How to Structure Real Estate Investment Company?

In this modern world, with the dynamic economic situation and contemporary methods of investment, one of the most reliable and dependable investment ventures is real estate. Hence owning a real estate property anywhere in the world is a thrilling adventure. No matter the purpose for which you are acquiring real estate, if you have made an investment, you have to be aware of the liabilities as well. 

Choosing how to structure real estate investment company is necessary. A proper structure that is self-sustaining and fulfilling not only reduces the room for errors but also induces confidence in the business and generates a stable revenue. Because you cannot afford a lawsuit every time the wiring is flawed, or your customers have tripped over an unstable staircase.

We live in the real world, and no matter how careful you are, some risks are hard to take into consideration. Therefore a structure is inevitable and necessary. 

There are some business structures that make the business owner solely responsible for the damages, such as sole proprietorship and general partnership. But there are some other investment structures that allow personal liability protection cover for businesses. Because if the company is held responsible for all the damages, it can be weakening for the owner’s bank accounts, stock, and personal possession and can make them vulnerable in the business niche. 

What Are the Types of Business Structures for Real Estate Investments?

Are you still not sure how to structure a property investment company? Well, don’t worry much, as here are the types of business structures for real estate:

Sole Proprietorship

Out of all the ways with which you can structure your real estate investment company, a sole proprietorship is the simplest one. This one does not have a legal entity, and the owner/founder is solely responsible for all the profits as well as debts. 

Whether you want to establish it under your own name or market it under trading as a name is totally up to you. Although an easy and less expensive way to become a real estate investor, this one also bears a number of disadvantages. 

One of the biggest disadvantages is that most of the time, investors or lenders do not consult a sole proprietor because of the legal restrictions that are implemented in some states. Some states require individuals to lend only from corporate businesses and not a single individual. 

Another reason for not contacting a sole proprietor is that what they are offering is consumer loans. This is mainly because, in the case of private lenders, there is a blanket prohibition on such loans. 

Furthermore, when you are doing business on your own, you are exposed to a lot of liability problems. This means that you have to cover all the debts and losses, if there are any. 


LLC is the short form of Limited Liability Company or limited partnership. It can be formulated by a single person or by multiple persons. But if it needs a lot more people, if we are sticking with the definition. 

These types of investment structures provide straight and strict legal protections to business owners for accidents and finances. We can categorize both LLC and LP as pass-through entities for tax purposes. 

Now, what does a pass-through entity mean? It means that there is no taxation in the business, so all the income, profits, debts, and deductions are passed onto the individual partners. 

Another key thing to remember here is that LP does not protect all the members in case of liability. If it comes to liabilities, LP has two types of partnerships. 

One is limited, while the other one is general. The rules and regulations are different for both of these partners. Limited partners have no say in the management of the company and its dealings but do share the profits and losses in the business. In comparison, the general partner is the one that is responsible for all the managerial decisions and is also the one who is protected by the LP.

Real Estate Investment Corporation

The third type of such investment company is a corporation. The corporations are formed by a number of partners. Building a corporation is like building an empire. It is expensive, tiring, and requires a lot of investment. Moreover, in corporations, the taxes are not forwarded to the owners but rather are managed by the corporation on their own. 

Seeking the Ones That Know It Better than You

First things first, you should consult either an accountant or attorney to pan out the best real estate structure for you. One that is aligned with your company’s goals and the investment bracket that you have in mind. 

If you reach out to an attorney, they will guide you by outlining the legal benefits or downfalls of every business structure. This way, you are able to get more out of your business infrastructure without falling into the massive pit of losses and legal liabilities.

On the other hand, if you contact an accountant, they will provide you insights about the tax requirements of all types of business structures, such as sole proprietors as well as LLCs and LPs.  

All of these expert opinions and seasoned guidelines will help you to formulate a better decision about the business model or structure that you should opt for your real estate investment venture. This will also assist you in tracking your business expenses as well as will prep you for tax statements for either type of business structure that you choose to start your product journey with. 

Structure Your Own Investment Company – Be Attentive, Be Thoughtful!

For any business to thrive and prosper, one of the rudimentary elements is the thought that one puts into the matter. You need to be thorough in your decision-making. Make sure to consider all the aspects of all the business structures. Keen considerations and research are some of the most important things that you cannot miss while making a decision in these matters. Therefore, make sure to have the right people besides you in this area. And we do wish you the very best of luck!

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