Why Is Lahore Smart City the Best Real Estate Project in 2023?

Why Lahore Smart City is the Best Real Estate Project

Lahore Smart City is creating a lot of hype these days. Everyone is talking about this housing project. Those who know everything about this project are investing. And those who know nothing, come up with the question of why they should invest in this project and so on.

Well, in this specific blog, you will learn why is Lahore Smart City the best real estate project in 2023 and even in the coming years.

But before going into the details, we would like to give you a bit about this housing scheme. This is a project that was launched in August 2020.

It is a project of two known names, HRL and FDHL. Also, a known Singaporean company Surbana Jurong plays a role in the making of this project, as they designed the master plan.

Moreover, the location of the housing project is insanely good. You can access this housing scheme from multiple points. In short, the list of positive things about this project goes on and on.

However, these aren’t the only points that make the Lahore Smart City the best real estate project. There is much more to it about which you will learn now!

The top points of this project that make it the best are:

1st Smart City of Punjab and 2nd Smart of Pakistan

Lahore Smart City is a smart city as from the name you can get an idea about it. This is a concept that is new to the people of Pakistan. So, they don’t have much idea how and why smart housing projects are different from others. But the management of the Lahore Smart City has done a pretty good job educating people.

Moreover, Lahore Smart City is not the only smart housing project in Pakistan. In the heading, it is mentioned that LSC is the second smart city in Pakistan. So the question here arises, what’s the name of the first smart project, and where is it?

Well, HRL and FDHL launched the very first smart housing project in the Capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, with the name Capital Smart City.

Affordable Housing Project

If you are reading the blog from the start, surely you will have an idea that Lahore Smart City is not a traditional housing project. So, you may think that buying a plot in this housing scheme is an expensive endeavor. Or in other words, it is not at all an affordable option.

However, the reality is quite the opposite. Those with a limited budget or classified as middle class in society can invest in the smart city of Lahore. You can book your plot here by paying a 20% down payment, and later you have to follow the simple and flexible installment plan designed by the management of the housing scheme.

The society is still in the development stages, and if you look at the market the demand for plots available here is quite high. So imagine once it will be developed how much its demand will increase. At that time surely the plot price will increase too. At that time you might regret your decision of not investing in this project earlier. So, save yourself from this!

Laced With Technology & Have a Modern Infrastructure

It is hard to find projects similar to LSC, not only in Lahore but even nearby. This housing society is a mixture of modern infrastructure, technology, and luxury. Here you will find everything that is needed to lead a happy, comfortable, safe, and great life.

There are a few things that have been promised by the management already. Such as:

  • High-Speed Internet
  • Smart Waste Management System
  • Smart Street Light System
  • Dependable Transport Service

Quite a Sustainable Housing Scheme

What makes a sustainable housing scheme according to you? Maybe the availability of electricity, gas, and water, that’s it. Well, these are essential, however, there are much more people look for these days.

The developers of the Lahore Smart City had an idea about it. This is the reason they have done everything to ensure this project stays at the top in every manner. So, when you will compare this housing scheme with the others, you will see how advanced Lahore Smart City amenities and other features are.

Within the society premises, you will not only enjoy a safe living environment, but everything else too, including commercial areas, parks, malls, and so on.

Development Is Happening at a Rapid Pace

The other good thing about this project is that its development is going at a fast pace. A qualified team of engineers, architects, and all the other staff members are working hard to ensure this project is complete before the given deadline.

If you are a resident of Lahore, you can visit the site on your own. By visiting the site you will get an idea that not only the location is complete but in every sector, the development work is going at a steady pace. There are some blocks that are near completion.

Great Investment Potential

As an investor, you will look for opportunities that promise a great return on the investment. For that surely you will look at every aspect of the housing scheme, such as location, master plan, whether it’s NOC approved or not, and so on. Furthermore, on what pace the development of the project is going on.

Now if we look at Capital Smart City, every aspect is telling us one story. The investment will not go to waste and in the coming years, the investors will able to generate great profits.

Final Words!

Now that you have learned about all the major points that tell why is Lahore Smart City the best real estate project in 2023, it is time to be a part of it.

Because the more you will wait, the chances of you getting the best deal will minimize.

Author: Masters
The Masters Real Estate is one of the Best Real Estate Investment Company in Pakistan. We are Official Sales Partner of Lahore Smart City and Capital Smart City.

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