Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City | Premium Residential Project

Smart City Project | Premium Residential

The real estate sector of Pakistan has administered booming progress in the past few decades and one of the revolutionary projects in this scenario is the inauguration of Smart cities of Pakistan. Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City are two iconic projects in the history of Pakistan and have introduced international standards of living in the conventional real estate sector of Pakistan.

As we know, the real estate sector has contributed to the GDP of Pakistan up to 300 to 400 billion per year therefore the contribution of these smart projects is also eminent.
The Masters Real Estate is the authorized dealer of Capital Smart city Islamabad and Lahore Smart city project along with the provision of exemplary real estate services in the whole town.

Overview of Smart Cities:

Capital Smart city project and Lahore Smart city project is a magnificent project that enlists among the highlighted project of the Islamabad and Lahore real estate sector. Notably, the ownership of this iconic housing society has been controlled by the tycoons of the construction industry. It is an incredible residential project that stands unified in its category due to the incorporation of smart facilities. Concerning its smart characteristics, it has conquered the market in a very short time and has touched the skies of success.

The harmonization of the smart features and high sustainable strategies of construction is a perfect amalgamation that has uplifted the ranks of this housing society. Capital Smart City is the 4th smart city in Asia and the 1st smart city of Pakistan. The major aspect of these smart cities is that they are registered from RDA and LDA.

Lahore Smart City NOC and Capital smart city NOC have got approval from respective developmental authorities and these housing units are legal in every aspect. The two smart cities have also made the record of getting the registration at a very short time from the respective developmental authorities.

CSC and LSC is home to one of the burgeoning city among the housing colonies. Both the projects have been owned by marvelous collaboration between Habib Rafique Pvt Limited and Future Holding development.

After knowing the developmental authorities of these iconic projects, it’s not wrong to say that Capital Smart City and Lahore Smart city project are going to be the premium choice from a residential, commercial, and investment point of view. The scheme has inculcated all the features to enchant national and international investors.

The fortunate thing about these two housing schemes is that the investors will be going to extract revenue from the plots purchased in these residential projects.  On the other side, the housing societies have equipped with state of the art facilities. These facilities are innovative and have high coherence with ultra world urbanization. Serene Atmosphere, high alert safety, technological features, and eco-friendly behaviors are the priority facilities in Smart cities of Pakistan.

smart city project

Capital Smart City Islamabad and Lahore Smart city Location:

The influence of location on the worth of property is notable as it will decide the future perspective of that housing scheme. The developers of Capital Smart City and Lahore Smart city project have critically analyzed the facets of location and then decide on one of the ideal locations for uplifting the boundaries of these mega residential projects.

The core intention of developers is to furnish the residents with a luxurious, peaceful, and elite class living experience that will cherish their descendants. The owners have kept this reason in their minds while selecting the area for CSC and LSC.

Capital Smart City Islamabad situates near the terminal of the M2 motorway on moza Mandwal, Chauhan in the periphery of twin cities but it is approachable from all the major places of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Islamabad International Airport is also reachable from CSC and Thalian interchange lying on the eastern route of CPEC. Main Chakri road is also near to Capital Smart city project Islamabad.

Lahore Smart city location has held at a prime venue of Lahore as it connects with all the major road networks that connect to other cities of Punjab as well as to the interior of the city. It is situated near the Lahore by-pass road and M2 motorway terminal at Kala Shah Kaku.

It has accommodated the area of the North suburban unit and has the benefit of close vicinity to UET Lahore. Allama Iqbal international airport lies at a driving distance of 18 minutes. The housing scheme lies a bit away from the hustle of the internal city traffic.

Developers and owners:

The foremost smart city of Pakistan, Capital Smart city project, was constructed by Habib Rafique Pvt limited and Future Holding development. These two companies have achieved bug milestones in the real estate sector of Pakistan with their outstanding work quality. The ownership of the second smart city project of Pakistan has been handled by these two eminent names of the development industry.

In addition to these two core partners, many international companies have contributed to providing smart facilities to these residential colonies. The international architectural and construction organization that has contributed to these projects has turned the whole game of conventional infrastructures employed in common housing schemes. These include:

  • Surbana Jurong,
  • Infratech
  • Engineering dimension private limited
  • Cracknell landscape architecture planning
  • Designmen consulting engineers Pvt. Ltd.
  • DSA architects international
  • Troon Golf.

Both these projects are also ISO certified and have registered with FWO.

Lahore smart city and Capital Smart city Payment plan:

It’s a reality that no housing colony or any property is enticing if it has sky-flaking prices regardless of the lavish facilities provided over there. However, the circumstances in the case of Lahore Smart city and Capital Smart city differ. They have managed state of art facilities and the amenities are the same in the smart city project of New York. The amazing fact is that the prices of property in Capital Smart city and Lahore Smart city LDA approved have a high correlation with the facilities and market prices.

The prices are considerably low and the Capital smart city project and Lahore smart city payment plan 2021 will suit all the localities of the society and satisfies investors mind. The opulent payment plan and incorporation of smart features have gathered an overwhelming response from the residents of two big cities of Pakistan, one in Lahore and the other in Islamabad. Lahore Smart city installment plan is also exemplary in its design and feasibility as it will address all the financial issues of investors.

The plot is available in various sizes in Capital Smart city and Lahore Smart city. The multiple sizes of the plot along with their rates available for sale in Lahore Smart city project are as follows:

  • 5 Marla plot= 1800000/-
  • 10 Marla plot= 33000000/-
  • 1 Kanal plot= 6400000/-

The prices mentioned above are estimated one as there are two categories of blocks in Lahore and Capital Smart city project so the prices vary according to the blocks. The exact prices can be known from a trustworthy customer representative of Masters real estate, which will guide you towards the correct rate list of plots.

