The people belonging to every religion on this planet have a specified place to worship, and it is a mosque for Muslims. Mosque or traditionally said the “house of ALLAH,” is the embodiment of the Muslim community. On this extensive land of Earth, wherever you spot a mosque will convey you a message of the peaceful religion of Islam. It is where all the Muslim brother gathers for praying fives a day and on festive occasions.

It is the ultimate center of praying, and also, it is a place of preaching the teachings of Islam. Mosques have originated with the evidence of Islam. The first mosque in the history of Islam had constructed in the holy city of Madina-Munawara by the Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW). The mosques built throughout the World serve as the central praying place of Muslims in any community.

Hence, the mosque is the place where the Muslims perform the praying rituals of their life. Keeping in view the enlightening effects of the mosque for the Muslim community, the builders of Lahore Smart city have also taken a pivotal step in building the iconic Jamia mosque in Lahore Smart city.

After getting approval from LDA, the Grand Jamia Mosque has also undergone flickering architectural proceedings and other progressive construction work. It is one of the masterpieces of mosques that will embellish this housing project with grandeur and majestic views. The builders of Lahore Smart city have acclaimed that in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, this grand Jamia mosque will be an exemplary piece.



Founders of Grand Lahore Smart City Jamia Mosque

The builders behind the majestic and mesmerizing Jamia mosque of Lahore smart city are the well-known and reliable company of the United Arab Emirates. The Jamia mosque has designed by DSA-DUBAI.

The extensive branches of DSA Architects International spread in Europe and the United Arab Emirates. The considerable construction cooperation of DSA Architects International has manufactured eye-captivating pieces of art.

They have laid the foundation of an enormous number of projects that own the maestros of this elite construction brand. DSA ARCHITECTS INTERNATIONAL had uplifted the following paradigmatic building units encompassing various countries of the World:



The DSA-ARCHITECTS INTERNATIONAL have become the symbol of recognizable construction units. The architectural designs of Jamia Mosque Lahore Smart City have also been handled and passed by the DSA ARCHITECTS INTERNATIONAL. They have excelled in building some gigantic yet alluring master units. The team of DSA will also go to take the design and construction of this mega unit of Jamia mosque in Lahore Smart city.


There are certain salient features of the Grand lahore smart city jamia mosque which have furnished by the designer of this sublime mosque:
The Jamia mosque in Lahore Smart City will be the perfect blend of indigenous architectural designs and modern constituents. It is a classic representation of the heart of Lahore Smart city. The craftsmen of the mosque will penetrate the essence of affiliation, love, and peace in the walls of Grand lahore smart city jamia mosque.

The Lahore smart city Jamia mosque will have the capacity to hold a massive number of worshippers when praying.
Lahore Smart City Jamia mosque will depict a place full of mollification and high-end architectural masterpieces. The development of minaret, a signaling tower constructed on the mosque’s roof, has been adorned with beautiful work.
The domes of the Mosques comprise the style of Mughal monuments with fine traditional work. The colossal dome surrounded by the minarets will present a premium version of construction.

The architects have extracted lahore smart city jamia mosque designs’ designs by getting influence from the renowned mosques of the Muslim World, including the Blue mosque in turkey, Wazir khan mosque, and many other mosques.
The central constructional entity that will utilize in building the mosque is the marble. The marbles and stonework will extensively decorate with floral work, and Islamic calligraphy will depict the Quran verses.

The Lahore smart city Jamia mosque will prove to be the quintessential building near the Lahore-Sialkot motorway interchange. The courtyard of the Jamia mosque will have the accessibility of all the facilities at the mosque, including the ablution area, beautiful fountains, and ample space for each worshipper.

Final talk

Lahore Smart City Jamia mosque will furnish a masterpiece to the worshippers with all the essential components of the exemplary mosque. The primary perspective is to spread the message of Islam to the rest of the World with this majestic project.

Author: Masters
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