve you with the best real estate services. So, if you need help opening a file or transferring your plot to a different name, we’re here to help. Call us now for quick and dependable real estate solutions in town!

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