The Capital Smart city payment plan varies from Lahore Smart city project because of the extensive variety of plots available in this housing scheme. An outline of prices of plots available in Capital Smart city project for sale is given below:

  • Price of 5 Marla plot= 2,415,000/-
  • Rate of 7 Marla plot= 3,151,000/-
  • Price of 10 Marla plot= 4,140,000/-
  • Price of 12 Marla plot= 4,577,000
  • Price of 1 Kanal plot= 6,210,000/-
  • Rate for 2 Kanal plot= 12,190,000/-.

The payment plan of Smart cities of Pakistan has been embellished with an installment strategy that will allow all types of investors to avail themselves of the opportunity to build their dream houses in the first-ever smart cities of Pakistan. A standardized 12 quarterly installment plan has been designed with reasonable amounts payable after 4 months.

The installment amount subjects to varying according to the sizes of plots available in the respective housing unit. Moreover, the residents have to pay the installment amount on the 1st of every month. There are some extra charges payable for special plots available at the corners, facing the parks and also Infront of the boulevard.

Facilities and amenities:

The Smart cities have successfully inculcated all the world-class amenities that anyone can imagine in an elite class residential colony but with integrity. Capital Smart city and Lahore Smart city both have state-of-the-art amenities that cherish the residents. Some of the common facilities available in both smart cities of Pakistan have been compiled up here:

  1. General facilities

Capital smart city and Lahore Smart city have penetrated deep down in furnishing the residents with elite class facilities that have impacted the living styles. Initiating from gated communities and high alert security in both the smart cities, the owners have installed CCTV cameras to provide a perfect surveillance system. The society is majestic in providing 24/7 availability of electricity, gas, and water supply along with a back-end generator system.

Community centers, sports complexes and commercial areas embellished with exhibition halls, hotels warehouses, operational and technical offices have been maintained. The supply for basic utilities of life has been provided through underground wiring including the pipeline for sanitation and electricity.

  1. Eco-friendly amnesties:

The infrastructure which is environment friendly and provided atmosphere supportive facilities are in focus throughout the globe. The government of Pakistan and various intellectual projects like Lahore Smart city project and Capital Smart city project are also striving to provide environment-friendly steps that assist in eradicating climatic changes and other environment deteriorating factors. These are the intentions of developers of Lahore Smart city project and Capital Smart city project . These are the eminent facilities available here:

  • The establishment of eye-captivating green belts and landscapes have accomplished that will keep the surrounding areas neat, clean, and green as well as beautiful.
  • The assurance of underground electric and gas wiring has been achieved to provide the residents with a secured environment. The objective behind this is to prevent the residents from any physical harm.
  • Smart cities are provided with electric vehicles that help in controlling pollution. The promotion of electric vehicles is not only climate-friendly but also promote the health of human being and other components of the ecosystems.
  • A highly organized and operatable waste management system has been introduced into the society that will prevent the society from garbage and promote a healthy lifestyle. An automated waste management system along with the installation of a variety of dustbins according to the type of garbage has been assured in society.
  • To facilitate the traveling of people within the housing societies and to provide an eco-friendly atmosphere, the developers of Capital smart city and Lahore Smart city have provided specialized bus stations, lanes, and vehicles for the convenience of the residents. These buses have specially imported from foreign countries that release less pollution into the air and will the atmosphere clean.
  1. Smart facilities:

The name already depicts that the projects have incorporated smart facilities for their privileged residents. A precise introduction of smart facilities available in Lahore Smart city and Capital Smart city have mentioned below:

  • The provision of uninterrupted electricity, gas, and water supply in society has been assured. Every individual has access to enjoy the availability of these facilities with zero hindrance.
  • An automated traffic system has been installed to make the traffic systemized and will allow the residents to enjoy the organized traffic. It will ensure safety and will reduce the ratio of accidents
  • A broadband internet connection with accessibility throughout society has also been maintained.
  • An automatic system of Street lights has also been recruited to prevent the loss of power resources and electricity.
  • The developers have ensured that the environment of the society must be clean and hygienic.

Many other facilities are difficult to find in any other housing society of Pakistan but Smart cities have successfully won the hearts of investors in this regard.

Blocks in Capital Smart city and Lahore Smart city:

Another versatile feature that distinguishes Smart cities from remaining residential colonies is the innovative method adopted for demarcating the blocks. There are the following eminent blocks available in Smart cities of Pakistan:

  • Overseas block
  • General block
  • Executive block

The discrimination of blocks has been based upon the nationalities of residents. For instance, the overseas block has been occupied by foreigners and overseas Dual national Pakistanis. On the other hand, the general and executive blocks have been accommodated by Pakistani nationals. It will assist the residents in enjoying their living style in their specified blocks.

However, Capital smart city and Lahore Smart city have ranked as the no. 1 choice among various residential colonies for overseas nationals. The facilities, payment plan, and many other features meet the demand of international standards and will provide satisfaction to the investors.


The Lahore Smart city project and capital smart city project Islamabad reviews of Pakistan have served as highlighted progress that will assist in uplifting the ranks of the real estate sector to meet international standards. Masters real estates are the registered authorized partners of Capital smart city project and Lahore Smart and we highly recommend this project as the best choice for overseas and local Pakistanis.

Author: Masters
The Masters Real Estate is one of the Best Real Estate Investment Company in Pakistan. We are Official Sales Partner of Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City.

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